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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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Great America posted this fun contest on their Facebook, thought I'd share it here since there seems to be CGA interest and haunt interest here.


If you could be a monster at Haunt, what would you be? Email facebook@cagreatamerica.com by Wednesday October 10th at noon for a chance to be a monster for a night at Halloween Haunt on October 13th or 14th. Winner will be made into a monst

er as well as receive four tickets to the park for Halloween Haunt. Plus you and your guests will get to experience Fright Lane. The Monster will be given an opportunity to scare in one of our mazes. Winner must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Winner will be chosen Wednesday, October 10th, and notified by email.


Sounds like a fun opportunity, I've already entered myself...would be fun to be a maze monster for an evening




Oh, and to answer the question:

And besides that isn't there a clearly visible sign that says the same thing?

I know the sign at the entrance spells out all safety requirements (who ever actually reads/pays attention to these is beyond me) but there are also signs that look sort of new-ish pretty much explaining what bumper cars are...yea, I know...it's sad they have to do that but most people these days have been living under a rock their whole lives and don't understand the concept of bumper cars, inertia, and the effects on their body. I'm not sure if I snapped a photo of it, seems like something I would have done when I noticed it up this season...if I find it, I'll post it...then I was thinking to myself that if I don't have the photo I'll snap it this weekend, until it dawned on me that the Bumper Cars have been Carn-Evil'd.

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^Gold Striker will be ready for opening day if the past history of GCI coasters is anything to go by (Apocalypse at SFMM began vertical construction in Mid-January and opened Memorial Day Weekend). At a seasonal park, having a ride delayed much beyond Memorial Day is a big deal, and if it doesn't open until late July that's a really big problem.


The more construction pictures of this ride I see, the more I can't wait to come up next summer and give it a try. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes my new favorite coaster in Northern California (replacing Medusa).

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It's really coming along, they just might make that Spring 2013 opening date after all! Although I still have a feeling it won't be open until late July at the earliest.


Late July, you really think that? That would be more like a Six Flags opening month, not a Cedar Fair. The way I see this going is if they stay on schedule through haunt and the off-season, I could see Goldy opening in March or April.

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Was at Haunt at CGA last night (Sunday). Went to the Culture Pop show thinking it would be the standard zombie/vampire musical revue that CGA has done for Haunt the last few years, but am I glad I was wrong. Turned out to be their version of the Hanging show from Knott's completely done in house (thanks for that bit of info Clayton!) and was very enjoyable and (at least to me) hilarious. If any of you get the chance, I would recommend going to see it!

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We went last night too! We caught like half the show and it reminded me of CGA meets South Park with the whole ripping on current events/trends/celebs.


"That makes as much sense as shoving diarrhea back up your butt!"

-not so pleased Overlord


Oh and I will have a trip report up later when I get off work, consisting of gold porn, nerd moments and a major wtf of the day...plus Haunt!

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I'll be going to the park/haunt all day sunday, really looking forward to it! Another question tho, are there any TV's in a restaurant or what not that will have the 49ers game on?




I actually believe there is! It's not a full restaurant but they do sell some food and beer! For the Haunt season right now it is called Ghoul Time but it is normally named Game Time ( I think). It is located right next to Flying Eagles across from the American Cafe.

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Had a really fun day yesterday, crowds were light, lines were nonexistent on the majority of the rides, and during Haunt some of the mazes were walk-on's...and if there was a line for a maze, then it was short, very nice! There was a little TPR craziness as well, and a few genuine WTF moments as the day went along. I also had my most insane flyers ride ever in the afternoon, pulling off some of my most terrifying snaps yet. The last snap of the ride went like this:


-Ride starts to slow down to finish the cycle.

-Tub rears up for the snap like usual.

-Nose points WAY up, and for an unusually long period of time.

-A long moment of silence...

-BAM!!! "Kkshhiinnnngshingkerchunkerchunk..."


And with that, it's time for more GoldPorn! There will be more on the way after my collection, courtesy of Angry_Gumball and JeffyJosephNorCal, they've got plenty as well! Now, without further ado...porn of GCI's new sexy beast!




Obligatory banner shot.




I spy new headchoppers!





This tree might not be here anymore...


Star Tower/Porn Tower ride.


New wood smells good...




You can see it just peeking above the trees from Delta Flyer.


The view from Xtreme SkyFlyer is just getting better and better every day!



I wonder what that stuff there is...


"GRRRRR!!! I'M THE CRAAAAAAZY EVIL STAR TOWER! Here's my evil red eye laser show."

