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The New and Improved Gravity Group Website

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Better but not great. I am really not a big fan of the whole "Flash Intro" concept. Like splash pages, they just provide another hoop that the customer has to go through for the real content.


The site does do a good job of catering to it's core audience, the customer. I imagine that is the primary goal overall.


// Would people actually adopt the W3C standards already! Table layout is so 1995.

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Did anyone else have a problem with the videos not playing correctly? I would get a second or two of motion, then stop, then after a bit, another second of motion, etc...


It was like I was on dial-up or something, but the rest of the site didn't do that.


That happened to me, but I figured it was becasuse the videos are unable to run on a mac.


It is a nice improvement, and it is nice that the site was updated for the first time since Hades was under construction. The photos, videos, and news were nice, and the layout is nice. The concept coaster looks really fun to, and I'm just amazed they got that layout from a 20 foot tall coaster.

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