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  1. My city has a large carnival(full amusement rides such as zippers and such) and a professional fireworks display So, i'll probably be there.
  2. Well, last year when two magnum trains bumped they blamed it on rain, so I assume that if theres only one train then the train cant bump anything if the brakes fail or slip theres only one train. but they better run two trains on wicked twister.......
  3. If anything for all the teenagers, look at his myspace and all the people that are hurt because of one foolish move. I feel bad for them all. and I hope teenagers remembr this.
  4. Wow, nice haha Its a toss up might be since its close to July 4th, wait its canada so, i dont know
  5. Ive been on MF during rain, front seat, its not THAT BAD, or maybe im just crazy haha
  6. I guess its sort of good today since I am going tomorrow How were lines today?
  7. That dancing movie is amazing and so creative!
  8. Yeah, because I mean I sure could use a cell phone, and I see some pretty nice ones! No one would ever know the difference
  9. El Toro Loco! Thats not even cool, OUCH!
  10. I had a dream Mark Shapiro killed my girlfriend's mom IT WAS AWESOME!
  11. Yeah, we were all in a yellow submarine. Are you going to a park soon?
  12. ^ name cracks me up! < going to cedar point tomorrow! v an awesome person!
  13. I am just wondering how close Big Mike and R&E are when it comes to parks visited. Either way, keep up the great job!
  14. I love looking at this thread, it keeps getting me pumped for my visit to the point tomorrow! =D
  15. Interesting, although, im not sure that is something to be proud of haha I do feel bad for everyone involved, including the kid, eventhough that was a DUMB move.
  16. Hershey Park is one part I have always wanted to goto, and I really want to ride Fahrenheit as well.
  17. Im really going to miss this park, especially Big Dipper This was the place where it all began for me, the first park I had ever been to, first time I saw/rode a coaster, and now its gone. Where did Shipwreck Falls go anyway?
  18. A digital cam in one hand and a video in the other? THAT IS INSANE! Big Mike, you are my hero, but I must ask again what do you do for a living to have time/money for this?
  19. Thats interesting actually, I figured there would be more though.
  20. I agree 100 percent I DONT believe he was just going to go get a hat.
  21. Yeah, I try to tell people funny stuff on here all the time and think im an idiot. I was at a diner at about noon today and I was telling my family about this, and the freakin waitress argued with me and said it was logical for him to get his hat and he couldnt have missed the train "You cant tell where they are, they go SOO fast" I found it rather comical, STUPID GP PEOPLE
  22. Yes Do you like West Virginia University athletic teams? lol
  23. Yeah, and who told you there are enough pics of CP? I can never get enough =p I'll second that, most of the people you ask for water will give you it no problem.
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