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Roll Call for B-list musicians

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Between being bored and listening to music, I thought of a game that will be (hopefully) be fun, as well as help everyone here learn a little something about each other, as well as spread publicity to artists you think are good and could use the hype.


The game is simple. Starting from the letter "A", name one artists whose name begins with A, and one artists whose name begins with "B", etc until you have 26 artists from A to Z.Name artists you like but for some reason or the other just don't get alot of hype, radio/video play. It'll be fun as to see what people will list, and you may find an artist you like that you would've otherwise never heard. If you want to add a brief description to why you are listing this person, a certain song by them that others should search for, etc, feel free to do so...just keep the brief description "brief".


To start things off....


A-Amerie-sexy, smooth voice, smoother body.

B-Black Milk-Search for his song "Without You" and it'll explain everything

C-Cold War Kids-Nice, raw rock sound

D-Dwele-R&B without the oversaturated "sex" vibe. Just smooth soulful R&B

E-Erykah Badu-Call Tyrone wasn't enough?

F-Floetry-R&B+Spoken word=Awesome

G-Grand Puba-older hip-hop, but the classics are a must to pick up

H-Hi-Tek-Even if you have to download it, pick up Hi-Teknology Vol.1

I-India.Arie-Her music makes you not only okay, but proud to be different

J-J Dilla, Producer of the Roots, the Pharcyde, Slum Village, Dela Soul...and had flow. 1974-2006 RIP

K-K-Os-Rapping over accoustic guitars. Nice

L-Lupe Fiasco-Raw talent, reminiscent of old school rap. Pop appeal without being flashy.

M-Madvillain-Find "Raid" and tell me they're not worth a listen.

N-Norah Jones-Winning best new artist was still a snub to how great her music is

O-Outkast...prior to The Love Below...

P-Pharoahe Monch-Simon says give him a listen

Q-Q-Tip-"The Renaissance" could've very well been the best rap album of 2008

R-The Roots-Hip Hop's only true "band"

S-Slum Village-Fantastic Vols. 1 & 2 are hip hop classics.

T-Talib Kweli-In my books, far better suited to dethrone Jay-Z as the "king of Brooklyn"

U-Can't think of anything for this letter

V-Vince Guaraldi-The jazz genius behind many "peanuts" music

W-Will Smith-Doing such a great job at acting, everybody forgot he can rap

X-Whatever happened to Xzibit?

Y-Yo Yo Ma-Well known, but still worth listening to...

Z-Zapp & Roger-More Bounce to the ounce...

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Hmmm....sounds interesting. I'll bite.


A: Alestorm - Pirate heavy metal. Need I say more?

B: Buckethead - Some of the most inventive guitar work ever.

C: Chad VanGaalen - Indie music with odd, but interesting vocals.

D: Danny Michel - Canadian folksy music that is a good time.

E: E.S. Posthumus - Instrumental music based around pythagorean theory

F: FischerSpooner - Cool electronic music for cool people.

G: George Clinton - Who doesn't like a bit of old school funk?

H: Holy Fu*k - Very cool electronic band with a dirty name.

I: Ida Cox - One of the first big female jazz musicians.

J: Jimmy Smith - God of the electric organ.

K: The Kleptones - Albums of all mash-ups. Very cool stuff.

L: Got nothing for L. That's sad.

M: Metric - Dear god, I love this band.

N: Nashville Pussy - Bad name, awesome rock music.

O: OK Go - They do other things than dance on treadmills, you know.

P: Primus - They suck now, and have always sucked*

Q: Queen - I know not B-list, but they don't get the respect they deserve

R: Roots Manuva - Possibly the only hip-hop act I actually enjoy.

S: Suidakra - Really awesome metal band out of Germany

T: Tegan and Sara - Two indie chicks with awesome music.

U: Got nothing for U either. Also sad.

V: Vangelis - Cool instrumental stuff.

W: The Weakerthans - They hate Winnipeg and are pretty awesome.

X: XTC - "Dear God" is one of my all time favourite songs.

Y: Yngwie Malmsteen - God of the electric guitar. No one comes close.

Z: ZZ Top - Sure...why not.


*If you understand this joke, you're awesome.

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Great idea. I love way too many bands that seem to be unheard of, but deserve as much recognition as their more successful brethren.


AED of Uppereastside: Deep rap/hip-hop lyrics.

