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Attention everybody!!! It is now time to see who Brandy524 has decided to pick!!!



EDIT: Okay, Danny is at work and not able to answer my texts, so here goes...


If college football was included my choice would be super easy! But alas, it's not. And since I know nothing about the NFL, I'm going with the St. Louis Rams because I went to high school with Carnell Williams.


EDIT NUMBER 2: Danny finally texted me back and I told him he was too late and I'd already picked. He then proceeded to laugh at me and tell me that St. Louis is one of the worst teams in the NFL. Told you I knew nothing!

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That was fun to read!


Sorry Danny laughed at you


Go Rams!!!



Arosania is now on the clock.


coreysjunk is on deck.


beatle11 is on double deck.


The Bebes is on triple deck.



Peace, Big Mike

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Hey, Big Mike... be sure to keep me informed on if you're coming this weekend. I'll definitely plan out time to come hang out at Kokomo's with you and Megan (assuming she's coming along).


Also, I've been crazy busy getting ready for school along with about 1,000 other things and unfortunately have had to neglect your thread the past couple of weeks. I've missed some ducky rounds, among some other stuff. Hopefully I can get caught up Sunday night!

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Hi Brian!


The Big Mike Road Show 2012 World Tour - Michigan Leg is a go!


Sadly, Megan will be sitting this leg out preparing for the China trip 4 days after I get back from this one.


The good news is that I will be awarding a special someone a FREE ONE WEEK CONDO STAY CERTIFICATE this weekend for being the 2011 Find the Ducky Champion!!!


I will be in Michigan Friday through Monday, when is best for you to be around?



Peace, Big Mike

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I got my Big Mike goodie bag today! Thank you Big Mike!!! Totally made my day.


Only reason it took so long is because I moved to college just about the day before it arrived at my house, so I had to have my parents forward it to my dorms, then figure out how to even get my mail.


Big Mike magnet = first magnet on my mini fridge!

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Your very welcome!!!



OK, guess it is time to tell everyone that there were only 7 duckies, there never as an 8th ducky, but it was fun hearing where people found him!



This round's winners were:





The Bebes









Congrats to all!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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