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CARS! The Car Super Thread

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*I* am surprised I like that.


ooooh Aston Martin, quite possibly the only car manufacturer whom I would deal with Silver for...


Speaking of, the new Chrysler 200s are annoying. The rear badge looks too much like an Aston badge from a distance =/

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I figured I'd ask here (since it's the car thread): Anyone else here a fan of the BBC's Top Gear? I discovered it about two weeks ago and love it to death. I've been watching at least an episode a day since I found it, and can't get enough. It's like the ultimate send-up to car culture!

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Found top gear on youtube a couple of years ago and now i have every episode of all 16 seasons thanks to torrents. Quite possibly the funniest piece of television. Nothing can beat it. It's not automotive journalism in any way since they are way too biased, but its entertaining as hell.

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I actually didn't mind them being black (despite my normal opinion on black rims, it looks ok with the dark red) and the wheel style is ok (I LOVE 5 spoke rims) but I don't like them being "bent" (ie 458, M6 etc)


But apparently I have a narrow acceptance of what I like as far as rims go

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I'm pretty particular about the wheels as well, Joe. My tastes are always changing a bit, but I actually don't mind a large percentage of exotics to have aftermarket wheels, as long as they compliment the vehicle and not compete for attention with it. I also really like the current trend of black wheels, but there's just something about those "Fooses" on the Aston that didn't quite blend correctly. I guess it's because I've come to associate Foose with resto-mod American muscle instead?



Anyway, here's something I caught on another forum somewhere that I thought was kind of fun to see. Post a pic of your favorite production car from the year of your birth.


Mine is a.....


...1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Spyder. So choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend one.

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Well, it's better than most of the other cars that came from 1994...

The mighty McLaren F1. Such an utterly...strange car, but that's why it's fantastic.


Also, excellent choice Beemer, such a great car. Bonus points for choosing the Spyder version too!

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^Wasn't the Diablo from the 80's?

nope, not 86 at least, that I would pick it anyway


Despite my southern inclination to go with a Cut Supreme or something pimpable like that, and it being the year of the first M3, I actually chose an American muscle car!


1986 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z. Yeah baby!!

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^ LOVE it!


Joe - Just remember to check for dead bodies in the boot.


David - The Countach is still one of my favorite cars ever made!


Ace - I've always wanted to drive a MacLaren, if for nothing else, just the feel of sitting in the center of the car.

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