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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2205 - Opening Day Photo TR!

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^Yeah, I'm more of a Pepsi person, so I last saw a Coke can about 1 month ago, when there was still a Magic Mountain ad/coupon printed. I did see a Universal Studios Hollywood commercial recently offering $15 off admission with a Coke can, so the Magic Mountain/Hurricane Harbor offer *has already expired*. Regardless, I think buying tickets online would probably yield the best price.


EDIT: *may have already expired*

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Walked around SFMM a bit yesterday afternoon, and I was quite surprised by how long some queues were. Terminator, Superman, Riddler's and Tatsu especially had rather lengthy queues. Tatsu looked to be about 90mins, and that was at 9:15pm. That's pretty crazy for a Monday.


I didn't check on the lower capacity Deja Vu & X2 to see how their wait times were, but if the rides on the north side were any indication, Deja/X2 were likely just as long or longer. I did see a strong security presence in the queues preventing things like line jumping and unsafe behavior, so I give compliments to them.


The "feel" that I got was that a lot of kids are out making their last visits to SFMM before school starts again in the next couple of weeks. For all those planning to visit SFMM in the next couple weeks, be advised. I would suggest using Flash Pass to avoid any headaches with long queues.

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^I don't think that Superman would look good in any other color than the gray it has now. A big purple tower just sounds like it would be an eyesore to the skyline. Plus, I feel that if any ride should get a Bizarro Makeover, it should be Scream.

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TBH Atem.. I would like to see what they did with terminator done on most of their attractions. Batman: The Ride's que could use a lil make over.. there is a perfect setup already the way the que enters the building.


Riddler's Revenge's station still has the music playing which I always enjoy but maybe some new effects other then the seizure lights.


Scream.... Unless they take out the parking lot surface underneath and throw in an overhaul of a makeover.. its gunna take alot to get that ride up to a satisfactory level. Plus its in the verrrry back of the park..


Idk, maybe spicing up what they got could be the trick.



and coasterking... did we not just get a GCII named terminator... TERMINATOR.. "You'll be back"

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^^^^^ For the record I think Scream is a decent ride. The ride has always been smooth for me and I've enjoyed it pretty much every time I've been on it. It's not jaw dropper but it's enjoyable. Just makes me wonder what makes the coaster is "not fun" other than the fact it has no theming...


It also makes me wonder why you even have Scream as your avatar... LOL!

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