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Photo TR: Roxanne's Summer Coaster Craze!!

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This past summer was one of the best in my life. It started off as a Dream Trip to Cedar Point. Ever since Magnum, CP was a Park I had to get to. So finally finances were available and my dream came true.


I know this is a bit late, but I had time to put this together now.


I'll start off with Cedar Point, in the order I took them! June 16-20 2008

Taken from the car while I was driving.

Almost empty parking lot. What a site! I fell in Love at that moment!!

Millennium Force from the outside road. What a beauty. I fell in Love again!!

Gemini from the parking lot

Elissa's not the only one that Loves McDonalds!!

Magnum is Amazing!! MF might get jealous, but Magnum has my heart!!

Top Thrill Dragster: Beats Ka any day!!


Must have Corkscrew Shot!!

Power Tower Just before launch I stupidly messed with my seat belt. Not good. It scared the crap out me!


First TR Hope this works..

More to come...

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Fun little flat!!

Wicked Twister: I loved watching the ends sway from side to side!

Lake Erie with Magnum peeking out! It was very cold at this time.

Ferris Wheel!!

Demon Drop!


Night Vision!!


The following day we drove to Cleveland where we soaked in the sites.

First Stop, Outside Tour of the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Go Browns!!

If you go to Cleveland and your a Rock and Roll fan, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is Amazing! Check it Out!

View from inside on second floor!


Next up Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum!

Stay Tuned.. Update to follow soon!!

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I wanted to finish off this portion of the TR today!





This museum is really cool if your into that sort of thing. I enjoyed checking out the old cars.


Dinner at Hard Rock!!


This one's for you JC!!


Last day at Cedar Point!





DJ Booth in MF queue! One of the reasons why I think MF is the Coolest!!





Maverick under the sun setting! And my last day at Cedar Point!


Thanks for checking out my pics. Hope you enjoyed them!


Next Up, MM, Long Beach Aquarium, and Knotts!!!

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Thank you everyone!!

Your comments are greatly appreciated!


Great TR Roxanne! So was it really not that busy? That'd be a good thing to know in case I want to plan a summer trip up there in the next year or so.


Thanks Natalie. It really wasn't too busy at all. The longest wait times were for Maverick-1 hour, 30 mins. MF- 1 hour. Dragster-30 to 40 mins. and Disaster Transport- 1 hour! All other rides were walkons. Get there early and leave late! Also if your planning a trip to Cedar Point check out http://www.thepointol.com/ These guys really helped me out!!

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I would like to give a little background and what you can expect from this TR.


Long story, short... Back in April of 08 I was planning on a suumer trip. I've always wanted to visit London and I was thinking about Rome or Dublin, Ireland. Well, all this didn't fly with the parents, So I said, "how about Cedar Point". They were cool with that!


This was about the time I found out about TPR's Trips, but I had throw the idea out since I was already spending on one vacation. Let's just say gone, but not forgotten.


My brother couldn't stand the thought of me going to CP, since we had planned on going a few years back, but it didn't work out.

So he said, "I want to spend my 24th Birthday at Magic Mountain!" We'll you don't have to tell me twice.


Keep in mind, Sometimes I'm like a kid in candy store at parks and I forget to take pictures. Also these are a select few of all the photos I have.


Cedar Point-June 16-20

Magic Mountain/LA- July 16-19

Philly-July30-Aug 2

Behemoth/Ravine-Flyer II Aug. 2-7

Boston-Aug. 8

New York/SF Great Adventure/Coney Island-Aug. 9-14


Arrival into LA!!


Oh, Yes. We were livin it up. We drove this Amazing 2009 Red Mustang Convertable with 280 miles on it!


This is one of fav pics. That's my brother Rendy(Randy) The next day driving into MM!


The only decent shot I was able to get of X2!! What an Awesome ride!


Goliath and Colossus from the parking lot!!


So unlike everyone else. We decided to hit up the other coasters instead of X2! I don't know if it was a fair trade off. No wait for all other rides or two hour wait for X2!


My brother's so happy!!


View of Scream just before the ride op rushed me along!




Gotham City!


Batman is so beautiful!!

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Riddler's Revenge!!


For me personally Deja Vu is one of my all time favorite rides!

We rather enjoyed the no line for Deja Vu!!


So after Dejau Vu kicked us in the rear end, we rode Roaring Rapids in which all my stuff got wet. We stupidly didn't eat anything so we also were very hungry. That resulted in no further pictures taken. Till night fall!

That's my brother showing off his Magic Mountain Birthday Pin. Everyone all day would say," Today's your Birthday? Happy Birthday"!


Walking out of Magic Mountain! What an Great Time we had!!


In & Out any one?? Burger Time!


The next morning we headed out to soak in more sites!

That's me! Unfortunately this would be the closest I would get to the Santa Monica Pier!(We illegally parked Ha)

Santa Monica Beach!! 11:00 am. The Ocean water was cold!!


We drove on the Beach Line. Then stopped for lunch at Manhattan Beach!!

Beach Volleyball!!

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This was a really good lunch at reasonable price! I highly recommend!!


Next up! The Long Beach Aquarium!

False advertisement!!

Hey, What are those birds doing in the back there. Naughty, Naughty!!


Later that evening, We checked out the Griffith Observatory. It's the famous place where Rebel Without A Cause was filmed!

Inside they have this really Cool Exhibit where the Periodic Table is displayed with the actual elements.


Dinner at Hard Rock- Hollywood Studios Universal!!!


The next morning was our last day. A Very short experience! We arrived late into Knotts, and only had four hours there! I told my brother we have to ride Excelerator!

