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  1. I went on this a few weeks back (before the easter break for the schools), and whilst there were some technical difficulties resulting in the ride opening late, it really was worth the wait. A great addition to the park...plus it takes some of the queue from Stealth!!!
  2. 23 now, the first coaster I can remember was Space Mountain at MK, FL.
  3. This is a simple question (I apologise of someone else has already given this answer....I didn't read through the other pages)...Anyway, I wanna ride every coaster that I haven't currently ridden. Simple.
  4. I got stuck on Nemesis at Alton Towers recently.....Twice. The first time, we had just finished our ride and were waiting to enter the station, but the car in the station had a problem. The second time, we just left the station and were heading for the lift hill but the tyres didnt seem to engage with the car properly and we never made it to the lift hill. It took about 20 minutes for them to try....and fail....to fix it and then we were let off.
  5. The music in Donnie Darko is perfect for the film IMO.
  6. Any Vekoma Corkscrew......The one at Alton Towers is particularly fun....
  7. In one sitting I broker both my arms, split my eyebrow open and got knocked out cold - Had concussion for the next couple of days. That was pretty bad.
  8. In the UK; Alton Towers Blackpool Pleasure Beach Thorpe Park Not necessarily in that order.
  9. Just bought "Sideways" in the a sale.....I didn't see it at the cinema and was very pleasently surprised. Has anyone else seen it?
  10. Close.....But it's 5 real inversions (loop, cobra roll(2), 2x corkscrews) and 5 barrel rolls. You were right about one thing though, it's an awful ride.
  11. No, unfortunately we didn't have time for the Hurakan Condor. I wanted to hit all the coasters first, and after we took a small break for dinner, the park was closed and we missed out. Oh well. I've been on several drop rides before, so it's not THAT important to me. I'm sure it's fun, though! Best drop tower I've done, was incredible. Was glad to see that Dragon Khan's holding up pretty well.
  12. I recently got back from Salou and stayed in the H10 Europa Park Hotel! Did you not go on Hurakan Condor?!?!
  13. I've just got back from Spain, it's 328 feet tall, falls at 70mph and the cars tilt 20 degrees at the top. It's a great ride.
  14. www.myspace.com/clarkerm I wanna change the background but haven;t got round to it, has anyone got any quick way to do it?
  15. Has anyone got any idea why I can only have selecet a maximum of 5 rows per floorless car?
  16. Weird problem - Downloaded the park, but it in the directory, went into the game, loaded the park and nothing happened. Well.....It loaded an empty sandbox park! Weird
  17. I'm being thick, I know I am......But I've downloaded it and can't seem to load it in RCT3.....any help?
  18. Colossus? At Thorpe Park? This would be my most hated coaster of all time. I know that this thread is opinion but the ride's only 4 years old and it felt like my ears were bleeding by the time I got off
  19. I've only been on The Hulk, Rita Queen of Speed and Stealth (UK based you see) Stealth's the best out of those 3, but Hulk gets marks for originality!
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