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Hoodie The Movie

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It's cool to see this thread bumped back up to the top.


I guess while I'm here I might as well give an update. I wrote up a script for Hoodie: The Sequel. But it's looking like I probably wont be filming it any time soon. The movie takes place in a few of the SoCal parks, and since I'm dirt poor and live in Phoenix, Arizona that probably wont happen any time soon.


Maybe I can do it green screen or something. I don't know. I'll have to think about it. But they script is awesome and funny. And I can't wait to show it to you guys.

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^So I guess that means you won't be doing the East Coast Trip this year huh? I would have loved to meet you in person (probably sporting the magical hoodie), but anyways, I am glad to hear that you are working on a sequel (and I'm sure it will be greatly anticipated).


Teaser trailers anyone? Thank you for giving us one of the best TPR movies on the forums here and keep up the great work!

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^Yeah. I'd like to go on one of the TPR trips. Especially the east coast trip. Having no money sucks. But I just got a new job so I'm hoping that'll change.


And thanks for the kind words. You can check out my youtube channel to help tide you over until I figure out how I'm going to pull off hoodie 2.

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I should mention that I have one of the newer zip-up hoodies and I've had a few experiences with it. I put it on, and it transported me to the Magic Kingdom (being in Florida, we don't have an off-season). Taking it off, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs when at Disney World. See Erik's video for the full story:


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I have a script for the second one. The only thing in the way is the money and time required to get out to a park to film. And it doesn't really help that there aren't any major theme parks in Phoenix, or Arizona for that matter.


I'll keep you guys posted if any news comes along regarding the sequel.

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Wow! I didn't think everyone would be as excited as this. Here's a little bit more of an update.


The script for it is for the most part done. I'm just polishing it off and adding small things to it. The movie will be taking place at Disneyland in California. Matt and I are planning on taking a trip over to the park on January 4-5. That is when we will be filming.


I will also need a group of people at Disneyland to help us out with one of the scenes. So if you are interested and would be able to come out to the park those days PM me.


Thanks for the support guys!

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Matt and I are going to be at Disneyland in California on January 4th filming Hoodie the Sequel, and I will need some SoCal TPR members to help me out.


In this particular scene Matt and I will come face to face with a mob of die-hard Disney fanatics. I need you guys to be my mob of fanatics.


So if you are interested in helping us out please send me a pm ASAP and I'll let you know all the details of when and where we'll be shooting.


Thanks guys!!! I'm getting really excited for this.



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