Ballydowse: Amazing variety of instruments and cultures with roots in punk rock. Their songs are stunning in both sound and message.

Crashdog: One of the most fervent and meaningful political punk bands I have ever encountered. Forerunner of Ballydowse, btw.

The Dingees: Divine mixture of reggae, ska, dub, punk, and who-knows-what-else. Full of both fun and meaning. Unique, but slightly reminiscent of The Clash, and the genre mixing is not unlike what Sublime did.

Every Mans Hero: Powerful screaming/shouting hardcore punk.

FurtherMore: Quirky, creative hip-hop.

GRITS: Christian rap/hip-hop with fun songs and deep lyrics.

The Havoc: By far my all-time favorite street punk band. Intense!

Intro5pect: Raging electro-punk! What could be better? Related to Leftover Crack, btw.

Jimmy Cliff: Good classic reggae

KJ-52: His first album, 7th Avenue, contains some amazing hip-hop.

likeDavid: Christian...post-hardcore? "Who Are You Spitting At" is epically intense.

Mars ILL: Absolutely wonderful creative hip-hop.

New Riders of the Purple sage: Very nice 60s country-rock.

One-21: Great punk/hardcore punk.

Pink Martini: Beautiful.

QuiVah: Hip-hop

Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Lovely early punk.

Spudgun: Epically fun old-school style (but not old) punk rock.

Television: Beautiful and deep post-punk.

Upside Down Room: Fun punk-o-billy.

The Velvet Underground: I'm currently obsessed with them.

War Rocket Ajax: More fun punk-o-billy.

X: Nice old punk band

Yellowman: Highly enjoyable dancehall reggae. "Everybody jump around, reggae on the move!"

ZAO: Some of their songs are epic.


You can find out more by lurking my last.fm page, or just searching their main site.

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Going off of my iPod since I don't want to be doing this forever:


Aquabats- Kind of weird but a lot of fun both live and on CD.

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution (BOTAR) - punk / ska but acoustic and with instruments you wouldn't expect, like cello and french horn.

Chumbawumba - The one song you know of theirs isn't their best.

Dr. Octopus - good ska from down under. Guess the being down under part doesn't help w/ success stateside.

Edna's Goldfish - little emo every now and then, but incredibly catchy upbeat music.

The Forces of Evil - ska super group with most of the musical talent in the genre in one spot. Great horn players.

Goldfish Don't Bounce (GDB) - local reggae group from Las Vegas, but really good stuff. Girls Aloud a close second. They're huge in England, but how 5 incredibly hot women singing catchy pop music hasn't hit big in the states is a shock.

The Hippos- a ton of radio friendly songs and a song I think most people would enjoy.

Iron & Wine - comes up on pandora enough, and is pretty big, but don't hear them on the radio too often. Also a shortage of bands on the iPod that start with I.

Jefferies Fan Club - the most I've ever heard of them was in Disney Channel's Johnny Tsunami.

Kara's Flowers - on a technicality. They became Maroon 5, but the previous band was a little edgier and still as good.

Las Vegas Brass Band - British style brass band with a ton of people from the strip, local schools, UNLV, ex-professionals...if you're ever in Vegas check them out. The shows always have a good mix of humor, jazz, and classical music. Helps that I was in the band.

MC Lars- he seems to be gaining steam w/ commercials on G4, but I don't think there are too many people that can rap cliffsnotes for Hamlet and Moby Dick and make it sound good.

Natalia Imbruglia - wow I thought "I" was sparse. Ummm...her stuff in the 90's was pretty good and she was cute.

OK Go-as soon as their video with the treadmills lost its allure they seemed to disappear despite the fact that they're a good band.

Patent Pending - great bunch of guys and great live shows.

Reel Big Fish - Big in '96 but not so much after that. Absolutely great concerts and fun music.

Suburban Legends - I'm not as much of a fan of their last two albums, but they are the hardest working band I've ever seen. I think they played over 600 shows in a year thanks to playing at Disneyland rather consistently. Great live shows.

Transition - downloaded them a while ago and had that polished garage punk sound that would seem to push them to stardom.

U2 - ummm yeah I'm not even sure if I know who the other bands I have on the iPod are

Vengaboys - Come on Mr. Six dances to them, they have to be bigger right?

Westbound Train - very relaxed ska / reggae with one of the smoothest sounding vocalists I've heard

Yelo Melo- French ska. Its catchy why not.

Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer - good catchy music, even if the lyrics make absolutely no sense 90% of the time.

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Eh, why not. Let's see if my 337 songs have some good B-list bands.


The Answer - Thanks iTunes for your free singles! Pretty good classic metal-style band.

Bang Camaro - Really only known for Guitar Hero games, but they actually have really good guitar and a unique chorus-like vocal style.

Campaign - Sure they're just a worship band, and their recorded stuff is average, but they're really incredible live.

Drist - Just look up Arterial Black. 'Nuff said.

EndeverafteR - Really great hair metal style band, excellently varied songs on their album.

Freezepop - I know, it's just another Guitar Hero song. But they're pretty awesome anyway.

Green Day - The only real band starting with G that I have on my iPod. Shut up, ok?

Hellogoodbye - Excellent electronic band. People really only know "Here (in your arms)".

Incubus - Yeah. They're pretty cool.

Jamiroquai - Remember that dancing scene from Napoleon Dynamite? That's this band.

Kansas - Can't find anything else.

Lostprophets - I only know Rooftops.

Muse - Very unique, interesting sound. Pretty awesome.

Nirvana - That's all I got.

Ok Go - As mentioned before, they're pretty awesome, and not just for the treadmill video.

Police - Good old stuff.

Queens of the Stone Age - Um, yeah.

Relient K - Simply amazing, incredible live, great music, deep meaning.

Serj Tankian - System of a Down's lead singer, he has an excellent solo CD. Check out Empty Walls.

Talking Heads - I love these guys, not totally sure why.

U2 - Is there any U band in the world besides this one?

Van Halen - Nothing else for V.

Weezer - Pretty popular, but I really like some of their new stuff.

X I don't have anything for X.

Yellowcard - OMG, one of my favorite rock bands ever.

ZZ Top - Why not?

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Let's see what I can do here


African DawnA tradition Africa vocal group that transcends the language barrier with amazing music

Bad Religion - One of the best punk bands of all time and still going strong

Cherry Poppin' Daddies - A band defined as a swing band despite being a band of 4 different genres

Dido - Her voice is amazing, enough said

Eric Johnson - Amazing guitar player who deserves more mainstream success

The Format - A band that got one song on MTV, which was not even close to their best stuff

Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Punk is something that sound suck but doesn't

Hole - Were way better then any credit they got as a rock band

Issac Hayes - Only person off the top of my head, but a decent singer

Jill Tracey - Her voice is amazing and soothes the soul

Klaus Nomi - He might have been the oddest musical act of the 80's but was a great New Wave act

Ladytron - A fun electronic group

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - How they were a one hit wonder amazes me, such a fun band

New Radicals - Only made a single album in 1996 but is my favorite album of all time

Operation Ivy - Amazing punk band

Paul Van Dyk - Worldwide he is one of the best know DJ's but basically unknown in US mainstream

Queen - Add me as one of those that thinks they are miles better then most people think.

Royal Crown Review - One of the bands of the late 90's Swing movement that is amazing

Michael Franti and Spearhead - A fun jam-style band with a positive message

Thin Lizzy - Deserves more respect than they got

Ultravox A very good New Wave band of the 80's

XTC - Not good at all, just only one I can think of

Weird Al Yankovic - Seen as joke to many but he is a ultra fun artist

Yellowcard - Also a one hit wonder who's best stuff was never heard

Zack Attack - Yay Saved by the Bell

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Alamo Race Track - Soothing and creative

Breathe Carolina - Great beats and vocals

CSS - Once again, very creative and funky

Deee-Lite - for 'groove is in the heart' but has so much more to offer!

Eliot Morris - SUPER soothing, like you could sleep to his voice

Fedde Le Grand - One of the best DJ's out there

Gathania - like September? Give her a try..

Hercules and Love Affair - Very underground, gets me going in the morning.

Innerpartysystem - Remember Linkin Park, these people are 10 times better.

Junior Senior - famous for 'move your feet' yet known for nothing else

Kaskade - Nothing else needs to be said.

Linus Loves - GREAT DJ!!! He's so creative.

Madonna - still to this day deserves more fans.

New Order- Temptation has got to be the best song ever.

Olivia Broadfield - has one of the best voices.

Pinback - soothing, something you could listen to all day.

Queen Latifa - she raps? you betcha, one of the best too.

