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Re-Organizaing TPR's Front Page

What do you think of the re-organized TPR front page?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the re-organized TPR front page?

    • I like it!
    • I like it, but I have suggestions (see my post below)
    • I like the old version better.

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I like it but i have a suggestion


Please try and play with the TPR logo


I don't have a problem with it but i figure. New homepage, new logo


Just a thought

Sorry, I'm not a fan of changing logos. What would be the reason to do so? Just because?


Honestly, I think of anything I would consider changing, the logo is the VERY LAST thing I would want to change.


People seem to recognize it, and that's the absolute MOST IMPORTANT thing about any "brand", at least from my experience.



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-It's confusing

The feedback is great....BUT...I really could use reasons WHY it's confusing. Just telling me it is gives me really no feedback at all.


Unless you're really not sure, then that's fine too.



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^ Having the same error on Opera for Windows. No clue on what could be causing it personally, but it is the exact same error as the Safari issue.


I LOVE it being organized, much neater and easier to pick out major updates from smaller news items. Not confusing in any way to me. The search bar at the top is perfect.


The font and pictures are a little small and eye straining, especially on larger resolutions. I know you can't please everyone but maybe up the font and images a little bit. I personally wouldn't mind scrolling down a bit to see later news items and the waivers if that means we get the old sizes back.


*edit* as a side note about the error. It appears like it's trying to centre the search title block between the left border and the extreme right edge of my browser dragging the border along with it. The same sort of thing is happening with the Forum Updates section. Here's an image so you can see what I'm talking about.

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OK, so I've increased the font size:



Here's my concerns:


- The bigger font makes the page look too "texty"

- There is less room for update descriptions. Does that even matter? Do you read the descriptions before clicking?


Please let me know!



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What if you made the text of the descriptions one level smaller, but left the dates and links to the pages the same size?


Like this:


New Video - Alton Towers, UK!

Alton Towers in the UK featuring Nemesis, Oblivion,

Rita, Air, and MORE! Check out the video here:

Theme Park Review's Alton Towers Video!

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What if you increased the size of the thumbnails a bit? Making each update a bit larger. Might give you a bit more text room to work with.


Though I'll be honest, I use a 21" monitor at home with a 1600x1200 resolution. So my screen isn't what you'd be aiming to please.

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Also Robb you're using nearly the same text for the link, and for the title.


ie "TPR's "Un Solace Weekend" Update!" as a title. And "TPR's "Un Solace Weekend" Photo & VIdeo Update!" as a link to the update.


Why not just remove the link, and make the thumbnail, and the title itself the link?


That would give you a bit more room, and would get rid of some redundant text.

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