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  1. My legs are still a bit sore from walking around all day (and from walking around at SFNE and Lake Compounce the 2 days before) and my thighs still ache from El Toro's exteme ejector air but as usual it's always worth it for a trip to Great Adventure. Crowds were fairly light so that made for a ton of riding! El Toro (x21)- Y'all already know the drill, it's one of the best coasters on the planet. However, one ride with the boost feature for the lift turned on and OMFG HOLY SHIT WTF?!?!? The drop is already insane, with the boost it's absurd how nuts it is. Every single element after that felt just a bit more powerful and it ripped through the twister section with more speed than I've ever seen it. You Great Adventure locals are so lucky because you guys got about the best damn coaster on the planet. Kudos to the crew to they were absolutely plowing through trains at a very fast clip. Nitro (x5)- This ride has its critics but I love this thing, you Nitro haters can keep on hating it's still one of B&M's best hypers All my rides were in the back this time, I normally sit in the front on Nitro but damn is the helix crazy in the back. Greyed out on it on every ride but one. Nitro is also one of the best night rides out there. It's no Boulder Dash or Beast at night but still really good. Kingda Ka (x2)- Both front seat rides. As been said by many people on this forum, the front is the only way to go. You don't like Ka being rough? Well, sit in the front it's glass smooth up there and as a bonus it tries to rip your damn face off. This ride has its haters too but just like Nitro it's absolutely awesome I can't get enough of it. There's nothing like feeling that 128 mph wind trying to rip your face off and then being 456 feet up and staring at the pavement. Love this thing to death lol. Bizarro (x1)-Nothing really to report here. Ops we're a little quicker this time then my trip last month. Instead of stacking all 3 trains for 5 minutes every cycle, this time it was more like 2. So kudos to the Bizarro crew I guess Superman (x1)- It was the end of the night so there was no wait for the back row. As usual pretzel loop makes worth at least one ride every trip. Batman (x1)- I had only been able to ride this thing once in 2015 and that's when it was backwards. Now I get why there was so much praise for it on this forum. I can't believe a 24 year old B&M is still this smooth especially with how snappy and intense it is. Very underrated, even tho it's a clone they may honestly be some of B&M's best rides. Skull Mountain (x1)- Sick drop, death metal, a whole lotta awesome. Does this mean I'm a cult Skull member now? Justice League (x1)- This thing is an amazing addition. The only other dark ride I've ridden is Ghost Hunt at Lake Compounce and this craps all over that. I still suck at this one about as bad as I do at Ghost Hunt tho, I'm awful at these shooter dark rides. I hope now that my homepark SFNE is doing HITP, we get one in the future because it would be a wonderful addition. Zumanjaro (x2)- It still scares the complete hell outta me lol. Well at least the ascent does, I wish the drop was actually forceful and had some airtime too it. It's just a whole bucnch of speed, the brakes have more force than the drop its self. The ascent is still scary as shit and gets me everytime. Oh yeah and I hate to open up the can of worms over the loose article policy but it was a bit ridiculous at El Toro. For one, they ran out of lockers over at El Toro so I had to go to Bizarro just to put my stuff in a locker. And two, there was always like a 5 minute wait stacked up at the entrance because they're checking for phones and then just people arguing with the security guards at the entrance over it. They also stopped a Nitro train on the lift because a guy had his phone out and they went up and took his phone from him, which I thought was hilarious the idiot took his phones out because the Ride ops made an announcement about being banned from the park if you have your phone out a train or 2 before. All in all, another great day at the park. I can't stress how lucky you locals are. I'm lucky to have SFNE just 5 minutes away but at the same time.... SFNE doesn't have El Toro lol. Sorry for no pictures, I didn't take many and the ones I did take are pretty much all of Toro and Ka lol.
  2. So I got a ride on El Toro tonight with the boost feature on and HOLY F**KING SHIT. The drop goes from already insane to just completely absurd. I'll have a report up tomorrow. Heading back up to Mass now and I'm too lazy to just type it in the car.