Roisin Murphy - Way classier, more talented, and creative than Lady Gaga, and had all of Lady Gaga's outfits first.

September - I don't need to say anything, she's beautiful and her voice is haunting.

Telepopmusik - famous for 'breathe' which was an anthem on its own.

Uffie - great when mixed with CSS

The Verve - remember bittersweet symphony?


X.. hmm...

Yelle - undiscovered, french, and so good.

Zero 7 - so relaxing, as per telepopmusik.

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This should be fun:


Alcatrazz - Nothing says 80's cheese more than a Metal band (with some hair ) with a guy who can't sing and a neo-classical shredder (Yngwie Malmsteen) and the freak Steve Vai.


Billy Joel - this is a tough one, but I have to go with the piano man. Wrote some amazing songs (GREAT arrangements and instrumentation) and great lyricist.


Charlie Parker - one of the alltime Jazz greats


Dave Brubeck - LOVE his approach at fusing classical and jazz. Another jazz piano giant


Eric Johnson - One of the "sexiest" guitar tones I've ever heard, great phrasing and song writing.


Frank Sinatra - He is THE sound


Grateful Dead - Despite the fact I don't listen to them anymore, theywere my childhood


Herbie Hancock - Funk-jazz fun


Impellitteri, Chris - By default only


J - This is just too hard to pick one, so I'll cheat:

Jaco Pastorius - Greatest Jazz bassist to ever live

Jimi Hendrix - Most influential rock guitarist

Joe Satriani - My favorite instrumental rock guitarist

John Coltrane - My favorite saxophonist


Keith Jarrett - writes most beautiful piano pieces, amazing "touch"


Larry Carlton - Great Jazz-fusion guitarist


M - I need to put 3, because I just can't leave them out

Mike Stern - One of my favorite Jazz-fusion guitarists

Miles Davis - legendary

McCoy Tyner - My favorite jazz pianists, has the best rhythmic/dynamic style


Ornette Coleman - One of the only "avant garde" type jazz musicians I enjoy


Pat Metheny - My favorite musician, his "voice/taste" is parallel to mine. His Pat Metheny Group (Lyle Mays) write amazing, epic pieces fused with many genres.


Queen - "Is this the real life?" Yes


Rammstein... just kidding,

Return to Forever - pretty big Chick fan, some great fusion


Steve Vai - LOVE his "feel". His music just drips with emotion.


Tower Of Power - AWSOME jazz funk group


U2 - Best pop sound from the 80s/90s


Victor Wooten - Favorite bassists aside of Jaco, his group is great fun


Weather Report/Wayne Shorter - Great Jazz fusion group from the 70s (Birdland, baby) and Shorter is one great saxophonist.


Planet X - By default, though I do kind of like Derek.


Yes - The sound I also wanted Dream Theater to have

Yngwie Malmsteen - I almost left him off the list, but I just couldn't resist. He was great fun to "grow" through.


Frank Zappa - Awesome Jazz-Rock with a GREAT Sax, amazingly quirky melodies and lines, and raunchy fun lyrics.



So, yeah, I cheated a little bit, but hey, it's my list!

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Well, this should be interesting...


Antony and the Johnsons - one of the oddest voices I've ever heard, but there's so much emotion.

Blind Willie Johnson - a blues legend. Take a stab at "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground"; you won't be sorry.

Cat Stevens - so many people in today's generation don't know who this man is. One listen and I've been hooked.

The Decemberists - my favorite band of all-time. Oh-so-literary.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - so hard to describe, but one listen to "Home" and I was on the bandwagon.

Flobots - music with a message.

The Go! Team - just pure fun.

Hot Chip - one of the better electropop acts out there.

Ivan Ives - I enjoy few rap acts. This is one of them.

John Frusciante - guitarist for RHCP. Check out his solo stuff.

The Knife - one of the best dance outfits I've heard.

Ludo - these guys are hilarious. Look up their Ghostbusters cover on Youtube.

Muse - how they're still not big in the US is beyond me.

New Order - "Blue Monday."

Owl City - real up-and-comer. Very Postal Service-y.

Puscifer - Tool frontman side project.

Quietdrive - decent power-punk.

Russian Circles - a very good instrumental rock band.

Shriekback - 80s rock, "Nemesis" is a great tune and video.

Terry Linen - good up-and-coming reggae artist.

UB40 - "Red Red Wine," anyone?

The View - indie rock from Scotland.

