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WTF is it?

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Yeah, it's a dildo for working on cars... Oh, wait, no, it's not. * sighs and shakes head while holding my face in my hands *


Here's another clue: You would only need to use this if you were working on a car with a manual transmission. It would serve no purpose on a car with an automatic transmission.

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Hmmm, does it have to do with the clutch master cylinder? Possibly has something to do with the flywheel, or flex plate? A thingy to push the selector bushings out? I have no idea!!


I don't have a standard transmission in my diesel sadly =[

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Colin is in the general area with his flywheel comment. If no one has guessed correctly before tomorrow afternoon then I'll just give the answer so the game can move on.


Edit: It's a clutch disc alignment tool.


Colin came the closest, so I'd say it's his turn.

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It looks like a cutaway of an energy absorbing bump stop. Like what would be used to stop a train at the end of a track.


You are correct. I got to stop posting random pictures I find in my Pictures folder.



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