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Totally Messed Up Ultra Twister...

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So Rock IM's me today with the most bizarre looking thing I've seen. How have I never heard of this bizarre mutation of the Ultra Twister coaster!!!








:shock: :shock: :shock:


Next time in Japan we are totally going here!!!!!


--Robb "Togo Enthusiast!" Alvey

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Jesus! I must be slacking. I've been looking for pictures of this custom Ultra Twister for YEARS. Never been able to find any, period. BTW, this was the only one made like this. Mmm, want. Made my crappy night a little better.


P.S. I read the title of this thread and I thought Robb was talkin' smack to me!


P.S. again - Robb, you know I'm way more messed up than this Ultra Twister! 8)


P.S. yet again - I didn't even see the sub-title. Duh. I need to stop posting now. LOL!



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[sarcasm]I went to this thread with the sole intention of seeing what kind of smack Robb was talking on Kip and I get is this typical cookie cutter Ultra-Twister[/sarcasm]


Seriously ... This ride looks great. While America has some of the finest coasters, you really have to travel to find the most unique creations. Me lika.

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I rode the Ultra Twisters at both Nagashima Spaland and Ikoma Skyland in Japan. Both were very smooth and actually a lot of fun! This one also looks cool. Here are some pics of the Ikoma one. They wouldn't let me videotape while I was riding it, so I let them use my video camera and tape me from the platform. It is pretty funny because they kept talking throughout in Japanese, and when I got off the ride, I tried to thank them in what little Japanese I knew. Great day!



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OMG does that thing go over a cliff or something? Can you imagine going over something like that in a dive loop. It would be insane.


That original post ride looks amazing. I bet they could actually fit that in Elitches... We so need some crazy rides... It would make the park seem slightly less depressing.

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Well I dunno if you have been on the vekoma hell that is the boomerang here in CO. Now granted I may be a bit biased because my knees are physically crused by the seat in front of me and the restraints don't really fit me but seriously... I mean how does the ride manage to jar you 3 times on the chain lift?


I swear that I can't imagine how a TOGO ride would be any worse.

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