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  1. Pepsi Orange Streak-Nickolodeon Universe (this is what i was referring to)
  2. Six Flags Great America 2017: Premier Sky Rocket II or Bourbon St. Fireball in Ragin Cajun spot 2018: Park improvements, removal of Dark Knight 2019: HH expansion & improvements 2020: B&M Dive Coaster in Dark Knight spot (around Oblivion:BH size) 2021: Park improvements again (45 years)
  3. Has anyone mentioned this? Q-Quest for Camelot
  4. Excalibur@Valleyfair (close this rough piece of crap!)
  5. Any of the Larson Loop rides at Six Flags parks because they market them as "coasters" but they're actually flat rides.
  6. -Superman: Ultimate Flight (Six Flags Great America): The pretzel loop is simply amazing, but after that, the ride is pretty much over. I can agree to this.
  7. This event is not the park's fault, it's the victim's fault because who goes in a restricted area to retrieve a lost item? This has happened on similar rides in the past!
  8. B&M: Floorless Arrow:Custom Looping Vekoma:Flying Dutchman Intamin:Wooden (no prefab) RMC:None (as of this post) Premier:Spaghetti Bowl
  9. Well, today is when the last TOGO stand-up in America (North and South) closes.
  10. I'll probably view it online. "Witness History" obviously means something record-breaking.
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