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Photo TR: The Most Complete Jolly Roger TR Ever

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It's great living 30 minutes from the beach in the summertime! With a long weekend for Independence Day, my girlfriend Kelly and I decided to head to Ocean City, MD, on Friday for a little sun and randomness. Being the wonderful girlfriend she is, Kelly agreed to let me spend part of our day chronicling Jolly Roger Amusement Park.


Now, I hadn't been to Jolly Roger since they took us there for a class trip when I was in third grade. That would be roughly 22 years ago. It was pretty bad then. It's only gotten worse. I think I can legitimately say that if not for its adjacent water park, this permanent carnival would have become condos a long, long time ago.


With that in mind, I now present to you every single ride at the park. You get to see everything I saw--only you get to do it sitting down in the air conditioning! Enjoy!


Yeah, um... don't count on it.


Note to Jolly Roger's marketing department: Threatening patrons is probably not the best way to get them to visit your second location at the Ocean City Pier.


The fact that they took the effort to paint the tires astounds me. I'll bet they're airbrushed!


You'll find the upcharge go-kart concession at Speedworld.


You probably shouldn't expect to find Br'er Rabbit here.


Splash Mountain is Jolly Roger's upcharge water park.


Jungle Golf is by far the better of the two. Along with this quasi-elaborate entrance, they actually sprung for a handful of fiberglass statues to spread throughout this course. Treasure Golf, on the other hand, is nice too... if you're into barren spaces and rocks.


Jungle Golf is by far the most elaborate of the two.


The park's property also contains a number of upcharge attractions, including two miniature golf courses.


I know a few readers out there who wouldn't mind trying Big Willie's banana....


You want to eat at Jolly Roger? This is where you go.


The backside of the stage is themed as a decrepit old house. Which brings to mind two questions: Why would a park want to theme anything (other than maybe a haunted house) as a decrepit building, and what is anything remotely having to do with theming doing at Jolly Roger?


The park even has a stage for shows. Not that the park has any shows....


Hey Big Mike, how many duckies are in here? :)


Jolly Roger also offered a full complement of games. And unlike the rides, each and every single one of them was staffed.


No ride ops for this SBNO Frog Hopper :(


While that train is undergoing repair, let's take a look at this one. It was clearly the most popular attraction at the park and just about the only one with a full-time ride op. (Most of the rest shared ride ops, usually one op per three or four rides, it seemed.)


90 DEGREES! (Note the kiddie bumper boats at the left--this is integral in making sure you have seen every ride at Jolly Roger.)


...and white guys demonstrating Indian stereotypes.


...marching band members...


The kiddie train carries animals...


Speaking of the Giant Wheel, this is it.


The Giant Wheel apparently is a great place to store boxes. By the way, is it just me, or does Jolly Roger seem to single-handedly support the airbrush sign industry in Ocean City?


A Gravitron with its "Gravitron" sign newly removed for 2009.


Double-decker carousel.




Kiddie Ferris wheel.


Baja Buggy.


Fun Slide (named by the same person who comes up with the names of Cedar Fair rides, apparently).




Pirate ship.






Speedway (whip).


Traveling fun house.


Matterhorn/Musik Express/Hurricane (it had no sign, so it's hard to say which one it really is).


"Look out, dude! It's going straight for your oversized package!"


Cheesy traveling haunted house.


Big-headed photographer.


Mirror maze.


Chair swings.


I promised you every ride at the park, but I made no such guarantee about providing clever captions for each one. Ergo, these are the bumper cars.


Nothing like a little conspicuous advertising on the kiddie flat to keep things fresh.


These two Hampton kiddie rides have been at the park since its opening in 1965. The one on the left is motorcycles, while the one on the right is random vehicles.


Let me reiterate that: Wacky Worm. On-ride. Photo.


That's right! You can buy a photo of you and/or your child on the Wacky Worm!


Because it has an on-ride photo!


Ah, but this Wacky Worm is special. Why...?


