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Kemah Boardwalk and Bullet Discussion Thread

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It has a similar feeling to the common ones seen at carnivals. I don't think I've ever ridden one from this manufacturer at a carnival but I did ride the one Joyland Park in Lubbock added last year and it was a pretty similar feeling.


It will definitely be a great addtion to Kemah.


More information about the model they got is here:


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Drop Zone now open! Bullet closed for track reworking that was scheduled before Ike.


The entire bottom of the first drop from halfway down all the way around to the zig zag have been completely removed ledgers included. It looks quite odd with no track there at all. This is the first time I have seen them completely remove this much track. Maybe they'll get it fixed good enough to hold together and ride well during TPR's Texas trip visit.... maybe.



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The following rides are now open:

Balloon Wheel

Red Baron




Drop Zone


The following rides are being reassembled and should open very soon:

Ferris Wheel

Pharoah's Fury


The following rides are still being repaired:

Boardwalk Bounce


Observation tower (not expected to open until summer)


Boardwalk Bullet of course is still closed for scheduled maintenance and the new Wipeout isn't on site yet, but the foundation for it has been poured.


Joe's Boardwalk Beast is now open as well.


All shops and restaurants are open with the exception of The Flying Dutchman which should be open very soon.


The Stingray petting exhibit is now in the process of being rebuilt.


It was kind of interesting to go back and read some of the posts from back in September when so many people were doubting the Boardwalk would be rebuilt or that it would be a very long time before it was or if it was, no one would go. And now here we are, just a little more than 5 months after Ike and the Boardwalk is nearly back to 100% and people are going again. It has gotten busier and busier each weekend for the last few months now.

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Its running better than ever, clocking speeds of 63-66 constantly the past two days. The first drop to the upper bay turn is smooth as ice, then its back to the same old Bullet, just a lot faster. Hope it stays this was long enough for TPR's upcoming visit (It ran mid to upper 70's during TPR's first visit, and the first drop was painful).


Someone needs to update the thread subject again.



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I rode it last night and I can say that it's not the same Bullet that TPR experienced last year.


What can you expect from Bullet 3.0?


Bug fixes: Fixed the painful shuffling

Fixed the body slams on the turns

Fixed abrupt transitions


Enhancements in this version: Much faster performance.

Runs much smoother.

Infinitely re-ridable now, without pain.

2nd half of ride no longer boring!


Features removed from previous version: Ejector air on first drop.


Features added in this version: Multiple instances of floater air.

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Rides on the Bullet this weekend were amazing! In the front there were huge pops of air everywhere, even over the last 2 hills at 10 pm. Those night rides Saturday were insane, especially the very front and back over the last 2 cycles of the night around 11pm. However, the day rides are still extremely good and 10x better than the rides I had with TPR.


As for smoothness, other than 2 small parts the entire ride is very smooth and I could ride all day without getting off. The first turn is perfect now and the first 2 s-hills are just as insane as they have ever been. The turnaround is so much faster too, keeping up a solid pace around the entire thing.


The only disappointment was the first drop in the back. On the original Bullet there was stand-up ejector. Now it is very solid floater leaning towards ejector on the fastest rides (It was pretty insane at night) but not as wild as back in October 2007. Still, the drop is very, very good.


Bullet is safely by number 2 coaster now, right behind Boulder Dash.

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I hope the Bullet to run well this summer. There were about 20 Acers at Kemah Winterfest that had never ridden Bullet and they all rode multiple times without any problems. A few people had not ridden since the month it opened and noted that it is a completely different experience, and it is.


Of course, with this type of coaster, some will always think it is too rough. There is still plenty of room for improvement. Kemah has stated in the past that it is their goal to get the Bullet running as close to design as possible and it will be a long term project to do so. Fixing the first drop and S turn like they did this time (tearing out the ENTIRE TRACK and ledgers and completely rebuilding the section) will be needed for a few other parts of the coaster but it sounds like they have plans to do more work like this in the future.




Will a Mod PLEASE change the sub-header. Bullet did open in February, and is now open, along with most of the rides at the Kemah Boardwalk.

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The wipeout opened this past Sunday, Inverter should open soon if not already open (avoiding the area due to Spring Break).


The only attractions still closed due to Ike are the Observation Tower (won't open till summer), The Stingray petting tank and the Treasure Chest gift shop (both currently being rebuilt).

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I visited the Kemah Boardwalk today and heard that they broke their record for spring break! The Inverter opened today which leaves the view tower as the only ride closed. It was 8:30pm and the place was still very crowded. It is great to see the Boardwalk doing so well, everything looks great lit with most of the rides getting new light packages. The wipeout had a three ride wait, the Bullet was running two trains and had a 6 train wait, they had two trains still running at 80% capacity, and even the carousel was riding at full capacity. Today is the last day of Spring Break for much of the Houston area and I was told by one of the employees that the crowd I experienced was basically 'dead' compared to how it had been most of the week!


Here are a few pics from tonight, sorry about the lens flare problems.


Even the Carousel was full.


Pharaoh's Fury, Wipeout, Ferris Wheel and Inverter all running at once!


They are having a few problems with the new lights on the Ferris Wheel but even with some not lit it still looks great! The drop tower looks great even if it does look like a big onion sits on top when the lights turn white!


The place was still crowded, especially for a Sunday night.

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Bullet was ridiculously slow on Saturday. It was pulling 73 seconds with a full train...


What was really odd was that the front seat was brutal and row 10 was actually not bad. Go figure.


It was the first time I've ever ridden Bullet with single ride tickets. When I saw how slow it was going over the second drop, I knew I wouldn't ride it enough to make a wristband worth the money.


And no, the first drop is nothing like it used to be. The ejector air is gone.

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