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  1. ^^Consider it done. I'm actually hoping to hit up parks around Italy and Europe when I study abroad in a couple of years (~spring of 2020). Besides that, no trips planned for the future. Yeah, I don't really have big plans.
  2. Massachusetts (where I live) Maine New Hampshire Vermont Rhode Island Connecticut New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Virginia Ohio Michigan Illinois California Texas Florida
  3. Quick responses: - Interesting, good sponsorship. That's pretty cool. - No, I wasn't being serious. Joking - Okay, thanks, I think that'll help a lot for the future - I tilt my phone because I'm lazy. I can only include straight pics in the future. Not trying to be negative at all, man. Don't take it that way. Thanks for the feedback
  4. Final photos! Kingda Ka: barred No airtime Sexy tower I love me some B&M Mom likes skyride Houdini: great theming, fun relaxing flat Teen Titans GO! Lift hill I like Zumanjaro much more Leaving GrAdv for home. Fun trip, totally worth it!
  5. FINAL THOUGHTS Flat ride count: Sky Screamer Houdini Ferris Wheel Skyride x3 (pics for Bill coming) Carousel (gotta do the classics) Zumanjaro at night Justice League BFM Saw Mill Log Flume Safari Zipline Fed giraffes Coaster Reviews Green Lantern (x2) 6/10: Okay, as I said, I had differing experiences in my different rides. Front row is definitely the magic seat by far. That mist before the Sinestro/Parallax loop is really refreshing and nice, like the train paint job, fun inversions. Only problem is headbanging everywhere other than front. That really dums it down on the rating scale Superman Ultimate Flight 8/10: I am starting to become a real fan of flyers. This was just super graceful. You soared around the plot of land, made nice turns, felt very Superman-y. That pretzel loop, though. It pulls some serious forces. I love it. El Toro 10/10: Let me explain myself here. I grayed out, both rides, on the airtime hills. It may have been me, but I'm not sure. I think it was, though. The bull packs a serious punch. WAY better than Boulder Dash. Definitely a highlight of the trip. Super psyched I rode it, no regrets. Airtime, gs on the turns, and smooth for a woodie. I love it. Bizarro 9/10: Floorless coasters just have this element of fun that I really enjoy. The fire effects worked great on the dive loop, but the mist was off at the grinder near the interlocking corkscrews. No headbanging, front row is awesome, no complaints at all. Well, three train ops do stack the ride, but it speeds up operations as well. Skull Mountain (x2) 5/10: This thing is rough. The theming is super kooky and strange, and all I can discern is a creepy, tribal, day-of-the-dead thing. Cool music, good for families, just warped. Restraints are okay. Harley Quinn Crazy Train (x2) 5/10: It's a family ride, nothing overly impressive. Cramped for a tall guy like me. I like how they send you on two laps with this baby, though. Makes the experience that much better. Side note, I almost credit whored the Zamperla kiddie coaster, but my dignity got the better of me. Joker (green side) 9/10: SO much better and more forceful than purple side. My restraint was a little tighter this time, so yes, as I said, my nuts did get a little more squashed this time. However, I got about 3 flips, some crazy hangtime, and a swell ride. Love the tease fins on the lift hill, and just overall much better than the SFNE version Nitro (x2) 10/10: My first, and currently only, B&M hyper, and I am a fan by far. This is just SO freakin amazing. Seat and restraint are super chill and comfy, first drop is amazing, helix pulls so many gs (I grayed out the first time) and the airtime is AWESOME. Totally my favorite in the park. Sorry, El Toro fan people The Dark Knight Coaster (x2) 7/10: The theming really helps, but it doesn't give a real story. It's basically just Joker causing chaos in Gotham. The preshow is cool, ride and station theming is cool (it's indoors, so, duh). Fun family ride. Batman: The Ride 9/10: I've only ridden two of these clones, but I am falling in love. These are SO forceful. I didn't gray out, but wow, you are pinned to your seat from the first drop to the final brake run. I walked on, so I didn't have to suffer through the tunnel of death, but regardless, I approve wholeheartedly. Smooth, forceful, kicks ass. Kingda Ka (the penultimate credit of the trip) 5/10: Ow. As I said, I totally get the issue with the Intamin hard plastic restraints. Give this an I305 makeover, GrAdv, PLEASE. That said, forceful launch, good airtime on the top hat, like the view, and a VERY photogenic ride. You'll see in this batch of photos. All in all, maybe ride once, but not entirely enjoyable. TTD is WAY better. Okay, photos! Tiger There was a lion, a bear, and now a tiger. Wrong order, Dorothy. Another lion(ess) This is legit: a lion and a tiger are best friends and live in the same enclosure. It was a successful experiment by the staff at the Safari park. Hidden tiger Start of the skyride views The El Toro turnaround Looking