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Day 1 -

Bob Evans, King's Dominion, Hooters


We begin with the all-mighty Virginia-made Bob Evans breakfast!


Still doesn't beat the five dollar footlongs!


Woo, six and a half hours in the car and we finally have made it to the first park of our trip!


Yes, we have found it! CEDAR FAIR!


Of course, their is a concert that evening, driving in huge crowds everywhere..


No matter; Marissa is still determined to figure out the path to escape them!


Kaitey furiously attempting to close one of Cedar Fair's park maps.




Oh wait, I mean Para.... Kings Dominion!


First up on the list is Batman!


Actually now named Dominator, but who cares! Start off the trip with this nice B&M.


That's a tall loopey majiger.


The train goes weeeeeeesh.




The ride actually was "okay". I found it better then Medusa, but worst then Kraken. Though I did get some nice air in the backrow, as well as some nice hang-time off of the loop.


Nanananananananana, BATMAN!


Welcome back riders, how was your ride? Enjoy the rest of your stay here at CEDAR FAIL!


This ride was pretty smooth though, one of the smoothest B&Ms around!


Dad es hace color?


You can basically film and take pictures of this ride on any given shot!


Just in case you thought this was still Batman!


Scooby Doo, WHERE ARE YOU?


I love this ride's color scheme!


Oh no Batman, our wheel has got caught in the sand trap!


LOL, head on fire.


Time for Tomb... I mean the Crypt! Oh wait, long line... hmm.


Plus I hear a eruption on the other side!


I've just discovered Atlantis.


WOW! Cedar Fair has really cracked down on what they do to you if you cut in line!


Hiya folks, I'll be your tour guide for this lovely evening.


This ride is kind of a eye soar truthfully.


And was very difficult to capture photos of...


BUT THE RIDE IS AWESOME! Ton of hang time, and the launch was not intense but fun.


Into the trees shot.


For lava, it sure resembles a roller coaster, doesn't it?


Meanwhile back at the Batcave.


This picture is full of win.


Kaitey wondering why their is so many people at the park!


Josh taking a run on Smurf Mountain.


This picture is full of epic win.


My dad and sister enjoying for eruptions!


Don't mess with me, I'll shoot!


I ain't afraid of no roller coaster.


Line cutters be think twice before they run into me.


Time to enter the Olympics!


Don't feel bad Medusa, you got a buddy!


Pictures with fire make it better.


They look ready to race!


Zoom zoom zoom!




Full throttle.


This coaster is smexy.


Flight of Fear = Closed.


But the volcano was definitely not dormant!


I just like this picture.


Riders getting ready.


Look, they look like ants!

They are ants, they are.


More epic win.


The views from on top where unbelievable!


Yeah, test runs is not good in the middle of the day on a B&M.


But it is even more photogenic from above!


Yeah, I'm just epic.


B&M Floorless Yumness


Enjoying their view.


Drop Zone, Tower, whatever it is called looks stunning from above too!


Photogenic phune.


One last shot of the entire family at Kings Dominion! The park was alright, not bad, but not good. It had quite a few flaws, and we didn't get to enjoy the entire park, as well as the staff were just plain rude. But the park has potential, I give it that.


Back at the hotel it was time to check on my site!


Also take a tour around our suite!


The suite life of Josh at Williamsburg!


After we decided to go eat at no other then HOOTERS!!




End this update on a hungry note.


Tomorrow we head out on the long five second drive to... BUSCH GARDENS!

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Nice Tr. I went to Kings Dominion on Wensday and barely a wait. Even on Dominator. I did notice Dominator doing test runs midway through the day too. I agree. I did like the park better when Paramount owned it. It's a shame both Rebel Yell sides both go forward now.


Can't wait to see the rest of the TR.

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Day 2-

Busch Gardens Europe


We have made the long five second drive to InBev Gardens Europeland!


The entrance is extremely beautiful.


The amazing yet lagged finger print entrance!


Dear god; even InBev cracks down on their line cutters!


"Maybe this time I can actually close a park map!"


Been waiting three years to come; and here I am. Wasn't that Six Flags slogan last year?


Ohhh, perty. :wub:


The train at Busch Gardens is stunning.


Got a little artsay.


First up on today's adventure: Escape from the Firey Death!


Everybody is like, "OMG WATER!!!"


Today's tour is free


The landscaping is by far the best at any park in the world


If only the train was in this shot


Welcome back Nitro... Apollo riders! How was that ride?


The before shot


The after shot






Waiting for the train in Italy.


Josh soaked waiting for the train.


Der shay blows'!


One of the mazes for Halloscream being constructed I believe.


Rhine River


I spy Waldo


Are we on a log flume?!


Screw log flumes, lets stare at Griffon!


