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  1. Definitely: Universal Studios Florida Islands of Adventure Kings Island Cedar Point Knott's Berry Farm Disneyland Disney's California Adventure Magic Mountain Santa Cruz Boardwalk California's Great America Discovery Kingdom Possibly: Sea World San Diego Belmont Park Aaand not much else, as those trips to FL and CA are pretty much killing my vacation budget for 2019 (both money and time-off from work)
  2. You could bundle Kennywood with Cedar Point (Waldameer as well). Then, after KI gets their new coaster, you could do a trip with KI, KK, and HW.
  3. Thought I was finished riding new coasters for the season, but I had a last-minute business trip to Houston and was able to get down to Kemah for the Boardwalk Bullet. Fun little coaster. Some decent laterals and pretty okay airtime. About what I expected from a small Gravity Group coaster. I only rode it twice - once in front and once in back, and went on with my day. I was moderately stapled in the back row, so the airtime may actually be better than I experienced.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for motivation and support. I'm going to lose about 80 pounds. Portion control (weight watchers) and walking. Some of those coaster restraints were mighty tight this year. I could ride everything, but I'm on the verge of having to do a walk of shame. So that's my motivation. We're planning a California trip for June and I don't want to miss out on any coasters because I probably won't be back for a long time. Thanks!
  5. Crowds will be very low on Monday the 8th. You might be the only one there. https://www.silverdollarcity.com/theme-park/Calendar The moose out front should have told you!
  6. I was there last Saturday (9/22) and the park was moderately crowded, but we also had FLP so it wasn't bad. Steel Vengeance was 30-45. Maverick was 20-30 most of the day. As mentioned above, Millennium Force was 15-20, because of where the FL line merges. All of the other major coasters were less than 15. You shouldn't have a problem riding whatever you want. We also popped in briefly on Friday night. In 2.5 hours we were able to eat dinner and ride Steel Vengeance, Maverick, and Millennium Force. Not bad.
  7. KI is my home park and I typically rode Firehawk about once a year. I enjoy the ride, and I think it's fun and relatively smooth. The vertical loop was a lot of fun in that the movement was the opposite of the B&M Pretzel Loops and gave negative G's at the top, as opposed to high positive G's at the bottom of a Pretzel Loop. It's just not worth it for the lines that this thing gets. I laughed when this was added to the FLP, but I understand that decision was likely based on wait times. If the 2020 B&M is a Flyer, I look forward to the mutiny on social media.
  8. Not sure which would be more fun...the ride itself or watching the social media meltdown.
  9. Magnum XL200. One last coaster ride before leaving the park.
  10. Beast (7,359') Fury325 (6,602') Millennium Force (6,595') Voyage (6,442') Steel Vengeance (5,740')
  11. top 5 so far Steel Vengeance + Maverick = 6 Voyage + Legend = 15 Kumba + Montu = 16 El Toro + Bizarro = 16 Leviathan + Behemoth = 30
  12. Clearly, KK is trying to announce their new executive chef and his signature dessert item.
  13. Outlaw Run. Dick Kinzel or Jim Reid Anderson?
  14. Alpengeist Bizarro (SFGAd) Cheetah Hunt Diamondback El Toro Fury 325 Goliath (SFGAm) Hydra: The Revenge Intimidator 305 Joker (SFGAd/SFGAm) Kumba Leviathan Maverick Nitro - Possessed - Raptor Steel Vengeance Top Thrill Dragster - Voyage White Lightning X-Flight - -
  15. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums and new to coasters (was deathly afraid of coasters until 2016). I'm a few months younger than The Beast. Two lovely children. I'm in Central Ohio, so I claim both KI and CP as my home parks.
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