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  1. I have never seen a theme park so busy! Over 10 rides had 2 hour plus waits, x2 and twisted colossus had 2.5 hour waits. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  2. I thought you had to be in the park, but maybe not anymore? Last few times I was there, the app times were way off though. Yes you have to be in the park, I used a gpu spoof on my android. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk Question, we are planning to be there about 25 minutes before the park opens today. What ride should we run to first ( we have the flash passes but if we can get in Tatsu or twisted colossus a couple times when the wait is small that wold be treat) Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  3. I thought you had to be in the park, but maybe not anymore? Last few times I was there, the app times were way off though. Yes you have to be in the park, I used a gps spoof on my android. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  4. I used the app to check the lines today, never seen a park with that kind of lines other than universal studios Florida once! Is a 2 hours plus line for a couple rides regular at this park? Heading there tomorrow with the platinum pass. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  5. The best ride ending in my opinion is magnum Xl200 as the ending is the absolute best part of the ride (those crazy airtime triangles) Worst ending is leviathan, the break run is so high up, pretty much higher than the first drop on the arrow looper right next to it, and it feels like you have so much speed going into it (you get airtime on the hill into the break run) Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  6. Is there any chance at all that Apocalypse will be open for the 19th? The coaster is kinda low on my priority list here but other than El Toro this will be the only "good" wooden coaster I have been on. I have never been on a GCI too so that would be nice to try one.
  7. I often argue back and forth with my friends about this topic but I have always thought Intamin just makes better rides in MY OPINION. B&Ms are usually better for parks in terms of long-term financial performance (They cost less in maintenance and usually have more capacity) but I doubt Cedar Point would be as good as it is without its legendary three intamins. The only one I could see B&M replacing would be Millenium Force as they could easily make a giga with the same style, but B&M would NEVER make something like Maverick or TTD. My top 10 is: Intamin Intamin Intamin Intamin Intamin B&M Arrow B&M B&M Intamin But I do have to say, the Intamins AFTER my top 10 are non-significant (other than Kingda Ka) but there are many great B&Ms that come after my top 10. And while there are some decent Intamins (including the family type coasters), zero B&Ms I would ever call "decent" on a non-relative rating system.
  8. YEAH!!! That's awesome! Has Ninja been operating today? How crowded is the park? Any tips for a first timer? Well Tatsu is now operating - thanks to coasternut for posting - so that's great news on my end. In looking at the operating schedule it appears that SFMM is preparing to be open for spring break starting the weekend after you and I will be there... so hopefully that means low crowds for us. I won't be back at the park for another decade or more so am really looking forward to getting on as much as I can. I need to search this thread a little bit to see if I can find the recommended ride order for visiting the park! Apparently it's supposed to be a 3/4 on crowdedness and 30 degrees so we already bought the 2 platinum passes. Even if it does end up being not crowded at least we get to ride all the rides even more, especially rides like x2 and twisted colossus where we only get 1 scheduled ride. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  9. I'm in the exact same boat as you, planning to be there on the 19th and this will be a big vacation for me, I will rarely get the chance to come here again. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  10. I would MUCH rather prefer going with other people but when my family was done at Disneyland late at night and I wanted to stay an hour longer, that was a fantastic experience. It's very different and I don't think it would be much fun at a park with little detail or themeing but being able to take in things at your own pace and without anyone else talking to you is quite unique and a great way to experience parks. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  11. Hey whats the current status on tatsu? Heading over there in 9 days, hoping its up
  12. I could not agree more with this. Anybody going to the park this weekend? I'm curious what the current status is of Tatsu. They have had a crane on site all week doing the re-installation of the chain and motor. It should hopefully be up tomorrow but I have no confirmation on that. The whole ride or just the chain/motor back on the lift hill? I am going on the 19th for the first time (and probably only time in the next couple years as I live quite far away)] so I really hope one of their top rides is up!
