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RCT2 Lost Objdata Help Thread

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Please look in your RCT2 Object Data collections for rides made by the developer known as Ripper—especially his Flying Fish Steel Roller Coaster CTR; we all need these back into our collections!!

Thank You!


ALSO: Objects that were made for RCT2 by developers OSUDenny, DasMatze, and Tertram will also be needed.

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I really do need these missing object DAT files for my OpenRCT2 park projects:


Flying Fish Coaster by Sebar and Ripper—filename: either RFLYFISH or SEFLYFISH...

Ocean Skyway Ride (a chairlift skyride using round bubble cars) by Sebar and Ripper—filename: OSR

Twisted Skywheel by Sebar and Ripper—filename: SETWSKY (I think ?!?!)

Twisted Zipper by Sebar and Ripper—filename: SETWZIP (I think ?!?!)

Cinema House by BisWis—filename: BWCINEMA

The Fairground Horse Racing Pack (¿BY WHOM?) consisting of a group DAT and 5 racehorse (Thoroughbred) DATs—filenames: 1RHRSTKE (I think ?!?!) for the group DAT; the horses themselves have the filenames of RHORSE1, RHORSE2, RHORSE3, RHORSE4, and RHORSE5, respectively (only RHORSE2 through RHORSE5 are currently recolorable, though)

The lost object DAT files from DasMatze—especially his Fun Park Scenery Pack (that has such things as dome pieces for enclosing 3×3 flat rides and a circus tent park entrance sign.

The lost object DAT files from Tom29485 (I think that''s his RCT2 monniker)—he has some very cool and rad paths and scenery packs.

The lost object DAT files from OSUDenny—he features stuff like: a nice lighthouse, some scenery packs, and some useful paths.

More lost scenery packs from Tertram; many thanks for Pack 49 (the 1st set of world flags on upright poles).

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