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  1. Some one on the SFNE online forum just posted a pic of Supermans wait on the app and it's at 150+ minutes........
  2. My Homepark is SFNE and Supeman the Ride is a mess with VR. You'd be lucky to catch it on a day with less than an hour and a half now. This could be worse, I've never been to SFGAM but I heard it can get really slammed and lines can get long I can't imagine what VR will to do Raging Bull
  3. Mine is: 1. Superman the Ride (SFNE) 2.El Toro 3.Fury 325 4.Wicked Cyclone 5.Intimidator (Carowinds) 6.Nitro 7.Comet (Great Escape) 8.Afterburn 9.Bizarro (GADV) 10. Kingda Ka
  4. My problem is the jack hammering. Most of the time it's ok when you're going forwards. Backwards is honestly one of the most uncomfortable roller coaster rides you'll ever have. Some rows are worse than others 4 and 7 are absolutely terrible. Back isn't to bad, and I haven't gotten the front on Goliath since around the beginning of last year (stupid assigned seating).
  5. Yes, finally another Goliath worshiper! I'm not sure what to expect for Goliath when I visit this month. Most people in this thread seem to hate it. I thought it was pretty bumpy back when it was at SFMM but overall fairly tolerable. Apparently these new trains completely ruined the ride? Is it at least somewhat reliable? It's been more reliable this year than the last two years. It still has its fair share of break downs, obviously but it's been running about 90% of the time. I just don't ride it, I absolutely hate the ride. The old trains were 1000x better.
  6. I am very surprised with how good the VR is. I had my expectations set very very low but I'm glad to see they pulled it off well. The line moves at a crawl though, a line that was usually 20 minutes took an hour and 6 minutes (yes I actually timed it lol)
  7. Of the coasters I've been on definetly Superman the Ride and El Toro. The 3rd hill before the S Sheilds on Superman and the RT crossover on Toro have the crazy ejector air of all the coasters I've been on
  8. Mine is Superman the Ride at Six Flags New England. But VR is probably going to turn it into a shit show so Fury will most likely become my new favorite after that
  9. California-The Joker Connecticut-Boulder Dash Florida-Montu Georgia-Golaith Illinois-Golaith Indiana-The Voyage Kentucky-Lightning Run Maine-Excalibur Maryland-SROS Massachusetts- Superman the Ride (back in the SROS days it's just barely better than Wicked Cyclone now) Michigan-Shivering Timbers Missouri-Outlaw Run Nevada-Desperado New Hampshire-Yankee Cannonball New Jersey- El Toro New York- Ride of Steel North Carolina-Fury 325 Ohio- Millennium Force Pennsylvania-Skyrush South Carolina- Intimidator Tennessee- Lightning Rod (when it opens) Texas- NTG Virginia- I305
  10. It can be temperamental at times it usually hauls ass during the summer and into fright fest. The airtime is about the best you'll find on a steel coaster apart from maybe RMC hybrids and maybe Skyrush
  11. Well SFNE has implemented assigned seating on Superman. Great Job SFNE your 2 best coasters you can't pick your seats
  12. I might catch hell for this but I thought Fury 325 was quite overrated. Everyone told me it would blow away any coaster I'd been on and I got off wanting more. Still a great ride just not as great as I thought it'd be or people made it out to be
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