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Photo TR: Roxanne's Summer Coaster Craze!!

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Canada's Wonderland!


Behemoth in the Morning!!


Time Warp in all it's glory!! Now that is a tripped out ride!


Flight Deck!


Hi Robbie!


The Fly Metal!!


Here's Ben sad! Behemoth ate his TPR name tag! It was a sad moment!


The Bat in motion!


This is the queue for Thunder Run! I remember both Robbie and myself squeezing our rear ends into those seats. Ha!


RipTide! Looks like you get really wet!!

How wet do get Ben?

Ben says, "Ugh.. Very wet!!


These would be the only shots of Vortex I would take! Also Josh's Head happened to appear out of nowhere!!

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Stairway to Heaven!!

Once again, As Neil says it.. "I love you diving helix"!!


After the photo walk back, I wasn't feeling well at all. Which unfortunately resulted in no further photos taken. However I did manage to get a shot of this sign..


Next Up... Marine Land


Stay Tuned....

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The next morning we all pretty much had a huge coaster hangover. Marine Land is quite an interesting little park!

Sunrise from the Bus View.


Looks like JC's Head made it into this pic!


Dragon Mountain! Luke in Action! WOW!

Hidden Dragon Mountain! Camouflage..


TPR Members on this interesting ride!


One of the characteristics that I enjoyed about this park was being able to get close to the animals.

Here you could feed the bears from above! I think it's Kix Cereal we were feeding them.


This one's for you James! Hi !!


Killer Whale under ground observation deck!


There were many memorable moments on this trip but this was a big one for me. Niagara Falls from the top of Sky Screamer!


Soon after we left the park and headed back into America. Here are some shots of the Falls from the bus.

I never thought I would be able to see Niagara Falls.. Thank You TPR!!


Last Parks coming up.. Got to get some rest now!!

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Oh, sweet and innocent now, but just wait 'till the cameras turn away! (I probably still have bruises... somewhere... from Deerschwitz.


Roxy, I think the only time I saw you the whole day at Behemoth Bash was at the waterpark... and IIRC I don't think any of us stopped laughing.

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Thanks guys!!


Well... Happy New Year Everyone!! It's time to relive and recap some of these Amazing memories we have of 2008!!


Next Park: Waldameer

The experience at Waldameer, for me, is summed up by the word Incredible, maybe even Profound. The rides on Ravine Flyer II on the night of Aug. 5, during a pouring thunderstorm, became a moment that occurred only once in our lives. We were at the right time and at the right place. Thank You Waldameer!! Thank You TPR!!


Waldameer is nice little park. It reminded of my home town park, but way better!!



Pirates Cove was fun!


Oh Yeah!! Who can ever forget Trevor....


I don't know why, but I there's something about this sign!


Steel Dragon Love! Cute little Spinner!!


TPR Members and others on Comet.


Neil and Natalie having a good time!!


Dan saying, WTF!! Hi Dan!


I love the history, 1896, Waldameer!! Awesome!!


Dirty, Dirty Whores! On Ravine Flyer III

How about an encore.. Naughty, Naughty..


Ravine Flyer II. These were the only shots I took. Just want to give a big shout out to the train and bumper car crew! You can't see it here but the clouds were soon to roll in and our ERT on RF II was to go down in TPR Coaster History!! Awesome!!

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Bus Fun:

Hi Guys!!


The Girls of TPR!! What Up Sistas!!


Next Park: Idlewild

Park before the GP Arrive!!


Rollo Coaster! I don't know why but I didn't take any shots of the Coaster. Just the Sign.


Wild Mouse, 1878! I love the historical value of the rides at Idlewild!


OMG!! Mister Rogers !! Childhood memories coming back!!

TPR Peeps ready to take the flashback and/or get schooled!!

These would be my all time favorite characters from Mister Rogers.


Moving on Over to Confusion Hill...just a couple..

What do we have here.. Natalie's one time boyfriend!

