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  1. Stopped at the park yesterday and today. Harley Quinn is amazing and definitely is my favorite flat in the park now. Superman ran phenomenal yesterday and then was just other worldly tonight. Wicked Cyclone wasn’t running good at all. There was a really weird grinding noise coming from the wheels in the back of the orange train and it was really chugging through the 2nd half of the ride. Unfortunate because prior to about 2 weeks ago it was running amazingly well.
  2. They’re really really bulky and hit closer to the thighs, which when stapled makes the huge ejector air the ride has very painful.
  3. I’d bank on the park being absolutely slammed everyday next weekend if the weather is nice.
  4. SFNE: Superman the Ride (1)+Wicked Cyclone (4)= 5 Great Adventure: El Toro (2) + Nitro (6)= 8 Carowinds: Fury (5)+ Afterburn (7) = 12 Hopefully going to CP KI and KD next year
  5. Connecticut: Boulder Dash Massachusetts: Superman the Ride New York: Comet New Jersey: El Toro North/South Carolina: Fury Hopefully can get Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania this year.
  6. Well... sounds good enough for me. Thanks guys! What about high winds? I’m guessing Ka would go down but what else?
  7. I was planning to go on Friday and the high is going to be like 40...... should I even bother? Ik at SFNE they can usually get Superman going when it’s that cold but I know Toro is a lot more moody.
  8. I think Superman's ejector is stronger than El Toro, like Skyrush it feels like it wants to rip my legs off a little much to not hold myself down. Maybe that was just the 8.5 hours in a car getting there, plus GrAdv doesn't have WC and Thunderbolt to pre-treat your thighs first. I was saying the slightly less force as well as lumping it in bigger hills on El Toro results in much more sustained air, although the bigger hills style results in the front seats not having as a good of air in the traditional way vs. smaller hills that maintain speed. I can totally see why Superman's so high rated but it left me with a appreciation of the speed and comfort of I305, believe it or not. Also, while it made sense to RMC their Cyclone, it does seem like a weird combination to have so much extreme lapbar ejector air in one park. It hurt my thighs, but my hips and back felt great for weeks from the chiropractic stretch! P.S. Superman is still going to be more comfortable than Skyrush or El Toro for those really pushing the size limit as the lapbar sensors aren't quite as restrictive. I don't like Supermans restraints but I've never found them particularly painful. They can be very uncomfortable if you get stapled, which SFNEs Ops tend to do. As far as too much ejector in one park.... I think there's never to much ejector air
  9. As amazing as both are Superman has always been the one I've preferred. The combination of sustained ejector and smaller pops of ejector while mixing still mixing in big forces is just awesome to me. its layout is about as close to perfection as you can get. It doesn't have the extreme airtime of something like El Toro (while Supermans airtime is still insane) but the variety really is what makes it so good. On WiCy after the hill that comes right after the second inversion the ride is just kinda meh for me. Superman kicks ass the whole way through so that's why I prefer it.
  10. Crowds started off light yesterday, I was able to get 10 rides on El Toro in the first hour and it was fairly quiet for another hour. Then the floodgates opened and it was packed. Still got on everything and was able to grab two front seat rides on Ka right after it opened for the night (opened 3 hours after the park opened). Buy a flash pass or don't go to Great Adventure during fright fest.
  11. How are crowds normally on Friday nights? I wanna go to Great Adventure during FF just to see what it's like but I have no patience to deal with the heavy Saturday and Sunday crowds.
  12. Congrats to El Toro for winning #1 wooden coaster at the Golden Ticket Awards! Truly the greatest woodie on earth and is very deserving. Can't say as much for the winner on the steel side
  13. I don't do the mazes and haunted houses but I absolutely love the Haloween events. My homepark is SFNE and there's nothing like waiting for the front seat for Superman on a cool fall night in late October. As already mentioned I love the fall weather so that's a plus. Even if the parks a bit crowded it's fun to see the atmosphere and how alive the park and everyone in the park becomes.
  14. My homepark is SFNE and I refuse to ride Goliath. Apart from the one ride I usually take on it at the beginning of the year, just to see if SFNE has found a way to make it not suck, I don't ride it at all the rest of the year. Launch that POS into the sun if I'm honest.
  15. Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend is usually very busy. Superman and Cyclone will probably have upwards of an hour wait thru most of the day.
  16. Ka is such a must. I know the thing has a huge amount of haters but I just can't get enough of it. Yeah it blows in every row but the front but it's so absolutely amazing in the front it doesn't matter. Never waste a minute waiting for Ka in any other row. EVER. It's the only coaster that still gets my heart racing before it sets off. The 128 mph wind trying to rip your face off as you scream your head off down the track is still one of the top 5 experiences I've had on a coaster.
  17. The high is looking to be only high 60s for Friday so I'm not to sure your going to wanna go to the water with that weather lol.
  18. Really hope something can be done to save Colossus. It'd be so awful to see an awesome Intamin woodie bite the dust.
  19. It's really easy to point the finger and question how someone goes about doing something. Especially when you do not have any knowledge of how maintenance goes about transferring trains or any of their processes. I seriously seriously doubt this is how they would normally go about transferring the 2nd train onto the track..... There's so many variables that could go wrong and cause an accident like this. They're so damn lucky it wasn't 100x times worse. I hope LC gets it together tho, between this issue now on BD, never running two trains on BD, the Wildcat fiasco, the skyway being shutdown hopefully they just forget about this year and look forward to righting the ship next year.
  20. Sooo they didn't think stopping the other train on the lift was a better idea then letting it run through the course while trying to transfer on the 2nd train? I mean ik they haven't run 2 trains on BD in like a million years but come on how could you have a brain fart like that lol.
  21. ^ Holy shit what a bad year this has been for Lake Compounce. And the one time they decide to run two trains it crashes into itself
  22. The bottom of the first drop in particular was really bad imo. Every ride I was on the left side of the train I spent the time at the bottom trying to not crack a rib. I thought the ride really was kinda rough.... still an amazing coaster I just don't see how anyone can put it ahead of something like El Toro, but different strokes for different folks I guess.
  23. OMFG I can't wait for my trip to this place in 2018. This thing looks absolutely amazing holy shit, I'm soooo hyped now 2018 can't get here fast enough!
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