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  1. The only real Hypers I have been on are Behemoth and Magnum XL-200, so I guess my list is 1. Magnum XL-200 2. Behemoth I find Behemoth to be overrated as hell (not a bad ride), but also looks just as good as all the other B&M hypers. Idk why everyone likes them SO much, but maybe I am bored of it because I have probably been on it 200+ times in my life.
  2. Also make sure enough rides are open to warrant a platinum. We just went and Riddlers Revenge, Apocalypse, Superman, Tatsu, YOLOcoaster, and Green lantern were all closed. We were going to buy a platinum flash pass, but there was no warning these were all going to be closed especially with perfect weather. If half the park is going to be closed, it isn't worth wasting money on a platinum even if you don't get to go often, you'll have plenty of time to ride everything with a gold flash pass in that case. You should be fine to get two devices and split your groups up when necessary and then ride together when it comes time. We are only going for 1 day and probably never going again for a long time (California is a hard trip to make), so I think regardless of what is open they still have a good amount of rides to do, and the price difference is really not that much compared with the whole trip. And referring back to the # of people question, is there really any drawbacks to having 5 seperate devices other than the hassle of booking it and making sure it doesn't get lost?
  3. Hey guys, Had some quick questions about the platinum flash pass at SFMM. First, we are 5 people with pretty different tastes. I am trying to get some of them on more extreme rides but they will likely either split-up or wait off when we ride. How would the flash pass system work? Ideally we would like to get the platinum pass, and each get our own device so that if 2 of us wanted to go on ride X and 3 on ride Y, it would work out. Ideally this would work so that we can split up into 2 groups when necessary, and then all ride together. Also, the date (19th of march) I want to book is greyed out. Is it too late to book, or is it sold out
  4. Does anyone else feel that Magnum XL-200 is underrated as hell? I mean I generally find hypers and gigas kinda overrated in my opinion, but I personally prefer Magnum Xl-200 to the 2 B&M hyper/gigas I have been on, Behemoth and Leviathan. There are VERY few rides that just never get old like that one. Sure I can physically not ride it more than 2 times in a short period of time due to the pain, but every time I come off that ride I am laughing hysterically. The first half of the ride is pretty bad, only good thing is the view on the first two hills, but those 3 final airtime hills are what puts the ride in my 7th ranking overall. I just think it has a crazy personality and thats why I love it so much.
  5. I think the new B&M restraints have very limited use-cases. I think a B&M wing coaster definitely is a good use for them, but honestly I can't think of another B&M where I would prefer them. I have been on two B&Ms that was quite "bumpy", GateKeeper (but only because the train is so spread out any bumpiness is exaggerated), and Rougarou. I feel like adding those new restraints to Rougarou would help it, but any other B&M I just don't think they are any good. One of the best parts of the B&M dive coasters is the drop, and when I went on Sheikra at BGT, you float around in your restraints, which is pretty damn awesome. But on Valravn, your just kinda strapped to the vehicle, and this floating sensation is removed. I also find the new restraints kinda painful on Gatekeeper, it just digs into my collarbone and shoulders. Valravn felt a little looser and wasn't painful so that was fine.
  6. Heading to SFMM for the first time this March Break! Then we are going to Disney and then spend an couple hours or so at Knotts. Then we are heading out to Cedar Point May 20th with my friends. 5th time at Cedar Point, love that park
  7. Hey guys last year I upgraded my seasons pass to platinum pass when our Cedar Point trip was confirmed, and the process was: Refund seasons pass and buy Platinum pass and the person on the phone helped me. Do they have the same policy this year?
  8. Does this surprise anyone else? I thought that behemoth or leviathan would easily beat out dragon fire in terms of raw ridership???
  9. Looks great so far! I am heading to Disneyland in the march break, but am hoping that the space mountain returns to normal (I like star wars and all but the original space mountain should be kept). Also, I heard that the tower of terror is being converted to a Guardians of the Galaxy ride, will that be done before the march break? The original tower of terror was my favorite ride...
  10. I went this past year on the 3rd weekend of August. Was a Saturday: Aside from Valravn the wait times weren't too bad actually. I went in late may or early june last year, everything was pretty good but the valravn line situation was just weird. It was consistently 1 hour and a half to two hours for the WHOLE day, and then at the last hour-half hour it went to about a half an hour wait. This the only time we rode it and we got to do it like 2-3 times per night in an hour to two hours.
  11. If I owned a $1200 drone, I would want to make sure I was fairly knowledgeable on the regs. Honestly, what's the difference if you see it up close earlier versus later? Are people really losing sleep over whether ledgers are facing one way or another? Believe me new track photos are crack cocaine for me. If we could get a weekly photo update with good quality, that would be pretty highly demanded I think. I live in Canada, so I don't have the FAA regulations memorized yet, but if I were to fly it I definitely would read up before I attempted it.
