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Photo TR: Roxanne's Summer Coaster Craze!!

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Yeah, I saw the pics before, but I can't see them now. Are you able to fix it or do you have to repost all of them?


Hope you can get them fixed because it was an excellent TR.



I think the issue is completely resolved now! Totally Glad I didn't have to repost them all, that would have been, well....not good!

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Hey everybody!!!

Thanks for checking out my Crazy Summer Trip Report!

krazekidd were gonna have to hang out!


Well, A few months ago I was looking through my parents photo albums that we have at home. My whole family is into Parks. My mom says my first ride on a coaster was at the age of two, which was at our home park Western Playland here in El Paso. In looking back, the first coaster that I actually remember, was the Matterhorn at Disneyland, Ca.


I would have to say that I am very thankful and grateful to my parents for giving myself and my brothers the opportunity to experience such elements at a very young age. My first major parks were Disneyland, Ca. Magic Mountain and the now defunct Marineland, Ca.


I would like to share a few photos with you of my childhood. I know that this is proof of the coaster and park enthusiast in me. My brother Daniel is also in these photos. He later went on to work at Walt Disney World through the Disney College Program. Me well, I'm just a Coaster Junkie!!! Hope you enjoy!!!!


So this is Disneyland 1983

Me and Pluto!


Here's myself and my brother, Daniel!! Crazy little kids already!!


Here we are again! That guy up the corner wearing his Awesome Ozzy T-Shirt is my brother Robert. Plus some random child.


The must have Castle shot!! Me, Daniel, and my Mom!!


So I found this photo, but I have no idea, where we are. Can any one help? Oh, that's just some random lady that got in our picture!


The last photo I have. Proof! This is me at four years old. My brother is in the back row. He was 6! True Proof!


Hope you guys enjoyed a little blast from the past of my life!!

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So I found this photo, but I have no idea, where we are. Can any one help?


Great pictures, Roxanne! It looks like you were probably at Astroworld for this one. The character is Tyg the tiger from the old Shirt Tales cartoon, and Astroworld had a Shirt Tales Land in the mid-'80s. Someone was kind enough to post an old (and I do mean old--as in 8 mm or Super 8 mm) home movie of it on You Tube:

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Wow! Old photos from old parks! When I first went on a real roller coaster, I was.... about..... 7 or 8 or so. I think it was either the Wild Cat or the Roller Coaster Thrill Ride both at the Pyuallup fair here in Washington. But you've been on coasters since 2. How would they allow a 2 year old on a roller coaster?!?


Not sure of the correct thread, but it shows KidTums getting her first coaster credit and I believe she was like 1yr old?

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Hey Thanks ghost!! I don't even remember these moments, so I don't know the name of this Coaster!!! Wish I did!!


Thanks Jason!!! I do know we visited AstroWorld at some given point. It's got to be it! Thanks for the link, that was a cute and funny video!!


Hey six flags!!! Thanks, I had fun digging up these old photos.

I just asked my dad and he confirmed with what my mom said. He says we rode the smaller rides and coasters at my home park. There was a coaster called The Little Dipper, I vaguely remember it.

I know it's allowed if the parent rides with the child. I'm wondering how old KidTums is in the photo of her ride on Leap the Dips?

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