And this would be one of roughly 847 Wacky Worms in Ocean City.


Let's get the credits out of the way first. This is Wildcat. Ironically, it sits in roughly the same location as the park's former Wild Mouse.


This is where you go to get your Passport card, which is kind of like a digital ticket. Hopefully yours works. Ours sure didn't.


Fun fact: The park is only about 20 percent larger than the surface area of the map itself.




"Beware! We haven't had a full-time ride mechanic on staff since 1969!"


Thar be the entrance! Yar!


Six flags. Coincidence? Probably.


And here's the big man himself. What makes Jolly Roger so jolly, you ask? Probably the fact that he doesn't have to stand outside a muffler shop anymore.


New for 2009: an updated sign! That should bring the crowds rushing in.

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Thanks for the comprehensive report. I like looking at all the rides a park has, not just the coasters.


Is that speedway ride a real whip or does it just go in a circle?


Do you know who the manufacturer of that Ferris wheel is? I like the shape of the gondolas and it doesn't look like a typical Chance model.

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Love the report. Impeccable theming at this park, it almost feels as though, through pictures, I've been transported to a wonderful land of concrete, gravel and weird carney rides. Magical.


Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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Actually, I believe it's a Boomerang...first vekoma boomer to hit US soil...but I'm not 100 percent sure on that one.

I believe that's at Trimper's Rides. There's a small, compact single loop coaster at one of the parks there I believe.


That's it, Trimpers. Many thanks.

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Actually, I believe it's a Boomerang...first vekoma boomer to hit US soil...but I'm not 100 percent sure on that one.

I believe that's at Trimper's Rides. There's a small, compact single loop coaster at one of the parks there I believe.


The compact looping coaster is at Jolly Roger at the Pier. I saw it when I was there last July, but never rode it.

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Is that speedway ride a real whip or does it just go in a circle?


It's a real whip. Well themed, obviously.


Do you know who the manufacturer of that Ferris wheel is? I like the shape of the gondolas and it doesn't look like a typical Chance model.


No clue, unfortunately. Anyone else know?


You Win! - This is the most comprehensive Photo TR of Jolly Roger Amusement Park. As proof it has been added to Park Index.


You know, you always dream a day like this will happen, but when it does, it's just so hard to believe!


The compact looping coaster is at Jolly Roger at the Pier.


Correct. The Jolly Roger at the Pier coaster is a Pinfari Looping Star. Trimpers' coaster is a Vekoma boomerang called the Tidal Wave. I've posted photos of both in past TRs if anyone's interested enough to do a search (I know I'm not).


Is it me or does the face on a Wacky Worm look kind of like it is on drugs?


I like to think it's just high on life (or paint fumes).


I was down there for Senior Week and wanted to get the credits either there or at the pier, but I had some "prior obligations".


Oh yeah, sure... everyone has the same "prior obligations" during Senior Week


Thanks to everyone for their comments. I thought this was pretty much going to be just a throw-away TR. I'm glad some people got some enjoyment out of it.

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Thank God! I was just thinking the other day "Wow, I wish somebody would do an exahuasting PTR of this place so that I don't have to go" and BOOM! You did just that! It's like you have ESPN or something!


Seriously, enjoyed this one and it's a another winner. Thanks for taking one for the team.

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You forgot the log flume.



You know I was just there back in June and I honestly like Jolly Roger, not thats its a good park or anything, but it is the best one at Ocean City and has the best coaster at Ocean City in my opinion, the Wildcat.


Dude, you can't be serious. Trimpers is 100x better than JR. Personally, I'd rather ride the Toboggan than the Wildcat not to mention Trimpers has the Haunted House, Pirates Cove, Aladin's Lamp, classic Himalaya, decent bumper cars, 1902 Herschell Spillman carousel, countless vintage kiddie flats, the only stationary zipper in America, and Marty's Playland for good measure. I mean every man is entitled to his own opinion but that's a lineup that's not easy to beat IMO. Especially by Jolly Roger...

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