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  1. My personal favorite senior pic. Note that I am a GUY! Me playing the upright bass
  2. CP actually announced a new slide complex for Soak City earlier in the year, and they're renaming the park to Cedar Shores
  3. So, completely off-topic, but just thought I'd share I'm in the middle of college applications right now, and my first-choice school I'm applying early decision to is Brown University. I made a bet with my mother where, if I get into Brown University, she has to ride a big roller coaster. She can't stand anything bigger than a Wild Mouse or Arrow Mine Train, so I've decided to take her on Nitro when we make our trip to Great Adventure over the summer. Any other suggestions in the Northeast? Has to be less than 300 feet tall with no inversions.
  4. Not sure they would use cables, but I see where you're going with this... Kind of a T-Rex track but with the wheels on the inside maybe.
  5. This idea is probably going to sound ridiculous, but maybe, just maybe, a PolerCoaster complex from Thrill Corp could replace STR... I mean, it's compact and comes with a flat rides package, so it can use up the available space with much more than Shoot The Rapids had.
  6. Hey, it's about time I did this. So, hi everyone. My name is Sam Friday, I'm from Massachusetts and a senior in high school. My home park is Six Flags New England, ergo I have an incurable addiction to Superman: The Ride. Ride it every single time I go there and I LOVE it. Current coaster count: 40 Hoping to add on 13 more this year with visit to Six Flags Great Adventure and the Joker coaster at New England I do my best to stray away from being offensive, and I ask you to PLEASE let me know if I'm offensive in any way, shape, or form. Hoping to make good contributions to this forum, and will probably publish my first Trip Report after a voyage to either a) SFNE for senior week or b) SFGAdv over summer break. I play the upright bass, and am currently applying to college. Any tips lmk
  7. Yeah, but I think the point is, you have to remove things in order to get space at Cedar Point. The park ditched the SkyCoaster, Mean Streak, and Shoot the Rapids for more rides. BTW, I have a gut feeling that in 2020, for the park's 150th anniversary, they're putting something big into the Shoot the Rapids location. RMC Mean Streak is probably coming in within 1 or 2 years, and a slide complex is replacing SkyCoaster, so the STR space is the ideal location for a big 2020 project. Ideas, anyone?
  8. That does make sense... If its for an RMCed Mean Streak, then yeah, it's about as big a deal as TTD, so in that case, I'm gonna guess probably Nov-New Year's announcement range.
  9. A GCI retrack would be good, but an RMC would be way too much.
  10. I'm gonna bet they finally release information on the last day of operations.
  11. Nice report! I actually went on Anthem of the Seas this past summer, and OMG it was amazing! You are so lucky!
  12. That up there was posted by someone else. I formatted the quote thing bad. Whoops :/ Credit to annatheshortest for posting that Anyways: A- Thank you for Wicked Cyclone comment! SFNE for life! B- I'm not trying to start a flame war here or anything, but I found Boulder Dash enjoyable. Everyone has their own thing, and I completely respect that.
  13. I've been on far worse wooden coasters than Mean Streak (such as Thunderhawk and Boulder Dash) that can use an I-Box track. If Mean Streak is going to be anything like Wicked Cyclone (which is by far the best RMC coaster to date), it's going to be RMCs crowning achievement. Let's hope that 200 foot plus, 45 degree lift is a part of the plan. A- Thank you for Wicked Cyclone comment! SFNE for life! B- I'm not trying to start a flame war here or anything, but I found Boulder Dash enjoyable. Everyone has their own thing, and I completely respect that.
  14. I will certainly miss looking at it. Yeah, me too honestly. Even though I only rode it once.......
  15. Yeah, so does every sane person that's ridden that death trap of a coaster. Wouldn't exactly call it a death trap, but definitely would benefit from an Iron Horse treatment. Wicked Cyclone at SFNE is great! Sorry, it's the only RMC I've ever ridden, so I can't give too many opinions there.
  16. Honestly, here's my bet for those rides: SFGA: Change "Raging Bull" to "Indian Bull" (Cleveland Indians) CP: Change "Top Thrill Dragster" to "Top Thrill Cubster" Eh, still could use some work
  17. Definitely Six Flags Great Adventure, most likely Six Flags New England (Home park)
  18. Phobia Phear, Lake Compounce. My first Premier Rides coaster. Skyrocket II model is CRAZY AWESOME!!
  19. Honestly, I'm looking forward to an RMCed Mean Streak. That ride was insanely rattly and uncomfortable.
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