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  1. ^It's the power of the pronoun "they". "They" built this roller coaster "They" built the Space Station "They" are developing a vaccine. It's what we say when we actually have no idea who is responsible for something a bit bigger than us.
  2. Can't please everyone I guess. GCI is re-tracking a good portion of the ride from the track up (so it'll ride nearly brand new), no ledgers or anything. They are ADDING a double down (awesome) and reprofiling what I liked to call the turn of death before the station. This thing will still be a lateral machine, minus a kind of boring straightaway and an awful turn. Plus it'll be smooth. Trying to find the negative in all this, but other than not needing to brace myself during night rides before the second last turn I'm not seeing a while lot.
  3. Haven't mentioned it on the others, but I've really been enjoying these Trip Reports. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to put them together.
  4. With the amount of problems Outlaw Run and Goliath (Goliath to this day has issues) had around opening for a traditional wooden coaster I'd be shocked (ha) if Lightning Rod doesn't have it's share of issues being RMCs first dabble into magnetic launches.
  5. ^Good call, I'm sure if they confirmed it over the phone then you are good to go. My trip was over a decade ago so things could have definitely changed since then!
  6. Looks like they might have cleared a tree or two, but that's about it. Anyone who thinks Cedar Fair would replace wood on a coaster that will never see a park reopen around it is crazy. The only chance Big Dipper has is a smaller park buying it and rebuilding the thing from scratch. Weren't the trains left out to rot?
  7. If it's any help, when I was 18 my friends and I took a similar road trip to Cedar Point, and were not allowed to check into any area hotels since we weren't 21. We opted to camp at a nice RV park with showers and activities which was a lot cheaper, but further away from the Point. Last year I was trying to save money on my trips and camped at the State Park on the other side of Lake Erie - $21 bucks a night with an electrical hookup and hot showers can't go wrong! Plus, after the long days at the park, you sleep like a baby whether or not you're on a mattress. Definitely something to look into.
  8. ^Depends if you have kids with you or not! If you get there at open you can be out in four hours with adults, but with kids its probably a full day park. Knights Tournament is probably the best thrill ride at the park, make sure to do the highest level as its actually pretty intense. I'm a big fan of Fire and Police Academy ride at the back of the park, you get to race other families to put out a fire in FunTown, pretty awesome actually. I'd definitely bring a camera and spend some time in Miniland, it's got loads of US cities (and Star Wars Episodes) made out of LEGO Bricks which is my favorite part of the park. Also - eat at the park! They have food there that rivals some of the best at any theme park I've been to. Homemade churros (literally pressed and fried infront of you), Granny Apple Fries, Mac and Cheese, just so you go to one of the indoor restaurants its all really good. Also if you get a hopper ticket you can pop into the aquarium next door (which also has amazing food) for free which is pretty nice - takes about an hour to go through. Hope this helps.
  9. For the first time ever I actually used up all my vacation days this year. Made it to: SFGAm (6x) Holiwood Nights Waldameer Cedar Point Kennywood Conneaut Lake Park Lakemont Park Knoebels Del Grossos Hershey Park WDW Fun Spot 2016 is looking less busy, but hoping to get to: Worlds of Fun Silver Dollar City Dollywood Kentucky Kingdom Holiday World and maaaaybe a trip to Europe. We'll see.
  10. How has no one posted the brilliant 25 minute Demon Song from the time when CGA and SFGAm were Marriott's Great America? Still plays at SFGAm during Fright Fest, and its absolutely hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNLbLkd2XaY
  11. ^It's easy to see on a lot of boards/groups that there are plenty of people who absolutely need their opinion vindicated by other enthusiasts agreeing with them. It's kind of like people vying for the title of "King of the Dorks"
  12. I think you're missing a pretty big part of your question. To whom do enthusiast opinions matter? I bet an enthusiast opinion would matter to a member of GP who wants to know more about rides around the world. That's why shows on the Travel channel pop up each summer, people are interested to see what else is out there. Remember that most people still don't live 50 miles from their hometown. To a park? Heck no. They like Golden Tickets and all for marketing purposes, but they don't need our approval when they are opening up their huge new ride. We compare new rides against the 100s or 1000s that we've ridden in our lifetimes, when all a park needs to accomplish is debut something more exciting than anything else within 2-3 hours drive. The nuances that enthusiasts focus on are annoying and mean nothing to 99% of people riding a coaster. A perfect example of this is Voyage's trim brake fiasco last year. Adding those trims probably made the ride more enjoyable for the majority of riders, but the amount of backlash experienced at Holiwood Nights was ridiculous. The park puts on an awesome event, and all anyone can talk about is a trim brake. edit: fixed spelling so people could trust my very important opinions more
  13. It's more about supply and demand. RMC has begun raising prices as well. Once a company has so many calls or requests for projects, they have no choice but raising prices to make that demand more manageable. If RMC kept rebuilding coasters for $6 million, every park would want one. By raising prices throughout the years, they have been able to get it down to a manageable 3-4 projects per year. I guess I'm just really interested to know how a few people here seem to know the pricing structures for major rides manufacturers. I understand raising prices when the technology gets better and you're now a major player in the industry (or even to cover overtime if you're stretched), but when you've got a full slate of projects for the year don't you think they might just say "Sorry, we're out of time for 2017".
