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  1. This is my first TR, so bear with me, please. On Easter Sunday, I made my first park visit of the 2017 season to Six Flags New England. The goal was mainly to pick up my seasons pass as well as my dining pass, but since we were there, my family and I decided to stay for the day. We invited a friend of mine along, since he had to pick up a seasons pass as well. So, we got there about 9:30-ish, and went through processing to pick up all our passes. They let us in about 10:20, and I hit up my first ride: Superman. I kinda have to do it every time I go-it's a personal preference. From there, I fit in Catwoman, Gauntlet, Batman, and Mind Eraser all before lunch at Johnny Rocket's. I'm Jewish and was celebrating Passover, so my lunch was a bun-less hamburger. The day for me was basically all about credit renewal: riding rides I hadn't done in a while. Some, like Sky Screamer and Superman, I ride every visit. Others, like WC, I only rode once. So, after lunch, I proceeded to hit up Kryptonite (new name for Joker's Wildcard), Tea cups, Sky Screamer, Houdini, (skipped Goliath), Wicked Cyclone, Sky Screamer, Bumper Cars, Pandemonium, and Thunderbolt. Joker, sadly, doesn't open until May, and I'll try to hit up season pass preview on May 20: it'll be my first 4-D credit! Ride Reviews: Superman: 10/10 epic ride. First airtime hill is insane! You get so much, so intense floater air, and the rest of the ride is solid ejector. Great helixes and half-decent theming. Side note, we got stuck on the brake run in the hot sun for roughly 10-15 minutes because some idiots jumped a fence and security was pursuing them. They sent the train ahead of us around the track empty and we rolled in. The attendants apologized for the delay and we got off. Mind Eraser: 3/10. OUCH. The new restraints are a lifesaver, because this thing is painful. Inversions are okay, but being an SLC, the train rattles and rocks the whole ride. I actually got a little bruised in my thigh afterwards. Would ride with VR just to test it out, but not regularly. Yeah, I didn't do the VR: decided to save it for the next visit. Batman: 7/10. Not an impressive floorless coaster. Very short, but solid at the same time. Great hangtime on the loop, and well-paced. I'm a sucker for dive loops, and therefore believe I kind of have to hit up SFGAmerica for Goliath. Goliath: did not ride. We kind of have a bad relationship. Rode it a couple years back, got a bad case of vertigo on the second vertical lift, been deathly scared ever since. I promise you, I WILL ride that coaster this season. Wicked Cyclone: 10/10 tied with STR. Great ejector air and hangtime on inversions. Currently my only RMC credit, but hoping to add more in the future. Catwoman's Whip: 5/10. Solid family ride, not too intense, not too amazing, but fun, no line, and a nice cool-down after intense rides. *cough* Superman *cough*. Note: NEVER ride the front seat on this, go for back. You miss the entire drop in the front. Gotham City Gauntlet, Escape From Arkham Asylum: 6/10. Fun wild mouse, but a little rattly and bumpy. I'm 6'2ish, and I fear getting my head chopped off by the supports whenever I ride this. Pandemonium: 8/10. Great Gerstlauer spinner. The attendants perfectly balanced our car, as my friend and I, along with a couple opposite us, were all spinning the entire ride, and even kept up a fast spin as we hit the brakes. Line gets very long for this. If you've ridden a clone, don't bother with the wait, it can get to 30-45min. Note: Flashback was down, train stuck inbetween loop and second lift hill (It's a Vekoma Boomerang) Thunderbolt: 6/10. Fun woodie, has a rattle. Problem was they were only running one train, so line was terribly slow. Fun coaster, though, I'll give it that. FLAT RIDE NOTES: Sky Screamer: Fun and crazy. Height really adds a new dimension. The winds were so strong, though, our seat flipped backwards. Friend and I were fairly scared when that happened. SO MUCH ADRENALINE THOUGH Tea Cups: If you spin it right, the ride is crazy awesome Kryponite: G forces make this ride insanely cool Houdini: meh if you take out the theming, OMG WTF IS HAPPENING with effects and pre-show Bumper Cars: not good for practicing to get a license... PHOTO TIME Bag for the day Dontkillmedontkillme! Scream Tower Sky Screamer You're supposed to see Joker, but it's relatively good at hide-and-go-seek I WANNA GO!!! Fireball be like "Who wants to die on me?" Already rode it, already know it's f$%@ing crazy This is where Rick Astley starts singing Hello? (echo echo echo) Me bored so me take photos Excited selfie (Notice I am supporting the wrong people) What happened to Splashwater Falls? Oh, riiiiiiiight Like the sign I love you baby! Don't give me up! You did... OWWW! (Sorry for the finger) So. Much. Pain. New vest restraints are a holy gift from Vekoma. Blurry superman I'm missing something.... Superman! Haven't ridden this yet Red mesh of awesomeness Missing something..... Ah, there we go! Almost there.... We're missing Lois Lane Hello? Lois? Whee!!! Great G's here Hi again I took a lot of train pics.... Last train pic I spy with my little eye...................................... ..........................................................a clone That's my friend, Josh, on the left Fireball: No Thunderbolt I feel fear It's a bird! It's a plane! ITS A TOWER YOU IDIOT WHY WOULD YOU THINK IT WAS A FLYING THING?!?!?!?!?! SUPERMAN IS IN DC LAND ON THE OTHER EFFING SIDE OF THE PARK!!!!!!!!!! Hi again, Goliath.... I miss the Skyride........ :'( Bad Thunderbolt! Stop creeping into pics! WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO???? Like the ride, didn't want to get wet today, though Signs Same thing Cartoons! This thing was fun! Sorry for no WC photos. That's it for this TR! Next one will be late May-early June-ish for SFNE. After that, it's a California storm! Universal Hollywood, SFMM on a Gold Flash Pass, and both Disney Parks!
