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^ Do you know what the first one is?


Here are a few more hints...

- It's a US park

- It's located in a Midwestern state with two other major parks (that do not start with C)

- It's in a state that I stayed in for a week visiting relatives on vacation during my transition from first to second grade.


Dan - Can you guess what it is? - Nguyen

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I call Carowinds.


It can't be either Great America because their observation towers are located towards the entrance...


MM's observation tower doesn't look like the one in the pic...


AW's had a double decker observation tower. This one looks like a single deck one.


I'm gonna say Carowinds.

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That's a nice pic. So this thread does not go into the graveyard why don't we put a three day response limit to the posts, that way this thread will gain more popularity, cause a lot of people on this site have some very challenging pictures. Sound good?


That's cool. But what this thread really needs is its own (unofficial) mini-moderator. Someone to keep people in line when they post pictures out of turn, and to remind people (via PM) that it is their turn after they post a correct guess and then never check the thread again. Otherwise, it's chaos for a while and then it dies.


Want the job?

Sure, lol. I'm on here enough as it is.

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