This would be one of the best pictures of my brother Ever!!


A few more of Knotts..

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Thanks guys!! Miss You!!


During the planning of our LA trip, I could not get TPR Trips off my mind. I was hooked! I couldn't believe that there was actually an opportunity like a TPR trip!! Something like this had only existed in my dreams!


Anyway, I emailed Robb one week before our flight left to LA. I remember asking if it was possible to get me on the East Coast Trip. No spots open. BUT there was a Miracle Spot open for me on the Behemoth/Ravine Flyer II trip! I was added to the list. (Thank you Robb and Elissa)!!


Since Philadelphia was our meeting point, I decided to get there a few days early. I had always wanted to go to Philadelphia (U.S. History was one of my Favorite subjects). I had a great, great, great Time in Philly. My experience was definitely not like they show on Parking Wars!!


6:00 AM, Sun is coming up and I begin a journey that would change they way I view the world!!


It really is tricky if you don't have your own transportation, but to save bucks I would take the Hotel shuttle to the Airport, then the SEPTA into downtown Philly. It was about two bucks to ride.


First stop: Independence Hall Visitor Center! Later this would be the site of a bomb threat, In which all people were evacuated!


Here's Benjamin Franklin wearing his Toga! It was his wishes to be dressed in a toga. His belief was in the Republic governments of Rome and Athens.


Entrance to Franklin's Home, His Postal Service to the right! Law Services on the left!


Outside of Independence Hall! Also site where they filmed National Treasure!


This was the over flow of people who could not get into Independence Hall because of the Bomb Threat!


Where our lovely U.S. Constitution was signed!


Christ Church Burial Ground!


Exchange National Bank and Trust Co. Any MTV's Real World Fans recognize this place? This was the site of MTV's 15th Season of The Real World.


Liberty Bell! Rung only three times!


Another favorite Pic of Mine! On my way to The Philadelphia Museum of Art!


This Awesome statue Credit is right Outside the museum!!


The infamous Rocky Steps!! Me and some tourists ran up these steps. It's a must!!

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Eastern State Penitentiary! Opened in 1829 Closed in 1970. Really an interesting experience! If your into Ghost Hunting they say it's haunted and if your into abandoned buildings/parks and such check out this site http://www.uer.ca/forum_showcats.asp?fid=1 .



Al Copone's cell. In prisoned in 1929 for weapons possession.


William Penn himself!


Entrance to South Street! Great Party Place!


I saw Stehpen Marley perform! It was great!!


Elfreth's Alley the Oldest Residential Street in America! Circa 1703!


My last pic for Philly!

I'll finish Philly off with one of the first U.S. Flags! Hung at an Elfreth's Alley



Hope you enjoyed this trip down history lane!

Hold on to your seats, because next up is Behemoth/Ravine II. Oh yes!!

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Thanks Erik!! You have to check out the Rocky Statue!!


Great Shots!

Was the Delorean pic from the Crawford Auto and Aviation museum?

It sure is!!! That was such a cool museum!! I wish I could go back!


Finally after days of sightseeing and partying, I would walk into the hotel lobby which was full of TPR Peeps. I had just got off a cab and had my Pat's PhillyCheesteak in one hand and was completely hung over all together. I didn't realize it yet, but life as I knew it was about to change!


Let the journey begin...

First meet up, the night before.. This is Neil playing Pac Man. I think I won a few games!!


In the morning many people had a rude awakening. The hotel fire alarm was going off and it wouldn't Stop!


The Bus! Everyone's so excited!!


First Park: SeaBreeze

Jack Rabbit!

"What's that over there!" Ha, Ha Made you look!! Really a lovely lift!!


On our way to Whirlwind!! Which would later go down in Coaster God History. The most Amazing Spinning Ever!!!


Ha, Ha, you can't ride!!


Whirlwind Metal!


Bobsleds Sign with Neil's Head!


The only Bobsled Coaster track I would document!


Screamin Eagle knocked the crap out of some us!!


Neil-"So.. this one time at Coaster Camp" Luke- "That's nice but do you like my shirt?!"


Whirlwind at Night! A little blurred, but the memory remains!


Darien Lake up next!

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Darien Lake!

This is what the sign looks like just in case you were curious.


What Up??


This one's for you Adam!!


Predator! Looks can be deceiving!


Ride of Steel!!

Ride of Steel Trains!

I love the way the Storm Clouds look. I remember the drizzle of those morning rides!



"Jolly, Jolly, Jolly, Oh Bloody Hell"



Boomerang!! Neil's head, again.. However he seems to be contemplating something only he can understand.


Robb's Boomerang Spooge of Love!!


Statue Credit for many, Big Shark Bite for Neil!


What a lovely experience this was! Minderaser! How about a glass of water!


Max winning at Fascination.


More Darien Lake!

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Banana Boat AKA The Banger AKA The Ranger


On our way to ride Viper!


Ugh... Which way is the beer?.. Neil will lead the way!!


Waiting in line for the log flume! Ben has the match to this pic!! Hi Ben!!

Unfortunately I didn't take any more pics of that Log Flume. Natalie has the best one!!


Next Park: Martin's Fantasy IsLand

TPR in Fantasy IsLand!


Silver Comet!


Star Flyer!!


Hi Leo!!


I Got It!!


Tilt!! See if you can spot the TPR Crew!


Crazy Mouse!


After Martin's we would make our trip across the border into Canada! This was a first for me and really cool!

I tried to get the best shot of the cars and line driving into Canada!


Behemoth is next!

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