over the log flume Bizarro through the bars More bull DC B&M Great lake view Skyride for Bill I seriously have to do a sky coaster AND slingshot one of these days. Oh, also, the water tower. Why So Serious? Sky Screamer More Screamer Ferris Wheel just because My focus is Nitro B&M duo I like the dark knight NITRO NITRO NITRO Spooky Batman in the distance I hate needing to use lockers for money. Universal's system - free lockers - is so much better. Sky Ride station Rocky? Or bony? All hail DC, and my terrible photo skills It was a 40min wait Lift hill duo Kingda Ka is seriously photogenic Some serious wood here...... Bizarre Bizarro Green Lantern......meh DC duo, again. Like this Joker better More Sky Ride You mess with the bull, you get the horns Just a view of the far side of the park Taking this from the Ferris Wheel Batman in action Buildings Ew, he's drooling Water Tower again Ferris Wheel porn My best friends for the day: a drink cup and string backpack Back on the sky ride Regret not doing the parachute drop or top spin Mom is happy to be home(ish): she graduated from East Brunswick High Lake again Log flume End photo of the day Start of July 4th Hey, cool, it's Dorney Park! Oh, oops.... Nvm Cedar Fair, Six Flags takes this one Creepy Jug handle We almost there! I'm home in Jackson! DD for the win Last day, baby! WTF kind of speed limit is this? First coaster of the day Hurricane Harbor Wrong place Not going there NITRO Superman Green Lantern in action for early entry Parking lot shots Wood stuff Ew Sexy Carousel Oh baby Last photo for now. Quick little sum up of photos tomorrow.
  6. ^^Sorry, mate. I give an outline of the day, pop in a few tales, and save all ride thoughts for the end. Thanks for the criticism. I'm not experienced here, and On that note, I'll try something different. All this will be is photos plus a few tales of what happened at the park that are actually interesting. After this, it'll be final ride counts, reviews, and overall thoughts. So, July 3rd El Toro: Okay, I don't know if it's just me, but when I rode this again, the same thing happened to me that occurred the night before: I grayed out on the airtime hills. There was SO much airtime, and I was stapled into my seat, my head went woozy and my vision blurred. I don't not like this ride, but it packs a much more serious punch than I thought. Holy Crap. Bizarro: I just met a nice guy here. His name was Mike, and he got me on front row for our ride. They were running three trains, so while there was brake run stacking, I can't complain. Mike was fun. He was hooting and hollering and enjoying himself the whole ride. Also, the fire effects WORKED! Yay Six Flags! Safari: I FED A GIRAFFE Joker: I have to say, people are right. The green side is SO much better than the purple. I like the GrAdv version so much more because, here, the "tease fins" on the lift hill actually add something to the ride experience. I'm not joking, it actually does. As we were going up, passing the second set of tease fins, I actually yelled out "You tease!" and then we crested the lift hill. On the negative side, I did get my jewels smashed a bit with all the flipping. I got about 3-4 flips, I think. Justice Leage BFM: I slaughtered my mother on this ride. We rode together, sort of kinda competing against each other. She got about 18,000 while I got over 100,000, placing in the top 60% of scores on the ride overall. I feel proud of myself. Can't complain, either. Great ride Skull Mountain: Thanks to winning a bet, I forced my mother to ride this with me. While for me it was relatively tame, she was so shook up she had to rest for a while before being able to get over nausea. Green Lantern: Okay, this is, just, interesting. So, the night before, I rode GL in the front row, and got a good ride. I liked the forces, the inversions, and had no nut issues with the seat, nor headbanging. So, I liked it, and didn't understand the hate people give it. Then, I rode it in the third row. Yeah, front is the magic seat here. There wasn't a lot of headbanging, but it was definitely there, and while I had no seat issues, the forces were just uncomfortable. Still a solid ride, but felt like I had learned a lesson JULY 4: Kingda Ka: I feel the hate of the hard plastic restraints. Those things are TERRIBLE. They dig into your shoulders and cause SO MUCH PAIN. I'm kind of exaggerating, but yeah, they ain't fun. I rode next to a guy who was so deathly scared and super panicky in the line. I persuaded him to ride through appearing knowledgeable and experienced through boring coaster talk, and his review? "This ride is trash." Don't know what that means, but yeah, that. Photo time! (FYI: if that first batch was blurry, it was me. I'm not a good photographer.) Getting ready to start the day! Early Entry with a Coke can (#hack) Obligatory photo shoot Necessary to get this angle. I can see why.......................... Beauty There will be a lot of safari photos coming, so heads up. Bison Aw, cute baby! I forget who this is... Oh deer, what can the matter be? ELK They be big Emu Um, why