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CARS! The Car Super Thread

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So twice last week (maybe the week before) I saw new Fiat 500s driving around. Both were white with black rims and looked quite sharp.


The other day I saw a stunning red VW Karmann Ghia, and then yesterday evening a VW Scirocco (MK1 - my favorite).


It's been a good few weeks for car spotting



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^I've seen a surprising amount of Fiat 500s out and about in Cleveland suburbia, a region that loves its excessively large vehicles. They are quite attractive in person and are definitely a stylish departure from the typical garbage I'm used to seeing driven around that area.

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^^^There have been a LOT of Fiat 500's around the Metro-Detroit area. They're cool little cars, perfect for city driving. My friends mom actually let me drive hers and I liked it, keeping in mind a normally drive a MINI. Personally I would stick with my MINI, cause it seemed a little bit faster and just felt more...fun. That said the Fiat was a nimble little car, not the fastest to 60 but still could play around in 2nd and 3rd while on some twisty roads. Surprising amount of space too. The front 2 seats are comfortable with leg and head room, plus with the rear "2" seats folded a good bit of trunk space.

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Other than the "cute" appearance of the two cars, I really don't see the Mini as a fair comparison .. it's more like a VW GTI in terms performance and handling, while the Fiat 500 (base model) seems more like a standard Golf. So yeah, I'm not surprised you enjoy the Mini more



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Here's a sampling of my 2011 Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance photos.


04 Olds with its trophy!


39 Bugatti. Dad was real excited about this. It was used to help advertise the show.


A woody!


52 Muntz


55 Citroen


57 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, one of my top favorites. Massive Dagmars!


But mostly I love it for the fins.


I have never seen or heard of this car before.


57 Chrysler Imperial...I guess my grandpa had one with a specialized record player.


57 Tatra from Czechoslovakia (which I somehow managed to spell right the first time). I always do a double take at the engine placement!




BMW 600


A Smart Car...I mean a 58 BMW Isetta.


Needless to say, I LOL'd at this 58 Edsel. And again at the picture.


60 DeSoto Fireflite...another of my top favorites. One of the best colors with some of the best fins. <3


61 Jaguar Mark 2...where are its spots? :p


61 Morris Mini! Aww...


NTAG was there!


64 Porsche


A bitchin...CAMARO! Dad said, "I almost forgot I had a car like this!" I said, "I wouldn't forget something like THAT."


71 Jaguar E Type


A Bentley


A NORMAL ELDORADO! These also have amazing fins. Obviously.


Por-SHE 911S. Yes, that is her name.


Studebaker with iridescent paint!

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The Isetta Bubble Car looks freaking awesome. I want to find one somewhere so I can see how difficult it would be for me to fit in it.

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Okay, so, the Pagani Hurahruh (Yes, I know it's spelled "Huayra") can't be sold in the US until 2015 at the earliest because it couldn't get an exemption for not having a "smart" passenger air bag.



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I forgot to post pictures of my new car purchase from last month , I just got back from a fun little road trip in it:) Here are a few photos



2007 BMW Z4M coupe



fueling up in the wee hours of the morning last week



interior bronze color



up on ramps for an oil change



it spent some time catching rays at the beach recently



and, the most important part - the old S54 I6 engine out of the E46 M3

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I bought THIS:





Short history: This is a 1994 Mazda Miata M edition. It had some hail damage in the rear quarter panels, so the rear section of the car was replaced from a blue Miata. Basically I have to rattle-can it when I get it. Don't worry, the wheels will all match as well.

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