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I'm back with another trip report, as promised! We did yet another full, long day at CGA and Haunt. While I intended to be back home at 11:00, I wasn't home until just after midnight, ended up staying longer than planned, plus having work today


This past weekend was the first weekend of Snoopy's Costume Party so most of the crowds were the younger set. All of the 'big kid rides' had little to no wait and sadly, Demon was down all day, Grizzly was down for a while.



This time we got in 15 minutes early and there were only 3 groups including ourselves at the Boofet. We were the first people to hit up CarnEvil/the only ones to do so while the other 2 groups went to the Overlord Resurrection. After heading out of CarnEvil we just caught the Overlord's speech, and our group of 5 grew to 7 as we met up with Flagg o'Dim and rjvader. From there we jammed back to hit up Toy Factory (M4 had a line already built up) which was no wait. There were some good startle moments in here however the ending elements of TF were a bit...flabby and not firm.


Next up we do Corn Stalkers which was yet another walk right in, no line. Like last time, this maze provided plenty of good startles and plenty of hidden monsters to ambush you. Highlight: Towards the end, there's me, cousin behind me, and rjvader behind her. Somehow one of the talent slips in and is stalking my cousin for several seconds. When she looks behind her, she gets a faceful and a healthy scare!


Now that crowds dispersed some, we hit up M4 which was about 5 minutes or so. We had to split 4 and 3 so the first group consisted of Blue Fire Guy, Flagg o' Dim, rjvader, and myself. Plenty of startle moments again in this maze as we're all laughing at each other's reactions. Again, plenty of detail in this maze and a ton of potential hiding spots for talent to come out at you. Love the maggots on the table


We decide to carry on and do the mazes in 'order' by hitting up Slaughter House...which was probably the least standout of the night...however one portion did stink pretty bad...someone forgot deodorant or was it theming? Club Blood was nice to come back to again, minus the fact that my ear got screamed in by one of the talent (it was pitch black, none of us could see anything, I'm sure it was pure accidental). After this we hit up CarnEvil (my second CarnEvil visit of the night) and we all just love this maze! Even though we practically know where everything is, it's still a great maze! Some good startles once again (can you tell that we got startled a lot last night?).


From here, we decide to give the mazes a break and hit up Flying Eagles (ride #3 for me) where our cycle got cut short (wonder why?). After this point, Flagg o'Dim and rjvader had to get going due to work the following morning. We decide to hurry and catch the last 15 minutes of Culture Pop where they poke fun at current events, trends, and celebrities. We are probably going to have to get this from the beginning to see all the show. Gotta love the "Overlord Jr." Was a nice break off the feet after being on them all day!


Next on the list was Robman's office, Werewolf Canyon! I was more impressed with it last night as it seemed some of the holes were filled. Besides seeing Robman growl at us and bang the wall, a maze highlight was this one werewolf who was hunched over the railing (in that dead zone), as still as could be. He got a few of us


Making way towards Dead Man's Cove, it seems as though there's still some oddities of this zone. All the pirate props seem to be back by the kids area yet the talent are all out in front of the AFX theater. Again, like last time, no cool audio playing...sad times...


Now only needing Black Widow's Cavern we try that out. Unfortunately our log was flooded about 4 inches deep. Lots of wet feet to be had, however I was able to keep mine dry! Now that we've done everything, we decide to go back and do CornStalkers (10 minute wait), another visit at Toy Factory (30 minute wait), M4 (5 minutes), and Slaughterhouse (no wait) before calling it a night, an hour later than planned. We also finally snagged our Demon rides as it was running all evening!


Ok enough chatter, here's some photos!


Arrival into CGA...Goldy is now easily spotted coming in!


Ground clearing for more cement slabs!


Overview (we've seen a lot already :) )


More k'nex pieces sitting down in that lot!



Hmm...something's new here (Not Slaughter House)




Nice banking or excessive laterals? You decide :)


After that Gold Striker photo session, it was time for a bubble bath.


Invertigo, invisible ride!


Hm...what's wrong here? Well, after thinking the barking was coming from MMMM as a maze prop, we saw a real dog was just left here. We decided to notify some employees and this was taken care of pretty quick! Stupid GP...


More gold porn!


Beautiful as always, you can even smell it if you're close enough (like on White Water Falls or in line for Slaughter House)


"I'm still just hanging out here, nobody will ever see me hiding here!"


Bunch o' nerds!


Sexy curves!


A quick ride in the Paparazzi Buckets for more photo ops of Goldy!


Sadly, this was all we could see. But this thing is massive!


The "Extreme Skyflyer" porn shoot.


So this was added...one screen plays an off-ride POV, the other, an onride POV (at a very choppy frame rate).