Wilco - one of the better live acts out there now.

XTC - decent new wave band.

Yeasayer - basically their entire All Hour Cymbals album.

The Zutons - "Pressure Point"--one of the better 'commercial songs' I've heard past few years.

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A- Animal Collective: Unlike Anything I have ever heard before. Mesmerising and hypnotising at the same time.


B- The Bees: Capturing every single genre from the 60s perfectly.


C- Cat Power: Beautfull soul with a modern twist, Chang Marshall has an incredible voice.


D- David Bowie: Do I need to say any more?


E-Editors: Great Echo and the bunnymen inspired band from Birmingham


F- Flaming Lips: Simply stunning music of the highest degree. Wayne Coyne is an absolute GOD.


G- Grandaddy: Radiohead inspired punk crossover band. Ok I guess but a little depressing.


H- The Hold Steady: Craig Finn is the best lyricist of the 21st century without a shadow of a doubt.


I- Islands: Great band from montreal, a mixture of tropical music and indie pop. Return to the sea is well worth a listen.


J-Joy Division: The first ever post punk band. It all started here folks.


K- The Kinks: Ray Davies is an utter legend.


L- Liam Finn: Son of Neil Finn from Crowded House, he plays all the instruments you hear in this album. EVERYTHING.


M- Magazine: Brilliant brilliant new wave band.


N (I have nothing for N)


O- Orbital: Great 90s electronica rave band.


P- Pavement: The best band of the 90s by far.


Q- Queen: I don't need to say anymore.


R- Radiohead: Thome Yorke is my idol. Amazing band.


S- The Smiths: Again another idol of mine. Morrisey is just a legend of rock.


T- Talking Heads: I just love this band. Not like the depressive shit you get nowadays.


U- U2: Bono is a bit of a jerk but U2 are an excellent band.


V- Vampire Weekend: A fun band that I listen to only in the summer


W- The Walkmen: You and me is one of my albums of the year.


X: Have nothing for X


Y- Yeasayer: All Hour Cymbols is an amazing album


Z- ZZ Top: Again why not?




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I did this, but can I please list some honorable mentions? After all, I can't help it that more than one band starts with the same letter! So, in the spirit of exposing some more lesser known artists...



The American Culture eXperiments--Unique mix of punk, surf, reggae, and who-knows-what-else. Very deep, powerful social/political/spiritual lyrics.



Blaster The Rocketman--Crazy "cowpunksurfabilly"/horror punk. They remind me of Dead Kennedys, although they're really not that similar.

Blenderhead--Post-punk/post-hardcore, mixed with a tiny bit of punk. They're a little like Fugazi.



Cotton Mather--Sometimes they sound exactly like the Beatles, yet they're still unique. Powerpop. One of the most amazing bands I've heard.

Calibretto 13--The quirkiest, most random band...ever? I would think so! They call their genre "dork rock". Or acoustic punk, which isn't quite as cool-sounding. The closest well-known band to them would be Violent Femmes.



Huntingtons--They started out as a Ramones cover band (spot-on, I might add). Then they did punk-pop in the style of the Ramones. Eventually, they ended up switching to the more modern, "poppy" style of pop-punk. Which is actually my favorite "era" of theirs, oddly enough. (Unlike many, I'm not at all biased against pop-punk. It's actually one of my favorite genres.)

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Angel Witch-NWOBHM


Blur-Better than Oasis!


Cannibus Corpes-Millions times better Cannibal Corpse!


Dessert Sessions- Queens of Stonage guy's side project.


Enslaved-Black metal band!


Footpaths-Friend's band.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor-"trip-out" music. "Wubbuh'


Hawkwind & Have a Nice Life-Both really good bands worth checking out!


Iron Maiden-Obvious!


The Jesus and Mary Chain-English punk band-noise rock.


King Crimson-Great prog band!


Larry Graham and Graham Central Station-Birth of slap bass!


Megadeth-Dave Mustane > Kirk Hammett


New Order-The sequel to Joy Division.


Oz-Inventors of Metal.


Porcupine Tree-The Beatles made better.


Russian Circles-Experimental band.


Steel-Say Good Bye to Love best track ever.


Thou Shalt Suffer-Written in prison buy a black metal artist who burned down churches!


Victor Wooten-Good Bassist!


Wintersun-Fastest and greatest guitar riffs! Finnish Metal Band!