  3. As a life long New Englander I finally made it to Lake Compounce for the first time today and what a wonderful little park this is. The park looks absolutely wonderful, the setting is amazing, the staff is amazing, and they have two awesome coasters. Boulder Dash (x10). This thing is worth all the hype! Unbelievably intense, insane laterals, good airtime, paced absolutely perfectly, and an absolutely amazing setting. The night ride I got was absolutely bonkers! But my god, this thing is brutally aggressive. I don't think I could do more than 3 or 4 rides in a row, this is not a smooth coaster at all. It completely knocked the shit out of me on the first few rides before I learned to ride it defensively. That's partly why it's my #2 woodie and didn't surpass El Toro. Doesn't have quite the drop, airtime, smoothness, or re-rideability of Toro. Still an absolutely amazing coaster and forced it's way into my #3 spot. Phobia (x8)- This ride surprised the hell out of me. This ride has amazing positive G's, 2 or 3 good pops of ejector air, and the hangtime at the top is absolutely insane. Sooo underrated but man, those trains are so tiny. I'm skinny and I had a hard time getting in and out of them lol. Thunder N' Lightning (x4)- After today I think these S&S Scremain' Swings are my favorite flat rides. Staring straight at the pavement from that high in the air was definitely something. Had a few nice pops of air as well. Wish there were more of these around they might be the best flat ride out there! Down Time (x2)- Standard S&S Drop tower. Nothing special. Zoomerang (X1)- Probably the smoothest of the Boomerangs I've ridden, still not that great tho. Pretty much just for the credit Revolution (X1)- Looked fun from the queue line. The ride smashed my balls to a pulp so that killed any enjoyment I could've gotten out of it Twister (X1)- Lake Compounce's versions of the Tea Cups I guess? Thunder Rapids (X1)- Probably the best of the 3 Rapids rides I've ridden got absolutely soaked and so did everyone else in my group Ghost Hunt- I suck ass at these shooting Dark Rides but it was pretty cool I guess lol. What a great day at the park tho. Crowds were never too bad, longest wait was Boulder Dash waited about 20-25 minutes for 3 front row rides with the last being an absolutely phenomenal ride at night. All in all LC is a wonderful park for its size and I can't wait to come back again! So underrated. Wish more parks would get these instead of 4D free flies It's fun to be standing in line and this thing just comes screaming by Millennium Force? Another park another boomerang New wood! Could use a bit more lol
  4. Lake Compounce today for the first time. Leaving in about half an hour.
  5. Superman the Ride's lap bars are the worst. There's this one employee that works there this year that pushes the lap bar into your thighs with two huge pushes so your legs are just crying out in pain at every moment of air. Even if your not stapled the bar is still so bulky it cuts into some of the air.
  6. So weird story..... I was riding Superman today and during the final bunny hop the guy in front of me blew chucks and I got hit with some of...... Straight to the face. Literally went to the bathroom and stuck my face under the sink for 5 minutes. Then went home and sat in the shower for an hour. Have a Six Flags day!
  7. Instead of going around in every parks forum and asking for tips, I thought I'd make one big forum about it. We plan on hitting Six Flags America, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Cedar Point and Six Flags Great America. Well that's at least what I want to do. My friends are stupid and would rather fly straight onto Cincinnati (were meeting a friend in Lexington, Kentucky). I think flying is just a stupid pain in the ass and I'd rather drive the 14 hours down there and hit SFA and KD on the way. We'll have Cedar Fair and Six Flags passes so we'd really only need gas money. This will be happening the 2nd or 1st week of July. If it's the 1st week, with the 4th of July and all I expect massive crowds at these parks. If it's the 2nd week what type of crowds would we need to expect. We're planning on splitting a day between KD and SFA if we plan to go that route. We won't be credit whoring we just wanna ride the good stuff. Kings Island were planning for just one day, with CP and SFGAm were planning for 2 if needed. What's a good plan of attack for each Park? Obviously CP will be harder to predict because of RMC Mean Streak but at least give me sort of an idea on how to go at the place. All tips will be greatly appreciated! I'd also like to hear what you guys would think on flying to Cincinnati as opposed to KD and SFA. I definitely want to do the second route souly because of I305, everything else is just gravy. Once again, all tips will be greatly appreciated.
  8. My friend is at Dollywood right now and texts me "This park sucks and is a waste of fucking time" I need new friends
  9. Any timetable on when Wildcat will finally open? Shouldn't it have been done in like June? Finally taking my first trip to the Lake within the next week or 2 and wouldn't want to miss it.
  10. Yes it was and I noticed it on the 2nd to last train of the night. They were supposed to have another one for Superman tonight too but it got moved to WC because STR was down.
  11. I rode Superman last night and on my last ride there was a puff of smoke off the top of the lift right before the train dropped and it smelt like something was burning. That's probably what caused it being down today. Too add onto that the lift hill lights burnt out too and it looks hilariously stupid. Sorry for the bad quality but yeah the lights are dead. Did the same thing last year
  12. Superman SFNE. Every single time I sit in the front I'm almost convinced the train is gunna barrel straight into the back of the one in the station still.
