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  1. I'm about to attract a lot of hate here. I found Twisted Colossus overrated
  2. Back on the parenting thing, I was on Blizzard River and a kid was freaking out about possible splash cannons on the ride. I assured her as an experienced rider that there was no surprises and told her about the waterfalls. She was still freaking out during the ride and the mother threatened to leave ASAP after the raft ride if she didn't chill. Awkward ride since it was just me and their family. Nevertheless, still a fun rapids ride
  3. First coaster: Barnstormer, Magic Kingdom, Orlando First hyper: Superman TR, SFNE First upside-down coaster: Canobie Corkscrew, Canobie Lake Park First woodie: Thunderbolt or Cyclone, SFNE First floorless: Batman: TDK, SFNE First SLC: Mind Eraser, SFNE First boomerang: Zoomerang, Lake Compounce First Invert: Goliath, SFNE First Giga: Millennium Force, CP First Strata: Top Thrill Dragster, CP First flying: Tatsu, SFMM First GCI: Apocalypse, SFMM First suspended: Iron Dragon, CP First Wing: Gatekeeper, CP First dive: Valravn, CP First stand up: Green Lantern, SFGrAdv First 4D: Joker, SFNE First RMC: Wicked Cyclone First racing: Gemini, CP First Impulse Coaster: Wicked Twister, CP First Batman clone: SFMM First Premier coaster: Phobia Phear
  4. "WARNING! He stands tall in the face of adversity, will beat the odds in any match. He can take on a full house and end up Aces high!" My train theory: 1: "Stands tall in the face of adversity": some sort of hero figure 2: "will beat the odds in any match": I'm thinking probably a gunman, due to my next prediction below 3: "He can take on a full house and end up Aces high!": Definitely a card gambler Each train is themed to a different part of the statement.
  5. For me, it's still Flashback, but I'm hoping to change it and return to Canobie sometime this summer
  6. Oh. I'm from MA so I took 90 to 84 to the turnpike via GW Bridge. Hit no traffic actually, ~4.5hr drive
  7. I got from my Anaheim hotel to SFMM in 1:15, and that was when I left at about 8:30-9ish on a cloudy Sunday. Back to the real park, though, turnpike traffic didn't seem bad when I went down. Boston is hell, though, on busy days.
  8. When I went about a month ago, the wait was about 45min, and the queue moves SO SLOW! I've never been to HITP, but for me, TDK was a fun little wild mouse. I love the restraints so much better, and the indoor element really gives another dimension. However, I can't find a specific theme to the coaster besides the Joker causing mayhem in Gotham, no story. I'd ride it again, definitely, but wouldn't wait too long for it. Nitro next door is so much better.
  9. I stayed at the Breaker's Express when I went just before 4th of July last summer. Good room, good distance, and I loved driving the causeway each morning. Memories... Mean Streak was a walk-on, but now I want to go back in 2018 for the holy grail RMC is making Valravn was the most popular early entry ride then, and currently is my only dive coaster I walked on to Millennium Force and Maverick for early entry, and used a Fast Lane Plus to cut wait time for Dragster by 75%
  10. I forget where my original list is, but here's my update: CLOSED: Mean Streak Cyclone (SFNE) [Have ridden Wicked Cyclone tho] Wildcat (LC, original) OPERATING: Apocalypse (SFMM) Thunderbolt (SFNE) Boulder Dash Blue Streak El Toro Yankee Cannonball
  11. I've heard speculation and guesses that it'll be a SkyWarp.............
  12. Oh, crap I sat in row 3 I used the single rider line to skip the wait, but was placed on the far outside right in row 3 I HATE THE RESTRAINTS
  13. Yeah. I mean, Crows Nest is only 65 feet tall and it is still plenty thrilling. Put yeah, I would also love to see something that goes upside down. Or maybe even a Zamperla Endeavor! I rode the one at Six Flags Over Texas and it was a blast! Although I saw three different people get off the ride and vomit. Which ride at SFOT is the Endeavor? I have a feeling I'd love to see that!
  14. Flashback at Six Flags New England yesterday. A Vekoma Boomerang..... I hate myself for that. On a quick side note, I finally rode Goliath at SFNE again, and it SUCKS
  15. Love the video, man! Looking forward to getting faster and taller credits!
  16. ^^Honestly, I think the whole 1870 is just to commemorate their opening year. Sorry, I don't think it's a date or statistics reference. WRMC, though. That's just Tony being an uber tease to all the enthusiasts desperately following CP and watching RMC Mean Streak rise up.
  17. Think about it: 20+ million for #20. Also, I did not mind Viper at all. I thought it was pretty strong for an Arrow. Little to no headbanging, not too rough
  18. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/be-the-first-to-see-it Notice the name of the radio station.......
  19. ^^Yeah. The lockers are a buck apiece, so that really drains the wallet
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