I'm in wubb


This part was pretty fun


But this was better






Having a little fun with my camera on the bridge


Our ski lodge


Now Alpengiest was AMAZING!


Except I fell off and crashed into a fence!


As so as several other guests who wanted their picture.




Griffon taking a #2


Outside seats FTW


The kickass water splash.


If only a train was in that shot, but I was to impatient.


I decided just to run over here and get this shot


This area of the park is by far my favorite too.


Prelift fun!


Josh approves


This is what a picture looks like.


This roller coaster is one of the most photogenic around, and its colors are AMAZING.


This picture is just awesome.


This one came out a little dark.


Eh, the pictures just explain themselves really.


Woo for amazing drops!


Oh and just checking up on the neighbor!


OMG GNOMES!!!! BGE is now awesome"er"!




"Why do I must be jewish?!"


Santa shunned me!


Yay for free fudge samples!


And double yay for free LIMES!


Alpengiest drop goodness!


Time for a boat ride folks.


Here is Mr. Amazin' in the flesh.


This park is gorgeous.




The prelift was actually a good start for the ride.


Aww ain't she pretty. :rolleyes:




El Boato


Only picture I got of Neesie today, but I'll be back either tomorrow night or Tuesday or Wednesday to get my ride(s) on it!


Test run? Oh no.


I'm German now.


This is like the Devil drinking tea.


Eh, not as good as Spiderman but still awesome.


And hey look its a Wolf! LETS GET NEAR IT!




This coaster is rather hard to capture photos of.


Favorite photo of the trip so far!


Different angle.


Do you got the beat?


BGE has some great entertainment!


Everywhere you look their is either a performer or a show!


Six Flags Great Adventure so needs something like this!


The English!


The drums, yo.


And we finish off day 2 at BGE with the countries!


Tomorrow is Water Country and possibly more BGE!

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Hey, great TR. It feels like ages since I've been to BGE. Last time I was there I rode Drachen Fire just to give u a time frame. It still looks great and thanks to your pictures makes it look even better. Can't wait for day 2 and the rest of your trip. Also what type of camera do you have? And how much was it?

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Day 3-

Cracker Barrel, Water Country U.S.A, Ripley's Believe it or Not


This is for Robb and Amanda


The true task of intelligence at its finest.


And the battle continues outdoor in 102 degrees.. :unsure:


Just in case you forget where this following pictures are from.


Kaitey and Marissa enjoying the Wave Pool


Gnomes, now COWS!


And my favorite type of water slides, Mat Slides :wub:


Water Country definitely has the upper edge in water slides.


This photo is for Christian to insert a caption on.


The new Rock 'n' Roll Island!


And at Ripleys.... OMG ITS RIPLEY!


Josh and his two-headed goat thing.


I'z got the music!


Finish this small report off with no other then a picture for Dainan!

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Day 4-

Busch Gardens Europe


Due to being just so worn out, I'll really just post the pictures of today and leave the captions out.

































And the temperature of the day... link:


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Great photos and TR, looks like your family had a great time.


This is getting me very excited for my trip to BGE with my daughter in October.

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Cool kids hang with Hersheys, not eat. B)


Just in case you have yet to figure out in your head what park this could in fact be..


Beginning with the first ride with... a break down of Reeses and a rollback on it!


With the lights on you can really see how the ride works and operates.




Follow the exit signs!


All this fun even gets us this baybay!


Vertical horse-goodness will be later.


Continuing from Reeses, we head over to the Claw.


The Holy :censored: I'm Amazing Look at this like oh my god picture.


Busch Gardenssssssssss!


But most importantly, Fahrenheit!


The photo after my first ride in the back row on it! It had some sick airtime, but not as good as Maverick. Except it's first drop completely owns it, even the front gives you sick ejector!


Truthfully, the vertical lift wasn't anything special, just a good way someone made so a lift can take up less space..


Woahs, vertical!


The Boardwalkers where entertaining them in front of Celsius!


A boardwalker!


Now time for a bunch of Fahrenheit photos which don't really need any captions:









Time for the Dark Knight!




The girls getting off the Wild Mouse.


Josh can ride Jet Skies backwards.


Josh approves!


Good bye!


3..2..1.. LAUNCH!


Storm Runner was FLYING today.


Different perspective.


A "LOL" photograph.


Welcome back riders! How was riding a horse?


Family shot in Storm Runner's station! Oh joy.


Now time for Chocolate World COWS!




My sisters went off in that mess to see the Jonas Brothers as I continue the park.


time to ride a falling comet!


New signs in the park.


Great Bear was intense as hell today!


The epic-battle continues.


ERT on Fahrenheit time!


Got to ride the front row 3x without leaving the seat! Sweet success.


Finish off with breaking down on the Monorail!

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