  13. I haven't been to many places so this is easy. 1. Six Flags Great Adventure. I love this park so much, I wish it was my homepark. El Toro my very well be the best coaster ever built, Nitro is amazing, Kingda Ka in the front row is an experience of a lifetime, and the park also has a very good lineup supporting those 3. The ride lineup in general has improved over the past few years. I also can't stress how awesome the safari is. It may take 2 hours out of your day but if the park isn't busy it's well worth it. The operations are great too. (except those bums over at Bizarro) It may lack charm of other Six Flags park like SFFT or SFNE but I absolutely love the place. 2. Six Flags New England. I may be slightly biased, I've lived within 5 minutes of the park my whole life but this park has grown so much over the years. Obviously the park has that amazing top 2, Superman the Ride and Wicked Cyclone. Superman is so close to my heart because it's the coaster that started my love for this hobby and there was a point in time where it was the only thing in the park worth riding. But since about 2011-2012 this park has hugely stepped up its game. The park always looks nice and clean, they keep the landscaping looking nice, and it has the New England charm that I love (obviously, since I'm a New Englander) The ride lineup has drastically improved as well, there aren't as many empty flat ride plots as there used to be and they're filling those holes up. This park is about a coaster or 2 away from being elite imho. 3. Carowinds. I know people aren't going to agree with this placement behind two Six Flags parks. I liked the place don't get my wrong but it was really missing something that I can't put my finger on. Apart from the top 3 Carowinds' lineup is kinda bad and I would say the top 3 is good not great. I thought Fury was massively overrated, I've never been so disappointed getting off a ride before. Intimidator is good but doesn't hold a candle to Nitro. Afterburn is undoubtedly amazing, such an underrated coaster. Then after that the lineup isn't good. Nighthawk and Vortex are among the worst coasters I've ridden and then everything else there is Meh. The operations were great but I didn't find them to be that much better than Great Adventure. Good park just not as great as people say imo. 4. Great Escape. I haven't been here since 2011 so I don't remember much but, I remember Comet being very fun and the park looking great and being very clean. It may be owned by Six Flags but it doesn't feel like a six flags at all. Bucket List 1. Cedar Point. Duh. 2. Hershey. Skyrush is one of my top bucket list coasters and the rest of the lineup looks very good 3. Kings Island. A friend of mine was there 2 weeks ago and talked it up big time. I was already intrigued on going to this place but I'm chomping at the bit now. 4. Busch Gardens Tampa. I really want to go to both Busch Parks and this one ride wise looks the best of the 2 5. Kings Dominion. I305 is the top coaster on my bucket list. My friends and I have been trying to put together a weekend trip to this place so hopefully soon.
  14. with SF horrible operations (make that actual 400/hr) in one their most attended parks. You would be talking 4 hour waits Great Adventure isn't like other Six Flags parks. Apart from Bizarro, (they always suck) the park has great operations all around. I agree tho, a RMC Raptor would be a disaster capacity-wise for the park.
  15. I know TTD and Ka were nightmares when they first open but we're they ever this bad 2 years after they opened? At least with CP you could still go ride Millennium Force or at Gradv El Toro and Nitro. Here a lot of people are planning their trips around LR and are constantly being disappointed.
  16. "Shits all over WC"...yet you have them right next to each other in your top 5 in your sig lol. Both coasters are amazing but I feel WC is the more intense, faster paced ride with a bit more variety in elements and far more comfortable trains. Superman was my #1 before Toro was built so I'm definitely not knocking it, just prefer WC. OK maybe I should've worded it better, recently at least in my experience WC hasn't been running that great and while Superman has been brilliant so recently it's kinda gotten shit on by Superman. At the beginning of the year it was very close and I wouldn't have been able to choose between them. But now, idk my recent WC rides have been kinda slow especially after the first outward banked hill. But I'm definitely nitpicking, I ride it so much I notice stuff most people wouldn't.
  17. Stopped by the park for a bit last night for some Superman and Wicked Cyclone. I don't know what's been going on with WC recently but it hasn't felt as good as it did at the beginning of the year. Felt a little bit slower in the 2nd half. Superman was running amazing and I know it's a hugely unpopular opinion but Superman shits all over WC imo, at least recently it has.
