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  1. Gregg, the rides are actually mini-games.
  2. Tall Caramel Macchiato with two extra sugars. I'm not allowed to drink caffeine for two weeks so I've switched to their Strawberries N' Creme blended drink.
  3. Gregg, you thread stealer you!!! Anyway, my list: The Rolling Stones - Obviously this should have happened in 1970 or so. Contributes nothing to the music world except for overpriced tours. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, The Beastie Boys, etc. - Bands that crank out an album every few years, where upon everyone goes "Hey, remember when they were awesome in 199X?" Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube- If you're doing family movies, your hardcore street cred is somewhere around ZERO. Foo Fighters- Every album somehow gets progressively more slick, overproduced, and more boring. I don't mind Dave showboating (which is basically all FF is), but the music has to mean something. You were in Nirvana, dude. And basically alot of other bands. I think the general idea is if you're rehashing your old hits and not making any musical progress, call it a day. Fans will be a lot happier with a smaller discography of kick ass albums versus a lot of albums, but most of them suck.
  4. ^^ "Are You A Hypnotist??" in 5.1 is soul destroyingly awesome.
  5. I'll just list my favorite bands and then my favorite song by them... Radiohead - "Life In A Glass House" old Weezer - "Suzanne" Wilco - "I'm Always In Love" Built to Spill - "Untrustable Pt. 2" The Unicorns - "I Was Born A Unicorn" Rilo Kiley - "More Adventurous" Sparklehorse - "Sick Of Goodbyes"
  6. They'll probably have one at an employee sample sale that'll go for like $5.
  7. I'm Wes. I'm a New York socialite, part of the media elite, and the heir to the Westin Hotel Chain. I was born in a Volcano and my parent's are bird people. One time I had to find a minotaur to steal his key so that my village would not be destroyed by fire breathing dolphins. I am secret assasin hired by Google to kill competitor's search engines.
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