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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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I have an issue with building racing coasters in RCT2. I never had a problem with them in the past but a few years ago my computer died and I bought a new hard drive. RCT2 works fantastic on it but when I build racing coasters in the "Roller Coaster Design" section, then synchronize the stations and try to test them I get an error message:


Error Trapper

Exception Raised - Access Violation

Error Location - Unknown


I am running XP, which is what I had on my old comp but I find it odd that I can no longer build racing wood coasters. Anyone have any idea if I'm possibly missing something?



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This game crash when trying to open or test a racing/dueling coaster is something I have experienced also. For me it seem to a totally random event. All I can say is make sure you SAVE your game before testing or starting for the first time any ride that has Synchronise with adjacent stations checked.


It has been a while since I built any racing/dueling rides in a park so I really forget what I do to try to avoid the crash issue. I do remember pausing the game and putting them on test and then unpausing so they leave for the first time, I also remember just getting one started and then the other and while testing checking the box so when the next train(s) leave they start the synchronisation at that point. Honestly I can't remember what worked best. So keep trying different ways to start them out and see what works the best.


No matter what you do, ALWAYS save before you start one of these types and save again if your going to go back and work on them after they have been open. Even if you haven't had any problems for many game years. It is a glitch that can happen at any time.

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^ It involves the use of trainers. If you don't know how to fix it please PM your park to me and if it is fixable (and it should be) I will have it back to you in a day.


FYI, never put so many paths on the edge of the map, or should I say never allow them to go off the edge. What has happened is the game has gotten confused as to where the guest entry points should be. This confusion is caused by all the paths at the edge of the map. Next time you want to put paths at the edge of the map build a wall while in the editor at the maps edge and then build your paths. The only path or paths that should go off the map are the ones you want to use as the guest entry points. Once the park is done and I mean DONE!, use a trainer to invert land ownership and remove the walls.

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If you want to try and fix it yourself here is what you need to do...


Save your game the way it is, and then make a backup version.

Take that backup and put it back into the editor.

Put you guest entry points back where they belong.

Open 8cars and in the first column find the Change Guest Entry Points tab and open it.

Write down those numbers (all of them, just as you see them).

Exit out of 8cars and the editor.

Open your real saved game and then open 8cars again.

Input those numbers back into the Change Guest Entry Points.

Go back to the game and see if it worked.


You may have to remove all guests to get rid of the guests that are in the wrong spot.

If nothing happens you may also have to remove all the paths the are connecting to the edge. You can replace them later when the park is done.


Again, if you can't get it working please let me know and I will try and fix it for you.


Good luck.

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^ I would really like to help you out but I need more information, Can you show a picture of what your issues are with those scenery items or try to explain better what problems your having?


Just want to toss this out there that to get full effect from most CS building blocks you need to use 8cars trainer and 0 clearance items onto each other...

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Thanks for helping! I do have a picture. Initially, my first attempt was really really bad compared to this, but this compared to others, I think is bad.


My three basic issues are: zero clearances because sometimes even if I restore them, its still glitchy like its still on; designing the buildings because there are so many quarter tile pieces to deal with in making a realistic and nice looking building; and also roofing. I don't know if it would look better if I used different types of roofs for the same building or not. I do realize that its my opinion that matters most, but I do want to do better.




BTW, I'm using the official NE bench map, if that helps or not.


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The top right is the best incorporated pieces right now, but the issue is the building is too small to properly make all the roofs look porpotional I think, at least. The best way to build anything in RCT is research. Look at real buildings and try and duplicate it in the RCT world.


But I do like the building as a whole.


Really need to start using the NE bench . . .

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Thank you very much for your feedback. Yes now that I look at it, it is too small for the roofs, but I didn't like the look of it with the other roofs. It may look better once I finish the rest of the main street though. I don't really know, but anyways, Thanks again!

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I definitely agree the building is too small for the type of roof you used and as for all the glitching that I have seen in so many parks and people mentioning I really don't understand what is going on. In all the parks I have ever built I never had the problem with glitching that seems to at epidemic proportions these days. Is it the NE bench that is causing most of it or other NE parks being used as benches?


Just wondering and trying to figure out what is going on. This problem should not be happening as often as it seems to be. BTW emberfoot4565, it is completely fixable so don't worry about it. You just need to get a copy of the SOB trainer and follow these instructions.


Open your park and then start SOB.

Use the "0" clearance option and wait about a minute.

Open 8cars and use the restore clearances.

The clearances should now be fixed if not...


Exit everything and restart your computer then try the steps above once more.


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Thank you for your time into replying! It really helps a lot and I appreciate it!


So far in this map, the glitch hasn't happened yet so I may hold off on that until it does.


As the building and scenery goes, practice makes perfect and so far, I think I'm doing okay.


Keep a lookout for a new park by me soon.



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