Is it me or do these two pictures match?!!


Adult Hand Cars!! Hi guys!!


This one's for you Luke!! Thanks for being my Flat partner!!


Caterpillar !!

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Next Park: Lakemont

Lakemont was an interesting park, but the best part for some was Leap the Dips!!

Leap the Dips!! Oh this coaster, the historical value is unbeatable. My ride can not measured by anything, I am truly grateful!!


In other news.. Kidtums rides Leap the Dips in the hands of her proud father Mr. Alvey.


Toboggan Love!! I had always seen this coaster in pictures. I was very happy to have a ride on it!


Skyliner!! A fun woodie! I remember Leo and I being worried we were going to miss the bus. We didn't!!


Last Park of our Behemoth/Ravine Flyer Trip was DelGrossos. It's all about the Sauce!!

I only took a few photos at DelGrossos !


Neil once again contemplating Life or something..


Crazy Mouse!


Wacky Worm! Whoring it! Yup we all did!!


What a great picture! Miss You Guys!!


I can't wait to do it all over again!! Thank You Everyone, for an Unforgettable Experience!!


Sesame Place is up next...

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Sesame Place! At one time I believe there were a total of three Sesame Place Parks. I remember my parents taking us to the Sesame Place in Dallas. Two out three parks is not bad at all!! Strangely enough I didn't take too many shots here, but this is what I have.


Vapor Trail!

TPR Peeps on Vapor Trail! Was it fun guys??!!



Hey Guys! Here we are kicking it at the Elmo Show!!

That little kid on the left is getting down!!


Luke's documented Sesame Place Credit!!


After Sesame Place, we parted ways. This is where some of us would say goodbye. I very badly wanted to go on the East Coast Trip but it wasn't possible. So instead of going home I decided to stay a few days in New York!!! I prepaid for my Amtrak ticket from Philadelphia to Manhattan. Everything had to be planned out. It was pretty insane, but completely worth it!


30th Street Station. Philadelphia


Amtrak Train!!


On my way to New York City! Life is Good!!


Thanks for checking out my ongoing trip report!!

Stay tuned everyone Boston, New York sites, SFGA and Coney Island are coming up....

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The next day was my tour of Boston. Boston had also been a destination that I wanted to visit. Thanks to expedia I booked a one day trip from Grand Central Station. It was very short, but very nice. We left the station at 7:00 am and arrived into Boston at about 10:30.

Here are some of the highlights and best photos from that day.


Samuel Adams, cousin to John Adams and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The building behind him is Faneuil Hall where town meetings were held.


Old State House. The Boston Massacre took place right in front of this balcony in 1770.


Faneuil Hall Marketplace. "Gateway to Boston"! Had me some Boston Clam Chowder!! So Good!!


Had a Sam Adams Special Brew at the Hard Rock!!


Original inspiration for Cheers TV Show. Sadly we didn't stop to go in, just drove by wishing we could.


Harvard University!! I never thought I'd set foot on this campus!! It's the oldest University, founded in 1636!!


Harvard Library!!



View of the Charles River from the bus!


Well that's all I can manage right now, my computer has been giving me problems all night!


Next up: Some Sites of New York plus SF Great Adventure with TPR!!

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Another great TR of that amazing trip!


I still can't believe I actually went to 9 different parks and rode like 40 new coasters in just 5 days!


"Coaster Hangover" is exactly right at Marineland! I remember only riding Dragon Mountain three time and then just sitting there talking till ERT was over. And then I basically pointlessly meandered around the rest of the park all morning eating french fries and buying souvenirs lol.


Also great pics of Ravine Flyer II....I guess you took those from the train.

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Thanks Jayson!! Boston was a great time!


Hey Chris, I know what you mean. I can't believe I did all this in one summer!!


After Boston into Manhattan. I wandered around completely overwhelmed by everything New York is. I am grateful to have a friend, Marcos, that lives in New York. I called him up and said, "I'm going on a coaster tour and I'll be on the East Coast. Can I come over!!?" He Said, "Hell Yeah"!

