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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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I visited Kentucky Kingdom on their closing day last year. I thought it was a decent enough park, but obviously missing its star attraction without Chang. Judging by how the footers were tore up they would be starting from scratch if the ride were to return.


Taken by myself on 10-31-09.

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^^Says the guy from Ohio...


Yeah yeah, as soon as I get my passport renewed I come across the river and visit ya...


(and of course, after getting all the necessary shots)


In al seriousness, though, this whole situation stinks more than the Reds Stadium on free Skyline night (see, I can make fun of both sides of the river). Six Flags should attempt some sort of settlement if you ask me. Try and clean up the PR nightmare as quickly (and cheaply) as possible.

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Columbia, is that a real pic or is it photoshopped?!


It IS a real photo - originally from a local Kentucky business magazine.


That's one really expensive suit to be putting on a grease laden coaster track! It must have been one major effort to keep the grease off that thing.


And anyone interested in photoshopping my head on a photo like this or has the hookup to GET a photo shoot like this - hit me up!

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Yes, I saw the base of the 'A' arch and the rest of the top half was gone. Next is going to be the pull back tower. I might take a picture tomorrow while going to the airport.


Confirmed!!! Just watched FOX 41 and they shot video of the dismantling.



Video here,


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I can't remember SFKK ever having more than two trains on Chang during any of my visits. Plus, each train seated 28 riders, and I can't remember any time SFKK was busy enough to justify more than two trains. So I would think SFGAm would have to get another train.

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I've seen Chang run ONE time with 3 trains a long time ago. T2 also had 3 10 car trains until 1998 when it was down all summer and opened back with 2 7 car trains. T2 obviously never ran more than 2 trains. I don't know what happened to Chang's third train but it's been missing since before 2000. T2's third train became a parts donor. It will be great to have this park open again just to go up the street and around the corner instead of 1 hour drive, 2 hour drive etc...

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Relocating would be the worst choice, moving everything would be a total mess. But I did find a location that I would prefer more if they were to move.


http://www.bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=38.27330307191593~-85.87688255264743&lvl=14&sty=h ...(Scroll right to see the city of Louisville.)


This area looks kinda like SFMM, but its not that hot, and not that high. But most of the mess would come from blasting rocks .

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