"Wheeee!" (CGA employee was laughing at us after checking out the display that was set up)


Beer and Snoopy...perfect mix?


Some headstone humor


Hey Ryan, how's it going under there?


Fast forward to Boofet/Haunt material


Naturally, they come to torment my cousin :)




Gauntlet! They were trying a bit better tonight. Still not up to par with Underworld Alley but it improved from last weekend.





"I saw that..."


The group grew by +2 people!


Now for some random talent action shots going after us :)




Heading into UA, the best scare zone around! (Love the tune that accompanies this area as well)







And he's off!


Using a slow shutter and flash, I accidentally 'CarnEvil-ified' my photos...pretty trippy :)


"Your time has come madames and monsieurs"


Caught the last 30 seconds of Blood Drums, the pyrotechnics caught our attention. Aftewards, it smelt funky and sulphury.


Some Gauntlet love now...




Over to Firefall plaza for a certain reason...not to ride FF either.


Robman was on lunch (please don't make us your food, Mr Werewolf! I'll give you some bacon treats!)


The (literally dead) Deadman's Cove. Too bad there were no pirates actually roaming back here like last season...and the lack of music.


Alright CGA, time to wrap it up for the night, see you in a week!


Random bonus photo...I went shutter happy (shot in continuous mode) and we all decided it would be a good idea to turn the Overlord into an animated .gif

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WOOHOO! Sounds like we FINALLY got a descent show for Haunt in the Showtime theater huh? Last years was absolutely horrible if you ask me, and the year before was pretty bad too. Hopefully this one is here to stay for a bit, on that note did it sound like the GP liked the show as well?


Also another question, is Blood Drums still performed by Street Drum Corps? It was listed as such in the Haunt brochure last year. They are actually a fairly descent drum performance group, I remember seeing them many years ago at an arena festival show, forget where/when. But I remember thinking to myself when I saw Blood Drums last year "Hmm, these guys seem familiar, I wonder..." and sure enough it was them. I hope they are back again this year, they are pretty awesome.

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WOOHOO! Sounds like we FINALLY got a descent show for Haunt in the Showtime theater huh? Last years was absolutely horrible if you ask me, and the year before was pretty bad too. Hopefully this one is here to stay for a bit, on that note did it sound like the GP liked the show as well?


Also another question, is Blood Drums still performed by Street Drum Corps? It was listed as such in the Haunt brochure last year. They are actually a fairly descent drum performance group, I remember seeing them many years ago at an arena festival show, forget where/when. But I remember thinking to myself when I saw Blood Drums last year "Hmm, these guys seem familiar, I wonder..." and sure enough it was them. I hope they are back again this year, they are pretty awesome.



Yea it is still preformed by them, I will agree they are an awesome group. The guy with the pink mohawk (Chris) is actually the lead singer in the band Pounders if any of you have heard of them before.

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When it comes to Halloween events at parks, I can take it or leave it. It's a nice change of pace from regular summer operations, and riding coasters in chilly weather is great. Apart from that, they're nothing to get excited about. That said, if the eyes on that Observation Tower actually move around the whole time as if they're looking over or scanning the area- think Sauron (the fiery eye) from the Lord of the Ring movies- then it's the best idea ever and needs to be implemented at every park with an observation tower that holds a Halloween event. And Stat. No amount of scareactors/fog machines/cobweb covered fences/water with red food coloring could come close to establishing a creepy setting like that.


It beats the hell out of the monkey balloon that SFGAm keeps on top of their Observation Tower.

Edited by Ed Farmer
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Great reports, thanks for posting! Such a fun night with epic moments and scares, and I'm glad I finally witnessed some true snapping on Flying Eagles.


I like the "group grew by +2 people" shot, with my totally unenthusiastic thumbs up. I was excited for Haunt, really!

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CGA Goldy Update 10.7.12!


Had to use my old Canon P&S as for some weird reason my Nikon DSLR kept flashing the message: "This battery cannot be used. Choose battery designated for use in this camera." Not sure what the heck is going on as all my batteries are OEMS...


Anyway on to the pics:



More prepping for the lift...


From afar..



Getting more massive..



Gold Striker Preview Center with POVs!


This beats DDR!


Alcohol: Before & After.....


Which Haunt Attraction is your fav?


Aerial Gondola Tower Fans!


Old School B&M..


49er Stadium popping up more....


Star Tower patiently waiting for it's wrap around come Winter....

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Cool, thanks for the update! As said, there will never be enough Gold Striker porn! It is taking shape pretty quick...hoping for the webcam to go up soon because once October ends, I'm going to be having withdrawals... I'll probably have to hit up GWW a few times just so I can check on Gold Striker (and ride the flyers)

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