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The Pinball Thread

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Williams did make the best machine


If that doesn't get Cameron in the discussion, I don't know what will


For more information about the "Death of Pinball", grab the excellent documentary, Tilt! I think it is available on Netflix and includes a lot of footage detailing the creation of Pinball 2000. TPR's own Cameron is one of the primary characters in that chapter of pinball.


My favorite pins are:

Family Guy

Attack From Mars

Cirqus Voltaire

Medieval Madness



and my absolute favorite place to play is ...




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Since I just saw the movie, "Adventureland" last weekend, I thought I'd mention that there are several arcade/pinball scenes. I'm not sure if those were shot in an arcade at Kennywood, but I did notice the Gorgar machine in particular. Take me back to 1987 please!

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At college in 1993-94 we had WhirlWind (?) with the fan in the top, Twilight Zone, and Earth Shaker (?) with the talking guy and girl construction people. Between those and Mortal Kombat 2, I spent way too much cash. Also say the newer Jurassic Park pinball machine at a minigolf place that used to be near the Opryland Hotel. I think the golf place is gone (Grand Ole Golf and Games?)


Some of the ones I really liked and would own if money were no object:


Space Station

Space Shuttle

Roller Coaster Tycoon


Bride of Pinbot

Circus Voltaire

any KISS pinball machine

Fireball or Firepower?


There was also a Journey pinball machine that played drums and a bassline and whenever you hit bumpers it played different guitar licks. This was at a Howard Johnson's hotel near St. Louis in the mid 80's.


Also remember a wacky pinball/video game hybrid in Baby Pacman at Showbiz Pizza place as a kid. Not bad.


While not the real thing, I enjoyed several of the old GBA and console pins like Sonic Spinball, Muppet Pinball Mayhem, Sonic Pinball Party, Mario Pinball, Metroid Prime Pinball, Pinball of the Dead, etc. Kinda miss my GBA and those games now.


Also remember the Virtual Boy pinball in all it's red and black eye straining glory. That was actually kinda fun.

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Also say the newer Jurassic Park pinball machine at a minigolf place that used to be near the Opryland Hotel. I think the golf place is gone (Grand Ole Golf and Games?).


Hmmm I haven't driven out that way in a while. Looks like I may have to go investigate and see if I can find that Jurassic machine.

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^ Looked on the web the other day and Grand Ole Golf and Games is still around, but it seemed to be in a different location than what I remember. Faulty memories on my part. It's possible that JP machine is still there, but it was about 1993 when I saw it. Even so, it was cool to watch the T-Rex lean over and eat the pinball.


Humorously, I just got a message on Facebook about Velociraptor Awareness Day. Talk about timing!


Gotta keep an eye out, but at some point, I'd love to get some of the old back glass art from whatever pinball machines, and frame it. Same idea as framing park maps.

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I checked out Grand Ole Golf's arcade last night. Unfortunately only one pinball was to be found, and it wasn't the Jurassic Park machine sadly. They had "Royal Rumble", which is currently ranked #182 on Pinside. I thought it was an ok game, but it would have been a lot better had the upper level right flipper been working. Otherwise, the machine seemed to be in really good condition. The "TAG" electronic plunger was kinda genius since it is a WWF themed machine, but it seemed to shoot the ball the same distance each time which was a drawback IMO. I liked how the whole machine would vibrate and shake during certain scoring moments. If you're a wrestling fan you'd probably love this machine! I played it twice and left after taking a few pics. Sorry the photo quality isn't too great, but I didn't want the flash police to come over and it was rather dark in there.


Anyone else have any new pinball experiences lately?





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Speaking of no pinballs to be found in public venues, California's Great America had absolutely no machines anywhere...I guess they just aren't profitable anymore. I would have guessed to find a couple Stern machines there.


With this said, arcades in general are becoming primarily redemption-like games that would be useless at home. Not saying anything negative about home video game consoles, but they pretty much dominated the arcade scene.

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thrillerman1 thanks for checking on Grand Ole Golf and Games and posting the pics. Glad to be mistaken on that FEC going bye bye. Will have to stop by there next time I'm in town.


Angry, you have a point. It seems the pinball machines that are still around are in random places. Saw Silverball Mania and Rolling Stones machines at an old Holiday Inn in Great Bend, KS in 2006 and Twilight Zone and Que Ball Wizard in Jacksonville, NC airport in 2007. Saw Terminator 2 Judgement Day and The Simpsons at a random open air arcade on an island near Jacksonville on the same 2007 trip.


I try to get pics of the machines I see and play whenever possible, especially since they're becoming a rare breed.


Now I could be wrong, but I don't remember seeing any pinball machines at the arcade at the base of the Gatlinburg Space Needle.

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When I was up visiting my mother for Mother's Day, I took her over to Jersey to a decent pizza joint that we like. When I was there, I saw a Williams machine that was the exact machine that my dad had for about a year at the bowling alley - Bad Cats. It wasn't a great machine, but it was definitely kind of funny. Double M Vending sure hasn't taken very good care of the machine, as it looked very ratty.


Here is an idea of the machine:



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I'm sure this thread is probably dying, if not dead. I just wanted to post that we picked up yet another machine, so a total of 3. The newest addition to our collection is a Whirlwind by Williams, another of my favorite machines. The little fan on top is perfect for those hot sweaty summer days...cool off the sweaty player! And those spinning discs create an interesting way to play when 'the storm comes.'

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I've always loved pinball, and I was pysched when a local company called the Games People took over the Arcade after the old one left, and filled it with retro games, as well as some pinball.


There's even a new Shrek table from Stern there.


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In case anyone missed my Nashville Zoo and Bowling Photo TR, here are some shots of the POTC table I found when we went to the bowling alley. This was a pretty fun game with several neat toys like the sinking pirate ship, the storm spinner, and the treasure chest.


Ahoy mateys!


At least I can have a little bit of Disney in Nashvegas!


An aerial shot!


Pretty toys


Exclusive TPR POV!


Arrr...there be treasure in the corner

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^That was awesome!


I headed to Ocean City, MD, last weekend with my girlfriend and her daughter to take in some rides, and we made our way to Marty's Playland arcade. Marty's used to have two full rows of pinball machines and a row of classic arcade games, as well, but now they've removed all but one row of pinball in favor of the ticket redemption games kids seem to enjoy so much these days.


Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a quick tour of Marty's pinball machines, summer 2009 edition. Enjoy!





I got the replay on this one. Hard to believe pinball costs 75 cents a game on the newer machines.


I like this one much better than the old "Indiana Jones" machine.



Oldie but goodie. Next to it is a 1950s western target shooting game.



This table, on the other hand, sucks.


This was a fun table. I wish I'd had more time to play it and figure out all the levels.


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Here's a question to you guys who have seen the new Harry Potter movie.


There is a PINBALL MACHINE in the the Weasley's (sp?) smaller little woodshack, that Papa takes 'son' Rupert Grint to have a talk with - it's behind them in a few shots of this scene they share together.


So - anybody know what kind/type/make it is?

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Wow. How could I have missed this thread.


Funhouse (Rudy)

Whirlwind (Return to your Homes!)

Earthshaker! (Take a scenic fault drive today!)

Red and Ted's Roadshow (Let's wreck some road)

Twilight Zone (You open this door...)

Addams Family (click click)

Hurricane (Clown Time!)

Bally Gameshow (Keith McTeeth)

Roller Games (Rock and ...)

Full House (1965/6 EM)


Owned them all, and loved them all... apart from Hurricane of course. Boring game!


I only have Funhouse and Addams Family now. Selling my machines (due to a house move with limited space) was one of the most regrettable things I have done. 8¬(



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