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Blue Ridge Park (RCT3)

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Nice update, but I feel that Cliffhanger need something. I don't know what, but it just looks too plain.


Maybe you could add something to the top, OR replace it with an Intamin drop tower? (They tend to look better...)


Anyway, the park looks great, and I can't wait to see more of phase 2!

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Phase Two Opening!


Walking towards the new area!

I see it!

The Tea Cups!

Salamander's Station!

The chair swing!

Row boat station!

Salamander's drop from the boats!

This is a sick helix!

The view from Cliffhanger!

Night Hawk!

Took a picture of the Ferris wheel as I left!

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I've been away for at while, but now I'm back in business


I like to see, how this park has developed; it really looks great with the hilly terrain, the buildings and of course the coasters..

With all the hills the coasters don't look that tall = perfect!!

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Season 3 Announcement


Blue Ridge Park is glad to announce the Season 3 attraction.


Sky Tower


This is a basic attraction that everyone can enjoy and is unique to the Blue Ridge Mountains. It provides excellent veiws of the park and surrounding mountains.

The tower is 400ft. tall which puts it 500ft above the entrance of the park! Sky Tower is an attraction that everyone will enjoy!


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Season 3 Opening


You can see the Sky Tower!

No matter where you are its there!

The crowd of people at the park for opening day of the season!

The Sky Tower building and new food stand!

Here we go!

I'm guessing this is the next area to be used......

The lake!

The first park overview ever because of the Sky Tower!

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I found this in a newsletter from BRP!


We are growing again!

You should stay tuned on 7/5 for our biggest single announcement ever! A coaster, a ride, a new area? What one will it be?


Stay Tuned! It will be posted at 12:01 the 5th!


Blue Ridge Park




What do you guys think this could be?

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Season 4 Announcement!


We have big things for season 4!


1.) A Coaster called Blue Twister an Arrow looping coaster built into the hillside!

2.) Motion-Based Simulator called Wilderness Adventure!

3.) New area with shops and buildings!


Stay tuned for even more details on these additions!



Overview of the new area!

The location for Wilderness Adventure and shops.

Artist Rendering of what walking up to Blue Twister will look like!


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Hmm, I feel like I've seen this all before...at some beautiful mountain park...a nice little place called...Dollywood!



Nonetheless, it looks amazing as usual!

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An Intamin mini-hyper would fit GREATLY into this park! I'm thinking a lake monster theme... the coaster could hang out over the lake, surrounded by a destroyed dock and wrecked ships. I'm sure you could make it great!

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