I Love New York!! This is my second visit!


I knew that I would be near New Jersey. So it was a unanimous decision that I should meet up with the TPR East Coast Crew!! Thank You to everyone who made this possible! Marcos, Brad, Robb, Elissa and everyone on the East Coast Trip! Thanks for letting me hang with you !! It was a great!!


Arrival into Manhattan from Boston!! A bit blurred, but this is Grand Central Station!! Which recent hit movie has a scene here?? I Am Legend!


Here's Marcos and myself having some Margaritas at the Hard Rock!!


Night time view from the 27th Floor!!


Madison Square Garden!!


Columbus Circle!!


Time Warner Center!!


Day Time view from the 27th Floor!!


Subway Tracks on my way to New Jersey!!


Jake and Ben!! What up guys!!


Hi Kim!! Hi KerryB!!!


Isn't it a beautiful sight!!! This is why I love TPR!!!


The Dark Knight queue! During hours this line gets really long!!


Elissa just before I went into The Dark Knight indoor queue!!


This one's for you Hanno!!


Oh Yes!! The moment of truth! El Toro up close and personal!!

TPR Peeps! This is one of the first rides on Toro!


More Toro pics coming soon!


Next Up Kingda Ka!

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Kingda Ka!!

I would like to thank Erik Johnson for taking these great photos for me!!


From start to finish!!


Whose that guy!!


This is Superman! In the back you can see the storm clouds that never left! Rained Out!


The Great American Scream Machine!!


Even though we were rained out! We still had a good time!!



This picture of Jahan sums it all up!! Unfortunately because of the rain no further pics were taken!! I was happy just being with everyone again! Thank You!!


Back in Manhattan after SFGA!

I somehow always found myself back in Times Square!!


Virgin Record Store!


Street Life! He played a tune for me!


The Late Show with David Letterman!


The next day, Marcos and I went back to SFGA this time no rain!

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So if your in the Manhattan area and you want to get to SFGA. Go to the Port Authority and there you can catch a bus that departs at 9:00 am. You can purchase round trip tickets plus admission into the park!!


This time no rain!! Yay!!

Marcos and El Toro! This was his second ride on a coaster. His first was Rattler at Fiesta Texas! I'm proud of him, he took these coasters like a Champ!


One of the best Coasters Ever!!


I found this guy again and he brought a friend! Thanks for the shirt Natalie!



"Let's go on it again!!!"!!


So we did!!!


The Great American Scream Machine! Side View!

Took this one in the line!




Nitro!! Now that's a Handsome Lift!!




El Toro, Backside!

This is one of my favorite Shots!! WOW!!


Medusa!! Green Goodness!!


Entrance to Dark Night!


More Superman!!


Another Favorite of mine!


Coaster Wood!! Rolling Thunder!


And my last pic for today. "I Love you Q-Bot! I want to Hug and Kiss you Q-Bot!"


Thanks for reading!!

Stay tuned guys this report is near complete!

Coney Island and more New York to come!!

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Hehehe, Roxie! I've LOVED reading your PTR of the awesome trip! Aghhh! I loved it and MISS YOU!


All it's doing is getting me more and more excited for next year when we get to hang out again! AGHHH! YAY!


Though, I look TERRIBLE in some of the photos... and YES I do have the other version of the Log Flume picture



Counting down til the next one!

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Thanks Everyone!! I'm glad you guys are enjoying my trip report of my Crazy Summer!!


Just in case you were wondering that picture that fry posted is me and my camera! Olympus Stylus 720 SW!!


These would be my last days in New York and the last days of my summer trips!

After SFGA!! Night View of the 27th Floor part 2!


The next two days were all about experiencing New York. There were some spots I really wanted to hit up!! I love the architecture of the buildings and how a really old building can be right next to a brand new one! I Love New York!!


Like this photo of the Champs store in Times Square!!


