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Blue Ridge Park (RCT3)

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Well I am about to attempt my first park! Its called: Blue Ridge Park and is right here in the Blue Ridge Mountians! I'm in the very early stages of the park.


Full updates are most likely a week or so away!


All comments appreciated!


Construction Update:


The Main Gate Concept Art


Overview of the land the park will be on.

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I just got went to Construction Tour 1 at Blue Ridge Park!


Not much has been done yet just early construction and a few buildings!


Heres some of the pictures!

The entrance to the park.

Up the walkway to the main section of the park.

A resturant and restrooms.

The main gift shop up here. Nice architecture.

B&M track..... They said thats just the lift. Wonder what it is?

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New Coaster Announcement

Blue Ridge Park is happy to announce our first coaster! Night Hawk! It is a B&M Hybrid Dive Machine! The first one in the US and the 2nd in the world. The first is located at Flussgärten Familienpark. This ride will be opening with the park later this year! Stay tuned for more information on the ride and the park!






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Construction Tour 2



Its been about a month since the last construction tour. They have added alot of buildings and some rides have been started! Night Hawks track is done and station just getting started!

Restrooms by the entrance.

Look up to the main part looks better with some foliage.

How the upper section now looks. Note the new buildings and Night Hawks lift.

Some of the new buildings......

This is Night Hawk! Its not somthing easy to photograph! The park GM said official photo of the layout is coming soon though!

The S&S drop tower was just started!

So was the log flume! Just the lift though......

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Great park.

The landscape is pretty realistic looking; although I think that the ground should be more than just regular grass - that's just too repetitive.

Regarding the buildings and other theming stuff I think it looks pretty good. The buildings are great, but the roofs are a bit weird - they need edges in the house ends.

But altogether I'm sure that this will be better with time, I'm especially looking forward to seeing some coaster work

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Official Park Update


I just got this new info in the mail!


Its Blue Ridge Park with some new info on the park and Night Hawk!


First off our last construction tour will be Thursday the 19th. We are quickly approaching completion of the park and are excited to show everything off! We will have some exciting announcments that we think everyone will enjoy!


We also have some Night Hawk concept art! Enjoy!


PS: Look for some info on Razor Rock Falls to drop your way soon!


Blue Ridge Park


Well heres the concept art! Looks awsome!

Train down the 105ft drop!

The zero-g roll! There will be hangtime!

Cutback element after the MCBR.

A full rendering of the layout of Night Hawk!

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I just got another update from Blue Ridge Park!


We are now happy to announce the 2nd major attraction for Blue Ridge Park! Razor Rock Falls! A log flume that takes you up the side of a mountain then down the 85ft Razor Rock Falls! This ride will be open on opening day of Blue Ridge Park!


PS: Dont forget the construction tour is tomorrow!


Blue Ridge Park

Heres some of the concept art! Im excites to see all this at the construction tour!

The sign.....

Up the 90ft lift!

The extensive theming of the Falls......

WARNING: You will get wet!

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Construction Tour 3


Well the day is finally here! Its been a few months since the last construction tour and a few weeks from opening! The park is basically done with a few last minute details the park said!


Ill commence with the pictures!

The first thing your greeted with! They made some visual improvements to it since last time!

Some of the rides are visible! As you can see they have a Drop Tower called Cliffhanger, a Ferris Wheel, and a Slide Ride!

Night Hawks station! This area is basically done......

Razor Rock Falls station and wait!

Thats one big drop!

Night Hawks lift!

This is the only thing not basically done!

Now this is where phase two of BRP is going to be located! They said this year is just phase one and two will add an equally large addition to the park! Season One is just half of what the whole park will be!



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