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RCT2 Lost Objdata Help Thread

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^ Here ya go, export plug-in is now checked and I have included a zip file with the 6 non-exporting Harry Potter rides that were in the parks ride list. The were never used in the park but are still needed to open it.


If you want I can remove the Harry Potter rides from the park, it will keep you from having this non-exporting ride issue in the future, if not you will always need to keep the HP rides in your objdata folder in order to open the park. Let me know and I will upload a HP free version of the park.


Your park with export plug-ins checked.

non-exporting rides.zip

The Harry Potter Rides

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^ Here's your park with all the custom rides removed. Export Plug-ins is still checked so the scenery will still load. Just wanted to say, I remember this park and I liked it the first time I saw it and I still do, you did a great job building a fun and interesting little park.


I renamed the park so it does not conflict with the other by adding '_ncr' on the end of the title, meaning no custom rides.


No Cutsom Ride Version.

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I need the following files please:

















Many of us here at TPR have been trying for about a year now to get a few parks/coaster parks open made by a fellow member by the name of THELEGENDARYMATTHEW (TLM). One of the problem parks was called Sunrise Point. Well thanks to the wonderful people over at RCT2 Objects List (olddtfan51) and a New Element member by the name of K0NG today I was finally able to get the park to open.


I don't know why TLM hasn't been around TPR much lately, guess I should have asked him the other day when we ran into one another at one of my YouTube videos. But I didn't think about it. Anyway here is one of his projects that was lost due to a computer issue. ENJOY.


SUNRISE POINT is probably one of TLM's best works, and I hope if he stops by he picks it up and finishes it. The park now has the EXPORT PLUG-INS checked and I have a separate ZIP file full of all the custom rides/stalls used in the park. There are a couple of large scenery items in the park that I am not sure of there exportability so if the park will not open after you put the rides in please let me know. I am also including a version of Sunrise Point that I spent several hours in fixing up the place. If you spend some time in the original and then the "FIXED" version I am sure you will see the differences.


The list of items at the top are what I am still missing in order to get TLM's recreations of Holiday World's Voyage and Dollywood's Thunderhead to open. Any help would be much appreciated.

Sunrise Point.zip

Sunrise Point (Fixed).zip

Sunrise Point Rides.zip

Updated, thanks djbrcace

Edited by dmaxsba2408
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Yes, use the ParkDat, once you open a park in it all items in the park will be listed. Any that you don't have say "Object Not Found" Keep in mind that the only ones you usually need to worry about are the rides, everything else should load when the park does. Unless it didn't have the "Export Plug-ins" checked when it was saved.


You can find the ParkDat HERE. It is a real simple tool to use. There is a picture on the page with the ParkDat. Copy and save it, it tells you what all the numbers mean. Just put it and the dll's into a folder and start it up, click on the little box next to the type box and navigate to the park you are wanting it to open. Hit the open button and the park will load. Make a note of any RIDE dat's your missing and put them up here and myself or others will jump in and help you out.

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^I'm going to post a download of a few of TLM's other parks that I CAN'T open in game, hoping you might have a couple of the objects that I need. Also, the reason that ja227 has practically gone "missing" is because under the name 'Parkitect' he made a lot of wonderful custom rides (Parkitects SkyRider is one of them) and was an active member on the now deceased RCT Revalutions. When that went offline I don't think he was able to get back any of his stuff as he had a large collection of rides and shops etc. in his profile page.


Can anyone open these parks??!

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Well in that case you have improved a bunch since your first parks.

Since they are your parks I am going to assume you have the missing DATs that I don't so if you get the chance please go into your Objdata folder, open up the search function and find them for me. Thanks!


Anyway on to the real TML parks. I was able to get them all to open without any problems.

Each park has a ride file, while many of the parks have several of the same rides, they each have a many different one's also. So if your just after some rides you may never have seen before here's your chance to check them out in gameRides.zip

The ride files for all 6 parks.


The entrance plaza for CF

Cedar Forest.zipCedar Forest 2.zip1943595210_KI2008.JPG.0fc6f7e2d1bf56c29e19f1b1a030b789.JPG

Entrance area for KI 2008

Kings Island 2008.zip2098413178_ParamountsNE.JPG.edd3a6c7d19845c714af16b861158ad2.JPG

Well... what you see here is all there is to this park.

Parmamounts New England.zipSFCB.JPG.e49496849a71f83fbee3f325cf590784.JPG

Of all the parks these 2 are the most finished.

Six Flags Carolina Bay.zipSix Flags Carolina Bay 2.zip Edited by dmaxsba2408
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^ Sorry about that, I messed up. Try again


I don't know what happened when I put Vanilla Hills into the ParkDat, but it said I was missing those files. When I tried to load the ones you supplied I was asked if I wanted to replace the files I already had. So I tried to open the park and it loaded without any problems.


Still need the following DAT's to get SFI to open. I will start asking around and see what pops up.








2A < olddtfan51 found them all.


Now I have a new problem, the ParkDat says I have everything I need to open the park but RCT2 is saying I am now missing ACWW33. I have a ACWW33 in my Objdata folder. It makes no since. I wonder if mine is corrupt or something. If someone would please take a moment and pull ACWW33 out of there Objdata folder and post it I would greatly appreciate it.


EDIT: Well I have tried replacing my ACWW33 with a different version of it and SFI will still not open. So below is a ZIP file with the DATs listed above. Maybe your ACWW33 will let you into the park. Also below are the rides needed for the park.

Missing DATs.zip


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