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Bizarro Media Day Great Adventure

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We are well prepared for a other exciting media event by the park! A special thanks to Angel, Jenn, Mark, and the entire Six Flags Great Adventure crew for the invite and amazing event! Kills The Dark Knight's last year! But more on that later...


Dustin looks fully awake after three hours of sleep!


So while in the restroom, Dustin took over my camera and drink...


Dear god..... dear god.




Jim (JJ2K) and his Golden Ticket!


Disco Stew doesn't advertise, but he does have a awesome camera<3


ZOMG. Me want them all


Adam showing off my media pass, or my Bizarro transporter ticket!


Woo, Plaza Del Carnival before it is open to the public!


If it is Bizarro, everything is opposite, which means go opposite of which this sign is telling me to go!


Before the ribbon cutting!


The podium stand for this year!




The entire media (minus free tickets) people!


A shout out to our pals over at History!


LOLOL they are outcasts

AKA: Dan, Dave, Dustin, Ray, my family, LOL


So this cookie is quite delectable.


The Current doing a other story on our site!


Test run


Here is our man Paul! Make sure to thank him for creating the park's FACEBOOK!


Big Mike!


Big Mike and the Chief Engineer of Bizarro


Mark Kane starting the press announcement. Off topic but the FIREWORKS test run this SATURDAY and the parade begins this FRIDAY! Check them both out! From Mr. Kane himself!!


"Lets give a shout out to our Great Adventure Online peeps!"


And of course our awesome PR person; ANGEL!


Angel is rocking the pink Bizarro cape


Adam doing his media thang


Ribbon cutting! LETS RIDE!


Oh wait, don't forget the confetti! Oh wait...


Well this can not be good...


Look at those sexy new refurnished B&M trains!


I just wanna touch them


Auger of Doom = AWESOME! The mist feels so good and you feel like you can touch it!


The train is ready to dispatch!


Drew! This guy is awesome!


Wuddup! Proof that I was there


Jim ready to be a FIRST RIDER!


But before Jim rides...


We need the confetti off the track! Is this a omen?!


Angel raffling off the confetti that was on the track


One last test run


Jim is ready to ride!


First riders are ready!


And they are off!


Don't forget to say hi to our man FlyinPhil!


I spy Big Mike and the Current!


LAWL -- that is Bizarre


I like how Six Flags kept the old Medusa on the ride but changed it up, plus the tad bit of Frontierness is still there!


One of the many comic book queue things you'll see that explains the ride




After my third ride


I spy Mr. Six!


Mr. Six is getting ready


Mr. Six is ecstatic!


And there goes Mr. Six!


Group shot!


Here is the Current! Doing a article on us for the second year

I will have that up once it is published


Riders being dispatched for some audio-blasting awesomeness


Zero-G! By the way the new name of our podcast


Stew is being all awesome with his "awesome" camera


Group shot for the Current


Here is this year's most epic shot!


SxyDan & the Press of Atlantic City


Hey Jackie, I saw you on Six Flags' site!


There is Brittany


Dave is ready to ride!


Paul is ready to get his first ride on as well!


Adam is pumped! I believe he went on eight times?


Dave on the lift!


Awesome! Tying in Frontier Adventures & Bizarro!


I spy Dave and Jake


I spy Brittany


Bizarro gifts is getting ready for the public


Some action shot


Ray - LOLOL I've been here since 9am and the public is just coming in now!


Bizarro from the Skyway


Fireworks are ready to test THIS SATURDAY! Mark Kane told me to tell you all to check it out!!


Nitro was operating


And finish off with some awesome amazing fudge


Once again, thank you Six Flags, Angel, Mark, Jenn, and everyone for the AWESOME day! This event was amazing. So much ERT, so much extra rides, amazing new themeing, awesome transformation, great food, and so much more! Thanks!

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Awesome TR! I rode Bizarro as soon as it opened to the public & loved it. I got on it twice before the big crowds realized it was opened.

I was shocked when the entire queue including the old abandoned part of the queue was filled! Haven't seen that in years; it is a odd thing to see!

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I would have loved to be at something like this but even if I was invited I would have had to take the day off of work and I'm going on vacation in about 2 weeks to Cedar Point so it's all good.


Looks like it was fun though again I seemed to have missed a ride opportunity with Big Mike(though I wasn't invited to this in the first place so I didn't really miss anything). All joking aside the ride revamp looks great and I'm looking forward to riding most likely after my vacation since I don't know if I'll make it there before then.


I have a question though how loud is the audio and what is the audio? Just curious because I've seen trip reports for this media day and SFNE and no one has revealed what the audio is, is it music or talking? Just curious.


Also I love the color scheme by far! Purple and blue are my favorite colors! I also hope they keep these effects working, they are quite awesome!


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Wow, that looks horrible.


Im sure the onboard audio/fire make the ride a lot better but I was expecting more than just re-painting all of Medusa's old "theming" to make it look strange and adding some cutouts. I thought X2 was a great re-do because it really needed new and better designed trains plus the sensory experience tied in with trying to make the ride more cutting edge/terrifying etc. The Bizarro transformations just look forced and cheap IMO.


Edit: Just listened the album version of the onboard also and must say its pretty creative/sleek. The rides "theming" still is really tacky though

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OMG I want to punch that woman in the head! She would not stop screaming, and all I wanted to hear was the onboard music!


Does anyone have a POV with just the music?


Yeah I tried watching it for the same thing and got annoyed at the screaming too.


While the new effects are cool and all the one thing that kind of annoys me is that I may not get to ride *Medusa* again till probably september since I refuse to wait longer than 30 minutes for a revamped old ride. Unless I happen to get there before opening and push my way there but again why am I fighting to a ride a revamped ride? Plus the whole Kingda Ka being down doesn't sound like it will help the situation any, hope they get that running again soon I haven't even ridden it yet this season and I've been there about 4 times last month.

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I rode Bizzaro on Friday 5/22/09 and was not impressed. The B&M roar makes it almost impossible to hear the sound/talking while the ride is moving, and the volume of the chant / music from the brakes to the station is almost deafening. The GP getting off the ride seemed unimpressed.

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I rode Bizzaro on Friday 5/22/09 and was not impressed. The B&M roar makes it almost impossible to hear the sound/talking while the ride is moving, and the volume of the chant / music from the brakes to the station is almost deafening. The GP getting off the ride seemed unimpressed.


That is basically same impression I had today after riding it.

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I was also there today, No wait at all for any of the rides. I was rather surprised by the ride. It was done better than I expected, and I bet the ride will be really fun once the park is open after dark. But the consequence of this sound system, is that it makes the ride completely not re-ride-able. It may be okay if you ride it during the same day, but coming off the ride and back on. I rode it 3 times in a row, and already the voices were getting annoying. "Am i taking crazy pills" was one of the lines that was getting annoying and the ending line.

I also think the fire effect is a complete waste, you really have to look for it to see it, But again, it my potentially be awesome at night.

I would also like to know if this counts as a new credit because after all, every ride operator has been saying to ride the "all new" Bizarro.

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^From what I have been hearing and you can kind of tell, the experience from day and night is completely different. I heard at night, from the lasers on the S-Shields "Freeze Vision", the fire effect, the Auger Lighting up, and etc, it is just a totally different ride.

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