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  1. You're right, Lou does look pretty hot haha, awesome trip report even though I was hoping to see European Football fans going CRAZY!
  2. Another great trip report, I do hope Maverick is opened when I go, I REALLY want to get a ride on it(havent yet). Also, try riding Corkscrew in the back, for some reason I find it quite enjoyable since you get some pretty good airtime and stuff, rough, but I like it. But yeah, great TR I am going to the point TOMORROW!!! =D
  3. Great TR! Im heading up to Cedar Point on July 1st, should be a ton of fun =D
  4. It was haha , although I feel the same about Buckeye fans(just do me a favor and beat michigan) See you on the bball court this year buckeyes!
  5. That looks totally awesome! Did you get like a free ride pass or anything?
  6. You have to post a question now haha
  7. Most people think they are all death machines or something anyway, I remember these one people wouldnt go on Dominator when it was a Geauga lake because they heard once the power went off in the loop and everyone fell to their deaths. Interesting how the power going off stopped physics.
  8. I havent been to a park yet this year, but I will be going to Cedar Point on the 1st of july =D
  9. I am not a Boston, or LA fan, but I am one who LOVES sports history, and this has to be one of my all time favorite TRs. Pure Awesome.
  10. Thanks, I was just blank at the time, but thanks
  11. I agree, I dont act like an ass USUALLY lol, but I think im pretty easy to get along with.
  12. "Thats gonna be a long walk down" says a lady looking at a stuck top thrill dragster train.
  13. Once my brother and I got stuck about 2/3 of the way up on Mean Streak for about 15 minutes. I found it to be quite enjoyable, with a nice view of the park and the angle we were at was like a recliner.
  14. And with that, I am keeping my lips sealed about Ohio State or Notre Dame(dont know which from your username) haha =p but yes, as I said before, welcome to tpr!
  15. Yes, if anyone watches ESPN they know what title town is, but I find it crazy my small town of Parkersburg,WV is one of the 20 that will be featured!
  16. I was expecting a pic from CP, but that ride is very intense and exciting as well, but yeah, awesome desktops everyone!
  17. I am a guy who likes girls but has absolutely no problem with bi, gay, or lesbians I dont care their sexual orientation, basically if they're cool, then im cool with them.
  18. ^ has an interesting avatar < has NO idea what she is talking about v will probably comment on my WVU avatar OR NOT!
  19. Yes. Have you ever experienced the miracle of internal combustion FROM THE INSIDE?
  20. And the police arive just in time to........stomp out the flames of anger!
  21. Congrats! A lot of awesome videos here, and im looking foward to the next video contest
  22. I always thought the cause of Vekoma roughness was an overall poor design concept.
  23. NFL-Steelers NBA-Cleveland Cavs MLB- St. Louis Cardinals NHL-Pittsburgh Penguins College footbal- West Virginia University College basketball- same as above.
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