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  1. Here's my post for the finals of the Super Epic Contest! Antique Carousel - A, N, T, I, Q, U, E, C, R, O, S, L Giant Sky Wheel - G, I, A, N, T, S, K, Y, W, H, E, L Jump Around - J, U, M, P, A, R, O, N, D Xtreme Frisbee - X, T, R, E, M, F, I, S, B Zero Gravity - Z, E, R, O, G, R, A, V, I, T, Y
  2. I know everyone is waiting until the very last minute to post their Super Epic entries, so I guess I'll kick things off again by posting first. Here is my entry: 14
  3. For the Super Epic contest, can I be in my own picture in this round? I'm a girl.
  4. For my picks, I'm going with the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, and San Francisco 49ers.
  5. I found it! Yay! Keansburg made a nice (and VERY hot) detour on my trip to the Jersey Shore with ahecht. We weren't able to match the Big Mike Charm, so we were only allowed on the larger roller coaster. It was just too hot and muggy to do much else other than stick our feet in the water Thanks Big Mike for the timely update after ahecht's post.
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