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Blue Ridge Park (RCT3)

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Season 4 Opening!

You can get some great shots in this park!

I also love this log flume!

Salamander! This thing spins like no tomorrow!

The path to the new area!

They really put work into the size of the area! They should have said this was phase 3!

In line for Wilderness Adventure! Great ride!

Wow! What can I say!

Best picture of the layout from by the ride!

Train in the station!

This thing was intense!

A view from the sky tower!

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Seaon 4 Update


The walk up the path!

A random path............

Walking towards the back of the park............

View from Salamander!

This is by Blue Twister......... Season 5 anyone?

The location of Wilderness Adventure.........

The station of Blue Twister!

They let me took my camera on!

The pre-drop!

The drop!

View from MCBR!

Coming up to the corkscrew!

View from the hop over the path!

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OMG, I just read this entire topic all I can say is wow, wow, WOW!


My Opinions:


1. The Park's Overal look is stupendous. It is just so nice and has such great atmosphere, I would go there just for that!


2. The log flume looks so cool with the scenery


3. I'm a Huge Salymander (sp?) fan!!


4. I think I love Blue Tornado Sooo much More!!!!


5. They need a (No Mini's, 200 or more!) Intamin Hyper (Crosses Fingers)

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Blue Ridge Park Season 5!


Here we are for another season!

The almost no existent skyline.

Heres some of the buildings.....

It all just flows together....

Cliffhanger was closed but testing through out the day.....

I love this ride!

What to eat?


This is a new building that I imagine goes to the new area... It didnt open this year and they havnt even talked about it.....

Lets go ride the sky tower to see if we can see much construction!

Well it was a Huss Giant Frisbee..... Looks like a pretty big addition...


Check back soon as we find out more!

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