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Galaxy Express 999 & Aqua Stadium, Japan

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Hey everyone,


Since I've been going through and doing the full updates from our last Japan trip, I realized I never posted much about Aqua Stadium or their bizarre coaster "Galaxy Express 999."


I mean...it's a full sized launched looping Intamiin coaster located inside a hotel. Yeah. It's pretty odd!


Anyway, I've posted a full set of photos here:




And there's a full video (although very dark) of the ride here:



Hope you all are enjoying these "extended" Asia photo & video updates!



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^ It was....but the turn from the station into the main part of the right was very TIGHT...and so was the loop...or whatever you want to call the "upside down" part.


Overall, it was just VERY strange!


--Robb "BTW, thanks for doing all the iPod video!" Alvey

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No seatbelts...

No headrests...

Lapbars....and a loop...


Very odd...


Don't forget the full row articulation of the trains. Another Intamin rarity.


Looks like fun. I assume there’s a second boost of speed after the first turn and before the loop?

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