  13. Yep, my pattern is a bit different though, we just ride Maverick non-stop until 10 and sprint over to Top Thrill Dragster, and then wait because its down... Last time we went the day was pretty busy but in the morning we got to just sit down on the very back row of maverick and not get off until our 8th ride. My thighs and shoulders hurt after that...
  14. Totally agree with you on this. Last Saturday Batman was only running one train and it's line hovered anywhere from 90 to 120 mins. Just don't see why they can't utilize the three trains that they have on most coasters. Plus, during off season MM is closed Monday through Friday, which gives them more than enough time to preform maintenance on rides. Whereas, Disneyland is able to keep 5 trains running on Big Thunder Mountain year-round despite the fact that they're open 365 days a year. And yeah yeah I do realize that there is a huge price difference between DL and MM, but I wouldn't mind MM raising admission prices by say 20% if that meant increasing the size of their maintenance staff. Raising prices by 0.5% would likely cover a huge maintenance budget with the types of revenues they get.
  15. Canada's Wonderland 2018 - full Wild Beast re-track (partially done on one element for last year) 2019 - RMC Minebuster (they are refurbishing the track for 2017 season, doesn't make sense to do that a year before a complete redesign 2020 - Off year, basic maintenance 2021 - Replace flight deck and time warp with a B&M flyer/invert 2022 - Flat rides
  16. I guess so, living in Canada and only really visiting midwestern parks the concept of coasters being down DURING the season for an extended period of time is foreign to me. Also makes me wonder how year-round parks even announce/release new rides, as in the parks I go to there is a set beginning and end to each season.
  17. I don't understand why people don't rate Top Thrill Dragster higher than everything else. Sure its short but its the ONLY ride that scares me and that acceleration is absolutely ridiculous.
  18. OK and what is the grace period for redeeming (how long do I have to redeem the reservation until it expires)
  19. Hey guys we are finalizing the trip, we realized 5 platinum passes is way too much money (especially in CAD) and 3 of us will not need to ride EVERY ride. If we decide to get the 3 regular flash passes for them, how would that when we meet up? And realistically how long lines are we expecting march 19th on the Sunday? Last question, are the flash passes transferable? Lets say for example 2 people really want to ride a ride, but the other 2 people are the ones that have the platinum, can they pass them over and trade for that period of time? This system is very confusing and they don't have any people on the phone...
  20. Yes, March 19th most likely will be extremely crowded, as it's a Bring a Friend Free Day for season pass holders. SFMM is also performing annual maintenance on some of their iconic rides (Apocalypse, Tatsu, and Riddler's Revenge), so that means the other rides are more crowded. And on top of all that, X2 has been only running one train for the past couple of weeks. It is possible that some of these factors will change before March 19, but even then, X2 is one of the most popular rides in the park. I would definitely recommend getting there right when the park opens and running straight to X2. (If you have a Six Flags season pass, you can get in 15 minutes early.) Otherwise, expect a 3-hour wait. If you get the chance to ride X2 more than once, try the 1st row, then the 7th row. You get lots of hangtime in the 1st row (especially on the first drop), while the 7th row gives G-force galore. The outside seats are a little rough, compared to the inside seats, but the flips are more fun on the outside, IMO. Wait so tatsu will be down? I didn't like the B&M flyer at SFGADv but apparently tatsu is off the charts.
  21. What is the best game plan for tackling SFMM with platinum flash passes? We are heading on march 19th and we are expecting it to be extremely crowded (a crowd calendar say its 3/4 business). My absolute #1 priority is X2 due to how unique it is and I know it breaks down a lot. Would sprinting to this ride as the first thing be the best way to get on this ride without waiting in line? We are fine with paying the 15$ fee or whatever for the X2 but if we can ride this first thing without spending almost 80$ on one ride (5 people) that would be great. How long do people expect the lines to be? If we could get a gold pas to save money that would be great but if its 50% on a 2 hour long line that is different than 50% on a 1 hour long line.
  22. Has anyone tried out the Flash Pass service before? We want to all get separate flash passes for flexibility but how does it work if we want to meet up again?
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