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A - Avenged Sevenfold. One of my favorite bands! This is a very cool rock group. Their works over the years have changed a lot, and I love the variety of music that has come from them.


B - Bang Camero. 80's rock with a chorus of like, 12 dudes!


C - Cheeseburger. Have you hear Superjail!'s theme song, Comin' Home? Omg <3


D - Daft Punk. Electronic music is sweet. They inspired some really cool music, and Digital Love has an amazing solo.


E - Escape the Fate. They've been pretty low profile, and been through rough times when losing their original singer, but they've stuck togther to make some really good Warped Tour music.


F - Framing Hanley. You may have hear their sick cover of Lollipop, but check out more of their music!


G - Gnarls Barkley. Who doesn't love a short, fat black dude with a high voice?!


H - Hollywood Undead.


I - Infected Mushroom. Trippy, trancy, dillusional techno.


J - Justin Timberlake. Okay, that's my guilty pleasure.


K - The Killers. I'm a sucker of Mr. Brightside.


L - Ludwig Van Beethoven. I love all types of music, including classical. Piano Sonata No. 14 in C is just a masterpiece!


M - Matchbook Romance. Their album, Voices, is one of my favorite albums I've heard.


N - Nas. The best rapper alive.


O - Owl City. Ben Gibbard didn't get looked at much with Postal Service. Apparently he got attention of this kid named Adam from Myspace who makes music EXACTLY like Postal Service!


P - Pink Floyd. The Wall is the greatest album, evar.


Q - Queen. Can't someone find somebody to love?


R - R.E.M. Amazing 80's/90's alternative.


S - The Shins. They make me feel so happy and bubbly!


T - Taveling Wilburys. All of the best classic rockers...in one band.


U - The Used.


V - The Veronicas. Two hot Aussie chicks. Oh, twins.


W - The Wallflowers. One Headlight COUlD be my favorite 90's song.


Y - Yakooza. He makes CRAZY techno.


Z - ZZ Top. Helly yeah!

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I'll give this a whirl...


A- Avenged Sevenfold: Their musical talent far surpasses their radio time which is a shame because they are an amazingly talented rock band.



B- the Bigger Lights: Their music is catchy and always seems to put me in a great mood.

"Closer (Time Stops Breathing)"


C- the Crosstown Rivalry: Great energetic pop punk music with some great drum beats and overall a fun listening experience.


D- a Day to Remember: While their musical style has changed significantly since their first cd, they continue to put on a phenomenal show.

"The Downfall of Us All"


E- Escape the Fate (I guess): I don't have much in the way of bands that start with the letter "E" but these guys are really good even though many people may have heard of them


F- Four Year Strong: One of my very favorite bands. Their combination of hardcore with pop and everything in between is awesome. definitely check them out!

"Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die"


G- Goodnight Nurse: Their songs are catchy and they sound similar to Sum 41 although they are from across the globe.

"The Night"


H- Hit the Lights: These guys are my favorite band! They are so good live it's incredible! They always put me in a good mood when I listen to them. An amazing pop punk band.

"Save Your Breath"


I- I See Stars: Their blend of hardcore, electronica, and pop is really interesting.

"What This Means to Me"


J- Just Surrender: A good powerpop band from New York


K- Kill Hannah: I'm surprised they haven't exploded on the radio. Their blend of electronica and pop is very good.

"Lips Like Morphine"


L- LIGHTS: She is is so talented and even if you are not a fan of pop definitely check her out!



M- the Mighty Mighty Bosstones: These guys rock so hard and are so much fun all around it's a crime that they are not more popular than they are.

"The Impression That I Get"




O- Oh No Not Stereo: These guys rock hard live





Quietdrive- This is a pretty good rock band. check out their cover of

"Time After Time"


R- Reel Big Fish: This is a great ska band! Most of their songs are downright hilarious.


S- Set Your Goals: These guys were on tour with Four Year Strong when I saw them and they put on an AMAZING show.

"Summer Jam"


T- Thrice: They have totally changed their musical style but they are a totally amazing rock band





V- Valencia: These guys are a great pop punk band with some great lyrics

"3000 Miles"






Y- Young and Divine: This is a band that has very catchy songs that will definitely be stuck in your head for the majority of the day.



Z- Zebrahead: These guys are amazing and I am not sure why they are not very popular but definitely check them out. Their blend of punk and hip hop is great.


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