are they WHITE Rhinos....? Yay, elephants! I'm kinda a sucker for these guys and gals Ostrich Hi Marty! More zebras Ostriches were everywhere This little guy was just standing there. He was a scavenger bird, I forget what kind... Hello! Water buffalo Gazelles Srsly, so many ostriches Some very large, um..................................................I forget A giraffe! Yay! Cranes Longhorn cattle (not steakhouse) Big lizard More lizards He resting Another snake Gecko: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on Great Adventure admission A boa constrictor My anaconda don't (want to mess with you) Tours leaving Front row Zipline is fun, but costs $5 I fed giraffes! Tour guide Somebody call Cedar Fair, something's screwed up here Lions Kingda Ka in the distance Aw, cute bears More gazelle/antelope Bigger bears I want to pet them, but I know I'll get mauled if I do Mom and 2 cubs bathing I seriously need to work on my camera skills. Stupid phone Geese, I think More emu That's it for now! Next post: ride reviews, ride count, more photos
  7. Okay, let's get to work So, for quick context here, July 1st, I tested for my black belt in karate. I succeeded, and therefore am a black belt, so that was fun. However, I had to run 2.5 miles, do about an hour of physical exercise, multiple karate techniques and reactions, and, to summarize it all, get kicked in the stomach at the conclusion of the test in a ritual called "the birth of pain". So, anywho... I woke up the next day with my legs KILLING me from all the working out and beating up. Nevertheless, I struggled through the day and finally, when 4pm rolled around, my mother and I piled into a Honda CRV equipped with a cooler for dinner food, Coke, Cheez-its, two small suitcases, a handbag, a string backpack, and other various articles and belongings for the 4.5-hour drive to Jackson. We hit no traffic, had smooth sailing, and arrived at the park at about 8:45 that night. My mother isn't a coaster person, so while she went to the hotel to check in and unload, I took my bag and dining pass cup, and went into the park to snag a couple night rides and catch the firework show. Season passes really help, and the park was practically dead, so what I rode was a walk-on. Since I had never ridden a stand-up coaster before, I decided to head to the back of the Carnival area for Green Lantern and Superman. I started out on Green Lantern for the stand up credit (walk-on to the front row!), and then hit up Superman Ultimate Flight. I figured the lines there would be pretty long the next day, so I got those credits now while the park was kinda dead. Following my DC venture, I then decided to head to El Toro for the legendary credit. However, I took a wrong turn, and ended up in the Kingda Ka plaza. I didn't want the Ka credit yet, so I figured "Eh, what the hell? Zumanjaro." Longest queue EVER, but it was a walk-on, so yay! After dropping in the pitch-dark, I hightailed it over to El Toro as the 10pm fireworks began for the last train of the night. Made it, rode it, happy. After that, I hung around and watched the fireworks before being forced to start walking by a security guard. I took my time so I could still see the fireworks. Photos!
  8. ^^Gotta agree with the Boulder Dash v El Toro argument. I rode the bull just a week ago, and it is SO much crazier than Boulder Dash. Don't know WHAT the GTA were thinking
  9. Well, I can get a little more specific: FLOORLESS: Batman The Dark Knight, SFNE INVERT: Raptor, CP STAND UP (only): Green Lantern, SFGrAdv FLYING: Tatsu, SFMM HYPER (only): Nitro, SFGrAdv Forgot some DIVE: Valravn, CP, 2016 WING: Gatekeeper, CP, 2016
  10. You have to try the pulled pork mac n cheese from the main street pub. Pure deliciousness
  11. Tell that to my jewels. I still feel the pain, 26 days later. Damn it, 2 days away from a movie
  12. Well, I can get a little more specific: FLOORLESS: Batman The Dark Knight, SFNE INVERT: Raptor, CP STAND UP (only): Green Lantern, SFGrAdv FLYING: Tatsu, SFMM HYPER (only): Nitro, SFGrAdv
  13. ^^I personally love the boo-woop thing. Always gets me hyped an in a fun mood. Sad that not everyone does it.
  14. 24 carat magic in the aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr aaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr
  15. GCI: No opinion, since I only have Apocalypse @ MM for GCI credits B&M: Green Lantern, SFGrAdv: Um, ow. In the front row, this is fun. Anywhere else, it isn't too rough, but it does give you a half-decent dosage of pain. Only stand-up credit, but... Srsly Intamin: Green Lantern, SFMM: I feel like Hal kinda has to give up the ring now. No explanation needed, this ride just plain hurts. Like the S&S 4Ds, Arrow/S&S (rides like X2) are okay, ZacSpins suck
  16. Don't have too many hyper credits but...... 1. Superman: TR (SFNE) 2. Nitro, SFGrAdv
  17. Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure, row 3, about 7.5 hours ago
  18. ^^I'm doing the dry park Monday and part of Tuesday First ever trip Motto: El Toro or bust
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