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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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The new Cedar Fair COO and soon to be CEO was up checking out the park, construction site and show on Tuesday. Things seem to be moving quickly, almost reminiscent of when all the transfer station parts started arriving for Behemoth. of course no footers yet since a lake and existing ride aren't involved, that we know of yet

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They are moving so fast up here in Canada, they have about 30 of those rebar structure things made and plenty more coming as you can see all the rebar on site. They also begun drilling and digging for the footers in which to me looks like the station area for this 2012 coaster. The rebar structures for the footers are hugeeeeeeee, I'll show you a picture of the new ones under Dragon Fire.


some footer rebar under Dragon Fire near orange stakes


loads of stakes in and around dragon fire.


massive dirt pile beside dragon fires corkscrew from land clearing in another area.


A drill drilling holes ;)


loads of these things all over the area this just a small amount, with them making lots and lots more!


and this famous stake with similar markings to the ones in dragon fires area, all the way over by the front entrance to the park.

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HUGE photo update with HIGH QUALITY pictures from the park today. Lots of rebar and a couple footers have already been poured. Pictures of them in the process of pouring one of them.


Full set of photos can be found here:





Markers on the fence near Dragon Fire's second loop.


Two dirt piles under/near Dragon Fire's corkscrews.


Dirt close-up.


Cement truck ready to pour some footers!


More stakes and workers trucks.


Rebar cages near Dragon Fire's mid-course brakes.


Rebar, auger and potties!


Pouring one of the first footers.


Each rebar cage has a tag. Some of the lettering on the tags match up with the red stakes around the massive site.


This is the tag on the largest rebar cage. It's almost 3 feet in diameter and probably about 15-20 feet long.


This is the largest rebar cage along with the MANY smaller cages in the background.


Overall shot of the construction site. Lots of rebar, a couple poured footers and coloured pipes.

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Live update July 20, 2011 10am-11am


footers on the service road.


massive footer under dragon fires helix


hard to see, machine in way but square wood foundations around the already poured footers.


cement truck pouring more footers.


tree clearing in courtyard.


wild beast closed today for wood replacement.

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^Funny, that has not entered the discussion as of yet on here or on cwmania. It doesn't seem that way. Nick and CedarFair1 would probably have a better idea based on the latest since they've had the most interaction with everything going on so far.


I personally hope not anyways, it's still fun and a great starter coaster.

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Based on everything I've heard as of late, Dragon Fire isn't slated to go anywhere. It's low maintenance and still pulls good crowds (the entire entrance ramp was full the other day when I stopped by).


Construction is really moving quickly so I'd be surprised if we don't see supports/track within the next couple weeks.

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July 21, 2011 10AM (MOVING REAL FAST) Okay so lots, and I mean LOTS happening today, the construction has gone North -East into the courtyard, they have torn down the courtyard fence and even the parks outer fence in the employee parking and replaced it with a temporary construction blue fence. They were digging footers along the fence and heading into the courtyard, and also were taking down the the stakes with the yellow caution tape on them. There was no progress in the go kart area, except there are tones of footers and clear designs of a station, just ride Drop Tower and you'll see what I mean. The layout of the coaster is very obvious in my opinion now, and I DO NOT think it will be stretching over towards front gate at all, it seems to do a turn around thing in the employee parking lot and then into a Mid Course Break run in Dragon Fires inner field.


They were still making tones and I mean TONES! of rebar cages, there must be around 100 rebar cages in total now! They were also doing tree removal in the courtyard near the yellow caution tape stakes that they took down, but other then that not much work on already poured footers.


I did get a picture of the square foundation I was talking about yesterday due to no machinery in the area. Again they have dug a square imprint around all the footers in the go kart area now and have a wood square foundation around the three that are boxed together.... This HAS to be the station area with all the electrical work and first priority..


wood foundations around the footers waiting for cement to form an actual complete footer with threads!


Park fencing and trees being torn down for construction to move into the courtyard!




There's literally probably around 100 rebar cages right now with plenty more still being made.... REDICULOUSSSSSSSSSS!


I love blue fencing..


Hole for footer near employee parking!


overview of footers poured and markings


More blue fence seperating the park from the outside world...


SQUIRREL.... oppsss it's just more HOLES!

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^^Elissa, I think the general consensus is that no one has any idea. It's too soon to tell from work done already. There are a ton of rumours with no basis so really, no strong rumour has come ahead of the pack. They've covered everything from an Intamin terrain with inversions or an Intamin launched to a B&M flyer, dive machine or floorless. Even a giga came into the mix at one point.


See, I think we have all of the bases covered so that at least one person can claim that they were right

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at yesturdays coasting for kids a Public relations person stated the ride announcement would be 4 weeks away cause we told the give the kids the world president to ask them if they could do a charity auction for first seats on it so she asked and came back and told us we'll know in 4 weeks.

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