  14. ^Not exactly what I said, but let's take a look at some of the big US coaster installations of 2016 and their marketing gimmicks to see what pans out: 1. Mako - Tallest coaster in Florida 2. Lightning Run - World's first wooden launch coaster 3. Valravn - "Beats 11 world records!" (none which matter, but hey!) 4. Joker SFDK - billed as world's first "step up under flip inversion" I'll even admit that's a mouthful, but it's still what they're taking to market! 5. Total Mayhem -"Featuring new free-fly technology!" (This may be a good example for your argument) 6. Storm Chaser - "How many times have you fallen 10 stories while doing a barrel roll?" Much like stand ups, inverts and floorless coasters that you mention in your comment, they were the new hotness technology during their time. They still deliver a great ride, but their gimmicks are mostly old and stale. You need something "new" to bring in the people and a Batman clone just won't cut it anymore. Heck, when Kings Island announced Banshee I was surprised to see a new invert in the US at all (and happy because those coasters rock), but you notice that they had to break a few records in order to build it.
  15. Working on my classic amusement park half sleeve as we speak. So far have a wooden coaster, carousel organ and bumper car. Just needs the ferris wheel and it'll be done.
  16. Big fan of this one, even if its not one of the best coasters out there.
  17. So you think that B&M prices out coasters based on how many projects they have in a specific year, and raise prices by millions of dollars because they're having a good year? Interesting concept. Parks could still get a Batman clone for 12 million, but no major US parks are interested in a 100ft invert because its nothing new to market. When you're installing a new coaster, it has the be the tallest or newest or most different thing than anyone had even ridden in the past, that's how to get people through the gates. Bringing in a ride from 1992 isn't exactly blowing people's minds anymore.
  18. ^Thanks for posting such nice photos. This is really shaping up to be one of my most anticipated coasters of the past few years...
  19. Lot of hate for B&M Standups in this thread, but a lot of hate for how forceless B&Ms are in other threads. In my opinion, B&M standups are easily the most intense ones out there, and when you ride them in the front row they are really great fun. The Superman clones are my choice for this question. They are boring, overrated (meaning long wait times) and generally give me a headache.
  20. About 10 years ago I was in high school and went to SFGAm pretty much every week on my days off in the summer. Towards the end of the season I won a giant stuffed animal on the basketball game and was carrying it around with me all day instead of putting it in the car because I was an idiot. Anyways - last ride of the night was Raging Bull, and after thanking the ride crew I went to the bin to grab my prize. To my chagrin, a ride op was hiding in the bin and scared the shit out of me when I opened the lid. I fell, everyone laughed at me, looking back it was actually a pretty great prank.
  21. Iron Wolf. I was in the front row and actually liked it a lot. Lots of people hated it but it was a great front row night ride darting through the trees.
  22. This is interesting, as most Floorless coasters kind of blend together for me. Rougarou is probably the exception but obviously it was never designed as a Floorless so that'd be why. I think I'd go: 1. Dominator 2. Bizarro 3. Scream (I know its the same, but when Bizarro had working effects it was cool) 4. Rougarou 5. Batman Knight Flight
  23. I've been waiting to finish Half-Life 2 for nearly a decade now. The game itself is still one of the best ever IMO, and they released two episodes after the initial game to continue the story. Episode 2 ended on a major cliffhanger, Valve announced they would be making at least two more episodes and we've not heard anything since. At this point its a running joke that Half-Life 3 will never exist, but I'm 28 now and this would be one of the only video games I'd be really excited about buying.
  24. Absolutely. It's the smoothest wooden coaster around, and it always has you wanting to come back for more. Phoenix is one of those rides that I would want to ride 20 or 30 times in a row and never get bored.
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