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Hoodie The Movie

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This movie started out as just a simple video review. But it grew into something better and far more entertaining. I made this video with my friend Matt, who goes by marcelous43245 here on TPR. We had fun making it and we hope you all like it.


Now I unleash unto the world Hoodie The Movie!!!!

Hoodie The Movie.wmv

"Hoodie The Movie" by Jeremy Kohrs

Hoodie The Movie.zip

Download "Hoodie The Movie!"

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While I cant help being very scared by that film, it was actually VERY clever!



Great job! 9/10! I'd give you a 10, but you lost it on the "Disneyland castle-size" joke!


Had it been 2 minutes shorter, I would definitely vote for this as a strong contender in TPRs video contest! Keep up the good work!



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That was AMAZING!

And I actually thought the disneyland castle joke was good!

This should be put on the front page... it's that good.


I like how much detail you put into this. That elissa picture was your wallpaper? Robb Report? I noticed the vekoma box in the background.

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Very clever and cute. You did a awesome job of telling your story. I do agree with Jahan about tightening it up a bit. The Disney castle thing was quite funny as well as the infamous Elissa picture that seems to always rear it's head just as it's slipping from memmory.


I have found my TPR hooded sweatshirt quite magical as well.


Nice work. Keep it up!

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