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  1. Boulder Dash definitely lives up to the hype and is in my top 10 but I really would like whatever the people who think it’s better than Toro are smoking.
  2. Crappy restraints in all, this is still one of the best and will always be one my all time favorites.
  3. Conneticut: Boulder Dash Kentucky: Storm Chaser Maine: Excalibur Massachusetts: Superman the Ride (Wicked Cyclone isn’t even close but hey, to each’s own I guess) New Jersey: El Toro North Carolina: Fury 325 Ohio: Steel Vengeance South Carolina: Afterburn (most of Fury happens in NC)
  4. Just nothing that compares. Honestly like it way more than Steel Vengeance as crazy as it sounds.
  5. That would be correct. I also heard the wait was pushing 4 hours for most of the day.
  6. I’ve heard a rumor (take it with a grain of salt) that Superman will be one train ops until maybe fright fest.... Not good at all.
  7. WC hasn’t been running well at all this year. When it’s running great it’s a top tier RMC for sure but with the way it’s running now, it’s more midpack. Currently the weakest of the RMCs I’ve ridden, albeit I’ve only ridden 3 of them.
  8. Was it different trains? The blue one rattles much less than the red one. I’ve never really noticed a difference between full trains and empty ones. Or when it’s dry out vs rainy.
  9. 1. Steel Vengeance 2. El Toro 3. Superman the Ride 4. Maverick 5. Millennium Force 6. Storm Chaser 7. Boulder Dash 8. Wicked Cyclone 9. Fury 325 10. Diamondback
  10. You’re all going to think I’m god damn crazy but Millennium Force. For all the shit this ride gets for being a boring, rattly, forceless pile of garbage, I got the absolute opposite on my rides. It does rattle definitely, but the drop is insane, the first overbank is nothing short of insane, the speed is jaw dropping, and to even my surprise, very good airtime. I loved it and I still am firmly in the camp of it still being one of the best coasters on the planet.
  11. I really really couldn’t believe how much I loved it. I had heard all the hype and I had heard all the noise about it being overrated and after seeing the POVs I kinda agreed. But 5 seconds into the ride I fell in love with it. It’s definitely not the best coaster at the park but it just might be my absolute favorite. It’s been a long time since I’ve ever had so much fun on a coaster.
  12. Update: 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Superman the Ride 3. Diamondback 4. Nitro 5. Magnum 6. Intimidator Almost forgot SV counts as a hyper.
  13. Looks awesome but as a diehard Patriots fan I’m inclined to hate it
  14. Made my first trip to the park yesterday. It was everything it was hyped up to be and more. This park is literally perfect, it’s clean, the setting is amazing, the Ride lineup was everything it was hyped up to be, and it’s got 3 of the best coasters ever. I’ve only been to 1 other CF park and that was Carowinds and their ops were just ok. Here at CP they’re a far cry from the snails pace my home park SFNE dispatches trains. Steel Vengeance (x1)- Only got to ride it once because it broke down before I got back over to it but one ride on this thing and I can definitely say it’s the best coaster I’ve ever ridden. I can’t even really form words to describe this thing it’s so unbelievable. The airtime is ridiculous the inversions are great and there is not one moment where this thing isn’t trying to throw you out of the train. I don’t think I’ll ever ride another coaster better than this one. Maverick (x2)- At literally any other park this would be by far the best coaster there but unfortunately it’s neighbor is the most insane thing known to man. This ride is still absolutely phenomenal. The lightning fast transitions make for insane laterals, the 2 moments of airtime are some of the strongest ejector I’ve experienced and the Stengel dive is one of the best elements on any coaster I’ve ridden. Thank god they put the soft straps on this, I could see it sucking big time with the hard ones because I still got a bit of neck bashing from the transitions with the soft ones. Millennium Force (x8)- SV and Mav May be better coasters but this ride was the highlight of the trip for me. Anybody who thinks this ride is overrated is off their god damn rocker. This ride is absolutely amazing and is still one of the best coasters ever. The drop is absolutely insane and is the best drop outside of El Toro I’ve ever experienced. The first overbank is OMFG intense, and the speed is just jaw dropping. Also had a lot more air then I was expecting. The 2 main hills had some nice floater and the speed hill past the station has a nice pop of ejector. Don’t quite know what people are on about when they say it has no air. Night rides on this are also legendary. The ride is so warmed up it feels like it’s gunna rip it’s self apart and the crowd gets so rowdy. I’ve never seen a station as loud as this ride at night. It makes for one hell of an experience. MF night rides are definitely the most fun I’ve had on a coaster in a long long time. Top Thrill Dragster (x2)- While having the lap bars is nice I really really don’t see how people think this is so much better than Ka. Sure outside the front row Dragster is probably much smoother but from the front seat (which is the only seat I sit in on these anyway) they’re literally the exact same in terms of smoothness. I honestly also think Ka’s launch is a bit stronger. They’re too similar for me too pick one. Dragster has the lap bars, Ka has a stronger launch. They kinda cancel each other out for me. Magnum (x1)- Was pleasantly surprised by this. I expected a really bumpy old hyper with uncomfortable restraints that ruin the air time. I sat in the 2nd to last row and it wasn’t bumpy at all and the return run has some very good ejector. Solid hyper nothing special. Raptor (x1)- I’m a huge fan of inverts and this one is no different. Not quite as good as Afterburn at Carowinds since that ride is more compact and a bit more intense. This ride has that helix of death tho, my lord that thing is insane. Gatekeeper (x1)- This is my first wing coaster so it was a very cool experience. The wing over drop was really cool, the key holes were cool. Very forceless but a fun smooth and relaxing ride isn’t a bad thing. Valravn (x1)- My first dive coaster, it was just ok. It just doesn’t do much for me. The drops are ok but everything else is just forceless and boring. The best restraints also aren’t really my favorite either. Wicked Twister (x1)- Don’t really have much to say about this, it was decent. Had an ok launch. Rougarou (x1)- This is a great floorless coaster. Not quite as good as Bizarro but almost as good. Very smooth for most part, I’ve heard some people complaining about this ride being rough but it’s not at all. Gemini (x1)- Another ride I was pleasantly surprised by. It was smooth, had some good moments of airtime and watching people high five each other as the trains run next to each other was pretty entertaining. Corkscrew (x1)- It sucks. The only bad coaster I rode there. All in all a great day. Got on all that I wanted and some re rides without the fast lane. Next time I come back the fast lane will be in the budget and that should help me ride SV some more. What a wonderful park this is. I feel pretty lucky having SFNE as my homepark and having Great Adventure 3 hours away as a 2nd homepark. But if CP is your homepark I absolutely envy you.
  15. WC really has not been running well at all for basically the last 2 months. It’s had a bit of a vibration that I also think is leading to slower rides. Superman on the other has been running great despite only one train and in their current states at this moment Superman is IMO the far superior ride.
  16. So I’m planning on going tomorrow but looks like there’s going to on and off storms during the day. So I was wondering should I chance it and go tomorow and hope for light crowds or go Tuesday where it’ll be very nice but maybe more crowded?
  17. I’ll be there as well and in my past visits Monday’s at Great Adventure are never crowded at all.
  18. I noticed that path was open when I was there yesterday as well. I hadn’t been yet this year but that’s great if it’s been open all year.
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