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  1. Sure but the very small minority of people that are doing that will just stay 5 minutes down the road at the local hotel and just drive in. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  2. Well that's the point of adding a hotel, to bring in visitors from overseas as well as encouraging people to stay on site. I'm being realistic, no one is coming across seas JUST for Canada's Wonderland. There are literally dozens of better vacation opportunities available like Disneyland, Disneyworld, Universal Studios, etc. Also, CW is more of a day park, even without a fast pass you can get done all the main rides in a day. Also since most of their customers come from Toronto or the surrounding areas, no one is going to shell out 200+$ per night rather than just taking the go-train or bus home.
  3. I am hoping for a RMC (so not counting as wood) in place of Mean Streak, and then a real classic GCI or Gravity Group woodie on the STR location.
  4. I am pretty confident that on the announcement date of september 16th there will be an RMC, but the question is for 2017 or 2018. My bets are on 2018 but we could see a surprise. McClure said that we will not be dissapointed. I'd like to ask though, why are they announcing it SO early? It will be one more year before it even gets started and most of the GP will get confused and think its for next year. Obviously september 16th is the time to announce it, maybe we are getting it for 2017 and they wanted to keep suspense a little higher due to that video. Also, it seems like that announcement was focusing on the waterpark, which is separate from the main park. I am sure without a doubt there will be SOMETHING replacing Mean Streak, most likely an RMC because Cedar Point always needs to be the best and one-up six flags, but the question is 2017 or 2018.
  5. Not sure if Canada's Wonderland is really the place to get an on-site hotel. Most of the other CF parks with much more established and wellrounded rides don't even have on-site hotels. I think CW is just mostly people from the area and Toronto, its not really bringing in the international visitors.
  6. Well I am actually a tiny bit confident in getting a new SOMETHING next year. New footers and bulldozing near skyrider. It might not be a B&M or even any coaster, but even a good flatride I will be more than happy. I came into this year expecting nothing, so anything should surprise me.
  7. Cedar Fair seems to like package deals and lots of the cedar fair parks are in need of new wooden coasters.
  8. Canada's wonderland has slightly higher attendance (and our ticket and seasons passes are much less due to the exchange rate), and also food, so based on those 2 elements alone CW is likely behind Cedar Point in revenue, even though ahead in raw attendance figures. But Cedar Point has lots of hotels and upcharge experiences that pull them a lot ahead.
  9. We simply cannot tolerate any more of your insanely stupid posts. Banned for being one of the biggest idiots we've ever had on TPR. Thank you Larry and Robb for banning him. This thread was nothing but a nightmare with him here. Hey with him gone Bill should be coming back now. I'm willing to bet that he's going to try and create another account. Is anyone else willing to bet this? That would be a bad bet. You know he has already started another profile. Honestly lurking on this forum isn't that bad. Its mostly what I do, although during rumor season I post a lot.
  10. Thats true. Although teasing mostly consists of telling Tony Clark to think up something and tweet it. It's not like teasing costs that much money... I am actually quite confident we will be receiving that green B&M track. I remember from the photos it looked like there was lift hill track, so floorless/standing(probablynot)/wingrider. Even dive coaster would be possible but it didn't look like dive track. Wingrider would make the most sense because of Ziz
  11. Didn't they not tease windseeker either? Those were major additions. Maybe the ultimate tease is NO tease
  12. While I don't think they teased the KD2017 thing very well (way too much for something so small) the additions were still good and they need to build a more loyal family base sometimes. I do think that the KD announcement was a false decoy, because the sheer amount of teasing they did does not logically match with the announcement.
  13. The only potential argument would be the first one, my friend somehow prefers Leviathan to MF (His reason was it was smoother). Also if magnum is sinking I guess it will be needing to be replaced someday.
  14. Wow, all this teasing (the most by any CF park this year, save for maybe Cedar Point) for free wifi and 3 small kiddy rides? I think this is a joke.
  15. I debate this alot with myself and my friends, but I think that I prefer the old ones better due to one reason. They don't crush my chest. Gatekeeper was BAD and after 2 rides my collarbones were hurting. Valravn was tolerable, however due to it pressing in the same spot that Gatekeeper did, also hurt quite a bit. The old ones were subject to headbanging if the coaster was bumpy (only rougarou ever made my head touch on the restraints, and only during the corkscrew). I think that for wing coasters and dive coasters, the newer restraints are better because those are more about the view (especially the dive coaster) but I find they are useless and uncomfertable on all other types. If B&M starts to put lap bars on inverts, then we are talking
  16. The lift chain wasn't broken the ride was down for a couple hours and was running for the last few hours of the night. How does that and having it stop for awhile on top of the left a few months ago constitute "having a lot of problems". Well this is also anecdotal evidence but while browsing this thread I see sometimes that the ride is having troubles from time to ti.
  17. When I went we had no problems but it seems like Valravn is having a lot of problems. When it first opened I remembered getting like 2 or 3 trains on the top on the block brakes, and people being up there. Now the lift chain is broken?
  18. Didn't el toro only cost 12 million? Getting a coaster that holds the top 2 best wooden coasters in the world for over 5 years for only 12 million dollars sounds like a great deal for me. If we got an Intamin Prefab at Canada's Wonderland I would be much happier than if we got another Wing Coaster...
  19. Great trip report. I haven't been to kings island but I doubt Banshee would even come close to Montu and Raptor. Especially with the rattle and the vest restraints. Montu and Raptor are glass smooth and very snappy rides. An invert without one of those "stengel snaps" (the tight corkscrews) is not an invert at all... Also I would imagine we would share the same opinions with firehawk as well. I have been on the B&M flyer in SFGAV and honestly the only good part about that ride was the pretzel loop. All other parts of it were kind of meh as it wans't very forceful or high. Firehawk looks super unique and has a way better layout than Superman ultimate flight at SFGAv
  20. This flip flop thing definitely made me think its less likely for an RMC next year, but soak city and cedar point are 2 different tickets, so having 2 projects in 1 year isn't a massive thing to do.
  21. Yea. I was saying that the SnS screaming swing is MUCH better than what we have.
  22. I agree that skyhawk really surprised me. First of all the restraints feel like they just aren't there, and there is nothing to really hold onto. We have one of those giant swings (mondial I think) at CW and its just not comparable. Its a fun ride and all but the massive OTS restraints and the spinning kills it for me. Having it not spin lets you get the full front and back forces rather than being on the side sometimes without getting any airtime. I also feel like skyhawk gets more forces and gets going much faster.
  23. So this thread has been pretty empty with respect to next year. Do you guys think we are getting that green wing coaster track from the B&M plant? Or are we going to have an empty plot of land another year...
  24. I agree, I never ever go in the first station, I think its because people might think its only one train, and they need to get to the front of the station to get the front row. Also I think there is more queue space for the front row in the second station as well which makes it a little less messy. And anyone who thinks that the front row is "not worth it" I took my friend to cedar point for the first time, we rode in a non-front seat ONCE. Every time we went in the front seat it was 30 minutes (and 25% of the time also down for maintenance) but it is completely worth it. I think cedar point should just retire the back 8 rows at this point,
  25. Quite frankly those polls mean nothing to me. However they do matter to the GP. For example MF is quite over hyped because according to all GP it's the best coaster in the world. Parks can use that to promote their rides, I don't really care but when it comes to those polls I don't even look at them when deciding where to go next Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
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