  12. Oh also, lets say I lived in sandusky and had my drone with me. The drone takes 4k really good quality photos and videos, 100x better than the grainy images we have now. From google maps, the shore of sandusky to mean streak is about 2.5 KM, which my drone can easily handle and get probably 5 minutes of photo taking time. What is there to stop me from taking videos/photos of mean streak from the position OVER THE WATER? Stressing the fact that the drone is over the water and not over cedar point land, would that be considered as trespassing? Does cedar point own the water? I am pretty surprised no one has done this, especially because its just so easy to do. The whole journey would be under 25 minutes and considering how rare and bad quality the images we are getting are, the demand is definitely there. I know that if I lived in sandusky, I think it would be pretty cool to take out the drone once or twice per week to track the construction process and be able to timelapse the photos over time
  13. Just checking in on the RMC Mean Streak project, do we have any more pictures of track other than the first 1/3 of lift hill and that super steep pull up? Also, for people that followed other RMCs, how complete were the coasters 4 months out from launch? Damn I hope it comes in 2017. I know I sound like a broken record, but I feel like they just started way too early for a 2018 release, even closing down the ride a month early. And then there is the argument that "oh they would have started marketing already". I feel like with these RMCs they can market it as a "remake" but when the GP hears they are remaking some mediocre wooden rollercoaster, they don't get as hyped as a "200 FOOT STRAIGHT DOWN NEW WORLD RECORD BREAKING DROP" like with valravn. I am also really interested to see the whole layout. Six Flags RMCs for the most part are fantastic but each one is missing SOMETHING and some feel a bit short for wooden coasters, which are usually quite long. Being the first Cedar Fair RMC, and the sheer magnitude of space that Mean Streak took up, this one is going to be GOOD. Cedar Point was always missing a chart-topping wooden coaster, and RMC Mean Streak could put Cedar Point in #1 for both steel and wooden (or now #2 for steel, fury 325...)
  14. Damn I really hope its open in 2017, we are taking a road trip out in late may early june and due to university and whatnot I don't see myself being able to get to CP easily anytime after that.
  15. Yes please! The only reason I hesitated on buying this (and didn't bring it for a couple times) was because of this stupid cup that gets sticky.
  16. I am in my 12th year of high school and am considering working at Cedar Point for the summer of 2017. I already emailed Cedar Point themselves about employment but I would also like to ask here. I will be 17 by that period of time, turning 18 in December 2017, so I was wondering what kind of things my age would close me off from.
  17. I hope at least the color is not red, orange would not be the best cause red/orange are the generic RMC colors but having red maverick + red RMC right next to each other wouldn't look good. A brown/black like outlaw run would be pretty cool as Cedar Point doesn't really have that color yet.
  18. Same. I actually enjoyed the ride (I am 16 so I guess my body can withstand it better than most older people), but it just wasn't special in terms of layout. But I rode it pretty much just for its beautiful and massive structure that looked so menacing. I will miss it greatly, but if an RMC is coming, I can reserve those thoughts haha.
  19. I just think its a regular down year, but worse than most. Last year Cedar Point got a massive addition and it amazes me that they are even doing expansions after that. Otherwise last year wasn't the BEST year either, I think thats how Valravn got marketed as well as it did, being one of the largest additions. I was kinda thinking it would be smart to bank on stealing away the attention this year by being the only park to release a coaster, however the effects of that are only marginal, not enough to warrant a new coaster when otherwise unncessary.
  20. Anyone else heading out to Canada's Wonderland tomorrow (Saturday)? We will be there from opening till just before dinner. Let me know if you want to meetup.
  21. Well my home park CW definitely, Cedar Point I might do a little road trip and SFMM in the march break. Other than that nother else unless we add on Hersheypark or Knoebels onto our Cedar Point road trip.
  22. Yes, Canada's Wonderland does have an amazing collection of flat rides. Last years additions of Skyhawk and Flying Eagles were to be reported around $6 million in total. Based on the name, Soaring Timbers (Mondial Inferno) could possibly go in the White Water Canyon section of the park. But, it may be going elsewhere within the park. We'll just have to wait and see! Smart move for CW to build these flats. About a 5th of a cost of a new coaster and it bring in almost the same amount of people Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  23. Wow we really got some nice flats at our park now. We have actually received pretty sizeable investments in the past couple years in these flats. We are becoming a much more well rounded park. Where is the flat going to go? Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  24. I think at CW we have seasons pass nights, not sure about mornings. Although a couple years ago at least I remembered getting into the waterpark early too. But due to the fact that we only really have 2-3 rides worth travelling across the globe (Vortex is a real classic and one of the only ones left), I doubt that CW would be really the number 1 destination.
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