This is the coolest Sun Ever!! I took this inside the Hard Rock Store!!


From here I got on the subway and headed downtown to Lower Manhattan!

One of the places I absolutely wanted to go to was the restaurant of the World Wide known Chef Anthony Bourdain from the Travel Channel's Show, No Reservations! This is one of four Brasserie French cuisine restaurants.


View from my table! I had a three course meal and it was Amazing!! But the best part was dessert!


OMG!! This is Strawberry Sponge Cake! Which was and has been the best dessert I have ever had! I wish I could remember the name of the sweet dessert wine there! Thank You Mr. Bourdain. Heavenly!!


I just enjoy this picture!!


Trinity Root by artist Steve Tobin. Stands in the Courtyard of Trinity Church. This sculptor was inspired by the remaining stump and root of the 70-year-old sycamore tree. The tree protected St. Paul's Chapel from debris during the collapse of the twin towers.


Trinity Church!


The Sphere, which stood in the fountain of the World Trade Center plaza now stands in Battery Park! The tip of Manhattan!


Statue of Liberty!! Could be the Queen of all statue credits!!


Ellis Island!!

This is the main room where the immigrants would wait to be checked in.

I had a good time at Ellis Island!


View from the ferry heading back to Battery Park!


The New York Stock Exchange!!


It was night fall so I headed back to Columbus Circle!

The next morning was another busy day of sights and Coney Island!!

I took the D Train from Columbus Circle to Coney Island, Brooklyn NY. which is the last stop for that train, it took about an hour to get there.



I saw this vending machine on the street! Anyone care for a hot dog!!


Coney Island Beach!


Oh there it is!! This was a very nostalgic moment for me! I couldn't believe I was seeing this for real!!

Well.. The Cyclone was also my last coaster of the trip! I rode it three times back to back!!


Astroland!! I'm so glad I had the chance to be there this summer!!


Wonder Wheel!!


After Coney Island I was back on the subway heading midtown!


NBC Studios! Here I took a tour! It was cool! I got see the studio of the Conan O'Brian show!


The infamous Radio City Music Hall!!


I took this shot at the Museum Of Modern Art!


Took the subway back to Times Square!

This one's for you Elissa! I walked in and had some fries, In your honor!!


I believe this is the largest McDonalds. It is three stories high!


Busses and cabs fill the streets of New York! I took this from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum!



Oh Bono! If only you were real! If only.....


Fountain at Columbus Circle!!


Back at the apartment! View from the27th floor Part 3!!


Marcos and I having a Brooklyn Lager! My favorite!!


This is my last photo. It might as well say Good bye New York!


I found myself on a plane, going home! and I remember being real sad! It was difficult to grasp the idea of heading home. I had been on the road for so long. I saw many places and many things, those of which I had only wished and dreamed of!


As Six Flags posted above, I rode the oldest operating Coaster, the tallest and fastest coasters. I rode the iconic Cyclone! The Amazing X2! The newest of 2008, Behemoth! I rode a coaster in a Thunderstorm and saw Niagara Falls from the top of a drop tower!


Looking back now at all of this, I realize that something changed me! I came home with wider view and perspective of the world! It was Crazy! I am deeply humbled and grateful to have had these opportunities! And the best part about it all was making new friends and meeting all of you!


Thanks for everything! I can't wait to see what the Summer of 09 holds for me and you! I'm so excited for the West Coast Trip!


Much Love my Coaster Friends!


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Very nice TR. I hope to visit New York at some point. Actually, I have enough points on my VISA card for a domestic round trip ticket somewhere, and I've narrowed it down to New York, Washington DC, or Chicago.



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Really good report Roxanne.

I wish i could be in NYC, SFGAdv, SFMM, Cedar Point, Behemoth!!!, RFII, So jealous. But i'm hoping to do a student exchange this year to NYC. Just need to find a good host family. So if anyone knows a New York Family that wants a teenager for 3 months. Im here




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