  18. This right here is why the only way I ride Ka now is in the front. It's always worth it. To me Ka isn't even worth a ride unless it's in front.
  19. Another thing I noticed during my trip is how dark the Golden Kingdom is at night. Like put some lights back there good god, it's a good place to get jumped it's so dark.
  20. Decided to hit up SFNE for about 2 hours for some Superman rides after a long day at Great Adventure yesterday. I've noticed this recently but why do employees always put people with exit passes in the back car. On one of my rides to day they put an exit pass in the back seat on two straight cycles while I was next to get on the train. Really annoying and seems to be happening a lot recently. I've always thought they should throw exit pass people somewhere in the middle. Ride was running fantastic tho.
  21. I approve of this report. Sounds like an excellent day, shame you didn't get any photos to share with the class. Also, no Joker? Nah, I live 5 minutes from SFNE and I can ride it whenever I want. Batman was down all day, kinda bummed I didn't get to ride it since I love B&M inverts Here's some photos. Pardon my shitty photography lol. Ka and Zumie standing tall Generic pic everyone who's ever visited Gradv has taken Still one of the best B&M Hypers Look a cool flyer and a flaming green turd Ka and Toro from the Skyway. Peep El Diablo Nitro from the skyway Another pic of the flaming green turd Generic skyway pic everyone on earth has taken Airtime! One last pic of the greatest coaster on earth
  22. Well it was a long exhausting day yesterday but it was well worth the 4 hour drive as always to come to the park. Crowds were fairly light, longest wait was Ka (obviously) El Toro (x10). The Bull was running the most insane I've ever ridden it. Definitely re-affirmed it's self as my favorite coaster. You guys with Great Adventure as your homepark are so lucky to have this thing I just wish it wasn't 4 hours away from me. Managed 4 rides in the morning (3 magic seat re rides) 2 more through the after noon and then 4 in a row right before the park closed. Kingda Ka (x2). Both front row rides. I don't care what people say about this thing it's absolutely unbelievable in the front. On my 2nd ride we did wait almost an hour 45 minutes through a breakdown and the line was already moving really slowly, I'm guessing because of Zumanjaro. Which is still really stupid btw, if you can't have loose articles at all on Ka anymore why can't it and Zumie run together. Would've gotten a 3rd ride at night but it broke down again. Opted for more rides on the Bull instead. Nitro (x2). Running great. Great ride in the back and an absolutely phenomenonal ride in the front. On my back seat ride I was in train B and did notice a bit of a rattle but it wasn't bad just slight. Front of the C train was very smooth. Bizarro (x2). About the usual for Bizarro, never had a line, and constant double stacking on just about every cycle. Ride was running great tho, it's a shame it's not more popular because it definitely deserves it. Superman (x2). Not much to say about this, it's really uneventful besides the pretzel loop but the pretzel loop is amazing and definitely makes it worth at least one ride everytime I can make a trip down there. Green Lantern. My friends rode this flaming turd but I gladly sat it out. I think it was only running one train so I ended up waiting 15 minutes for them. But that's better than waiting 15 minutes for headbanging and leg pains. Dark Knight (x1). Really just rode this to kill some time. Wild Mouse in a box with a goofy jump scare at the end. Skull Mountain (x1). There's no reason this ride should be as fun as it is. The nice pop of ejector in the back on the drop to the heavy metal music blaring, this ride is so goofy and I love it Safari (x1). This thing is amazing. I make sure to ride it everytime I'm there because it's well worth the hour or two you have to take out of the day to do it. I didn't ride Battle for Metropolis but the area around get rode looks great. So just from that perspective alone it was a win for Great Adventure. And boy, they do not mess around with the loose article policy. I saw a guy get kicked of his train on Ka because a security guard noticed the phone in his pocket. This is after waiting in a 45 minute line and then sitting though an hour breakdown. Must've sucked bad for that guy. And aside from Bizarro the ops were pretty good as well. All in all a really awesome day but a very tiring day. Can't wait to comeback in September you guys with this as your homepark are so lucky.
  23. So my trip to the park got moved up to today and I just got back and man they truly don't mess around with this loose article policy.... I'll post a report tomorrow because I'm exhausted but it was such an awesome day
  24. SFNE has been doing this new thing on Superman and Wicked Cyclone that Great Adventure should think about doing. After all the restraints are checked on both rides and the op tells everyone on there train to put there hands up and if they have a phone they take it from the person and put it on the side of the ride in the station. Hasn't slowed down dispatches from what I've seen on the two coasters.
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