  2. Home from All-States 2017. Two full days of orchestra rehearsals in Boston, followed by a concert at Symphony Hall.
  3. Not really understanding this comment. What would that mean? Take RMC track for something like an S&S 4-D free fly and modify it to become an inverted coaster with an SLC layout.
  4. Don't remember if or when I posted this, but definitely SFNE sometime around MA April Break
  5. Jumping in on the souvenir thing, I like to get keychains from each park I go to, and my friends and I give each other keychains from where we've all been, so my key ring is getting kinda crowded...
  6. Fair point. I'd never turn down a flume (except Great Adventure's with that crap grouping policy), but I'd turn down a Sky Ride if it was one of those crappy fixed grip Hopkins things. But yeah, unless this guy loves bumper cars for some reason I'd really suggest skipping these pieces of sh*t. That's a trick question though because there's no such thing as a bad flume. I just assume that anyone who dislikes them is a dumbass and they're not worth listening to anyway. I don't need that type of reckless negativity in my life. Wait what's the problem at Great Adventure?
  7. If you're just looking at these rides in 6 hours, then a flash pass is unecessary. If you want more, then maybe get a regular FP.
  8. I actually passed by Knoebels signs on my recent PA trip for an audition at Dickinson College. The fanboy/enthusiast inside of me cried out "I'll be there one day!!" as the sun set slowly over the desolate highway.
  9. Well, actually, this year I should be getting at least 2 new woodies: Apocalypse at SFMM, and El Toro at SFGAdv. My first GCI, actually. Would Twisted Colossus count as wood? I'm pretty sure that's classified as steel. So, after MM, my total woodie count would be... 9!!! Yeah, not too great...
  10. Thanks, everyone! I'm actually staying at the Dolphin's Cove Resort right by Disney. To answer a couple of issues, I'm not doing Knotts because, technically, I was invited to participate in my friend's trip, and we had to make some agreements. He decided to do Disney, Universal, and MM. I'm thinking now about renting a car, since it's less expensive than Uber. My plan is to use the rental for the trips to WB, Universal, and SFMM, then return the car and get cheap bus passes for the Disney day at the end of the trip. For souvenirs, I'm thinking about buying at least one keychain and one t-shirt from each place, and some smaller gifts (magnets, keychains, etc) for friends, and some shirts for family gifts. I might buy additional shirts if I feel like it and have money. So, any additional suggestions based on this?
  11. Probably to join these supports with those that support track higher up on the coaster
  12. Hello, all. So, I'm heading to Southern California for the first ever this summer with a friend of mine. Our plan is as follows: Day 1: Tour Warner Bos Studios (I have a connection) Day 2-4 (order TBD): Universal Hollywood, Disneyland and California Adventure (in one day), Six Flags Magic Mountain. So, I have some questions about this trip Souvenirs: what should I expect cost-wise for this trip? I'm planning on buying something from each park and additional gifts for family/friends. Food: What is the cost of food at these places? What should I expect in terms of variety? Transportation: What is the cost of renting a car from LAX airport? Uber costs would be ~$400. Would a 3-day car rental for Warner, Universal, and MM be less expensive? Fast Passes: How does the Disney MaxPass work? Would it be worth it? What about the Universal Fast Pass? Also, for MM, should I get Regular, Gold, or Platinum? I only have 1 full day there. How much is the X2 fee? Rides: What are must-do rides at these places? I want to try to get all the coaster credits at MM, but not spend too much money on a Flash Pass. My trip is in early mid-June. I'll post any additional questions later Thanks for all help in advance!
  13. I don't want to go back and re-edit my post, so here's my, I believe, final itinerary: Repeats: Six Flags New England Canobie Lake Park California Adventure (First time even in California): Disneyland/Disney California Adventure (one day for both of these - park hopper and MaxPass FTW!) Six Flags Magic Mountain (First stand-up, flying, GCI, Intamin drop, Schwarzkopf, and Batman: TR credits) Universal Studios Hollywood Six Flags Great Adventure (First time)
  14. Hello all. I'm heading to MM in June, but I only have one day at the park. I have an all-parks season pass, so admission is no cost for me. However, would a Flash Pass be worth it to ride all the coasters, and is there anything else I should do while I am there? Also, what level Flash Pass should I get?
  15. Hi all, I'm thinking about heading to Universal Hollywood this summer, and only spending a day there. Would a Fast Pass be worth it, and what should I hit up?
  16. He is talking about when the park opens for the 2017 season not about the joker opening ceremony. Lol. Yes I know what he was talking about. I was just wondering if the weather was having any adverse affect on Joker's completion. Nope. Construction seems to be right on schedule. They'll definitely meet their projected opening date of "whenever the f*ck they feel like opening it".
  17. It makes sense they're getting a SRII. Like you said, it's more compact and can be more family-oriented while also being mildly intense. Besides, Batman clones (of which I have ridden none - ) are, from what I've heard, fairly intense and not for the family. SWSD is focusing on being a family park, with family rides and attractions. Not too thrilling, but tame is okay. Batman clones don't fit this perspective.
  18. Hey, I've actually cruised only twice, but on Oasis of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas. It was crazy awesome! Can post some pics from Anthem later - went to Bermuda this past August
  19. Hey, I'm thinking about going to Universal Hollywood while I'm in CA over the summer. How much time should I set aside for the park to experience everything?
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