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RCT2 Lost Objdata Help Thread

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^I'm pretty sure I've got the curved glass items, I've just got to check my objdata folder for them. Are you sure that is the correct name for the scenery tab, I always thought that the one on the website was the entire scenery pack that made up the tab.

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According to AE's site, there is no tab available for his Pirates Of The Caribbean set. I found the listing for the tab at the RCT2 database site. I was shocked to see it but it said it was listed. Just hoping someone might have it since they list it as being out here in cyber world somewhere. It would free up a lot of space in my current parks "?" menu.

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^ Sorry about the wait, been busy with school and all. Is there any way you could post a pic of the curved glass walls you are looking for, I'm pretty sure I have them but I don't think that what you posted is the correct name.


This is the only Pirates of the Caribbean set that I know of:


Pirates of the Caribbean


Is it this one???

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But I'm still missing TTDSUPP2

Unfortunately I can't help you with that one, however it is listed at the RCT2 Object List site, if no one here shows up with it in a few days you might want to post a request for it there.



I don't know if its out there anymore, but I want my "Kool Aid Shack" back.

Are any of your old parks still available here in the 50+ pages of TPR's game threads? If so it might just be a few clicks away. If you do find it I would love to have it also.

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